A Story by xStar_Gazerx

A girl is trapped in an invisible barrier, unnoticed to everyone. There is a vampire who is working for a secret society. And another girl is involved and is oblivious to everything.

The darkened room was some how made brighter by the mirror the vampire held. Though no reflection of the monster could be seen on the mirror's face, a light shone more brightly than any other that the girl had ever seen. She was transfixed by the beauty and the horror of this creature. She stood watching behind the piece of glass that held her prisoner from the outside world. She was stuck behind the glass barrier for an eternity. This was so because she was cursed. Cursed to stand in her prison and watch other grow, while she was held at the age of fifteen forever. Cursed to watch others converse with one another, while no one would ever hear a word she said besides herself. Cursed to see and never be seen. Cursed to never do another thing again. Yes, she was cursed. The witch who had put this wicked spell on her has not been to visit her with the exception of food.
Vampire saw his prey and captured her. Never did he plan on letting her out of his sight, not that the elders would have let him anyway. He could tell that she did not mind though. Her enjoyment was clearly written on her face. And he knew that the beauty his face gave off only encouraged her bliss in the spotlight that was unwillingly given to her. He wondered if she was told about his true identity if she would be this accepting. He would never tell her. The wrath that he would receive if he were to reveal the truth would be unbearable. No, he would keep the secret.
Hidden, the cursed girl, sees the couple outside of her cell.The love she can see off the girl's face is not the same look Hidden sees when looking at the beautiful man beside the woman.Hidden can tell that he only feels lust while his companion feels passion and hope. Hidden can tell the relationship is doomed and she feels pity for the girl. The tragedy the girl is experiencing is very familiar to Hidden. Not only has she seen it before, but also experienced it for herself. Still, as she is stuck to dwell in her glass prison which does not allow movement, she screams with agony and jealousy. Both of the emotions are felt towards the girl still holding the gorgeous man's hand. The barrier between the couple and Hidden holds in her scream. The sound of the cry of pain echoes back to Hidden's ears as soon as her tears start to flow from deep with in her body.
Vampire thinks he hears something behind him. He looks directly at the cell he can not see where he thinks the noise came from. However, since he can see nothing, he turns back to his prey. His attention is returned to where it should be and the female seems happy that his eyes are back on her. 
Hidden held her breath when the man turned and looked at her cell. She silently prayed that he would notice her and be able to help her escape. All hope was lost when the man shook his head and turned back to his partner. Hidden watches them as he wraps his arm over the girl's shoulders. He then bends down and gently, ever so gently, brushes his lips on her neck. It would have been easy to miss if Hidden had not been watching them so intently that she saw the soft moan come from the girl's lips. Another pang of jealousy hit Hidden and she realized that she would do anything to switch places with the girl wrapped in the arm's of the beauty. Hidden's eyes could not be removed from the couple's spot even as she tried with all her mite to look away. Even as the lovebirds left the alley and were no longer in sight. Hidden knew they would be back tomorrow in the same spot that they were today. Why they came to this spot everyday was beyond her perception, but that did not disrupt her knowing that they would come back. They always came back. 
Even as she was sitting there waiting, Hidden could do nothing but wait. She knew she should try to sleep or, at the very least, trying to find a way to escape. That would be fantastic if she were able to succeeded or at least attempt those things, but she was haunted by the pleasure she saw in the girl's face. The intensity of the feeling was all over the other girl's face and Hidden had seen every bit of it. The smile on the other girl's face showed that she truly did want to be kissed by the man, no matter what the intentions of that kiss had been. Hidden knew that she had never felt the amount of pleasure the girl felt at that moment, and that was the true reason for her agony and jealousy.All Hidden had to do was wait but it hurt to sit and wait. It hurt to sit and do nothing while that girl felt who knew how mush pleasure tonight. It was not fair but nothing in life is. Hidden just had to waiting and waiting felt like an eternity.
Vampire took his time reaching the destination where they were both headed. He had to come up with a plan to get the girl to go back to the alley tomorrow with him. The elders had not yet decided yet. It was killing him not to ask but it would be his death if he asked. The girl was becoming impatient. She was starting to want something that he was not permitted to do. He was only instructed to find her and follow all orders pertaining to her. It was hard but he had to follow orders. The want to drain her body of blood was unbearable bu t he had to endure it. He could not simply tell her that the only reason he was still with her was to eventually drain her body of all the blood it has and then leave her in the alley. She would not accept and he did not expect her to. He would be more worried if she did agree. The girl's insistent need to be clingy was starting to repel him, as it always does. He would give her enough attention to suffice the need but not fully fulfill it. For, that was all he was allowed to do. But, it a few days he would have a new victim and all this would be a distant memory. All he had to do was wait it all out a few days longer.
The girl was in heaven from all of the attention that she received from walking next to her latest beau. The stares of everyone around and the feeling of being her watched gave the girl a feeling of power. The power that she wanted so much to obtain, could only be reached when her boyfriend was next to her. Nothing, and she really meant nothing, was going to get between them if she had anything to do with it. And she would make sure that she had something to do with it, for she loved the power and attention to much to let it go. 

© 2010 xStar_Gazerx

Author's Note

It is still a work in progress, but this is how far I have come.

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Interesting, but at the same time, a little confusing about each person's role. Who is supposed to be the main character? It shifted from Hidden to Vampire midway, almost making Hidden seem unnecessary. Also, the third and fourth paragraph should be past tense to keep the context of the rest of the story. It's a good start, but their roles should be clearer and perhaps name changes would be better suited (Hidden and Vampire just seem almost generic in a way). I don't mean to be harsh or anything, but that's what I was thinking as I was reading it. It could definitely be a good story, it just needs a few tweaks here and there.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on November 7, 2010
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Pittsburgh, PA

I LOVE to write. I want people to start reading my writing. I just needed a way to get it all out of my head and someone else can see it. I hope you enjoy. more..