A Chapter by Niki

Sitting the the dark lonely apartment is the only time, she felt the pain. The heart shattering pain that only one person could of caused her. He did this to her and for that, HE must pay. Jumping down from the branch, a light thud of his graceful feet hitting the pavement echoed through the silent night. The sobs that shook her to the core couldn't be heard by anyone but him, for he was not a human but a vampire. Vampires are often misrepresented by Hollywood. Yes, they drink blood. Yes, their seductive. Sometimes, they even get a little rough with the victim but all in all, they hold a presence of their once human mind. He walked down the street and down a few more until he reached the rave, there he nodded to the bouncer and made his way into the crowd. As I watched him flirt with some of the women at that moment I knew that one would wake up with no recollection of the night before. I followed at he made his way to one of the back rooms, he didn't catch my scent, yet. By the time he did it will be to late for him. I positioned myself right outside after he had his fill and came back out of the door he will be stricken down by the feared, Black Widow. He didn't see it coming and didn't know what was about to happen until i was inches from his heart and whispered the one and only word, Ireana. 

Once again that night still haunts me, my beloved Ireana was turned into half-breed. A lust for blood but to much emotion to full-fill that need. Forever, she'll be in a coma, a lifeless unbearable coma. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, I had work to do. The female vampire lead the human behind a dumpster like a normal prostitute, did her deed while taking some blood as she needed. As he walked away and got into his car and left, I jumped down from the fire escape and beheaded the wench. As she turned to dust, a slight chuckle startled me as another walked out of the shadows.

"Hello, black widow. Nice to see you take her out for me, as it was my mission by the Blutwärter." said the amused vampire.

"Who is this, Blutwärter?"

"Blutwärter is the head vampires. Its german for blood keepers. They don't like vampires that slightly expose us."

"I see. What about you exposing yourself now?"

" You knew before you'd know after but my reasoning is they'd like a meeting with you to see if there's a place for you in their ranks."

"I don't have any reason for wanting to help them."

" They knew you'd come up with something like this. Well, they offer reviving your beloved, Ireana."

I could feel my eyes get round and big with surprise. They know about Ireana. What else do they know.

"What do you know about Ireana?"

"Simple. That she's a half breed and in a coma, but the council knows how to bring her out with out over powering her emotions."

"Fine. When and where do we meet?"

"You'll know when their ready until then, Good Night."

With that he disappeared into the shadows, leaving me to go through my distraught thoughts.

© 2008 Niki

Author's Note

Please Excuse Grammar. More To Come ^-^

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Greenville, PA

I'm a senoir in high school. I love to hang out with people and meet awesome people. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I write poems and stories(sometimes songs). more..

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