Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by Taylor_Anne_xoxo

just read it!!!!! (talia's point of view...)(corrected version)

When Bridgette, Linn's best friend in her home town, Daislin, called I knew something was wrong. “I'm worried about her Talia,” Bridgette continued telling me about what had happened in the 12 hours since I had talked to Linn. My chest had a sudden weight on it and I instantly knew something bad was about to happen. “After she saw Alexia and Dillan kissing she went home and now she won't answer her phone. I don't know what to do, that's why I'm calling you, I mean you've been friends with her since second grade so I figured you would know what to do.” 

Bridgette's voice was shaking and I could tell she was about to start crying. Linn had been so close to over the edge lately that even the slightest things triggered concern. “I'll head over to her house and make sure she's okay. I've been dying to see her anyway.” I thanked Bridgette for calling before I hung up, grabbed my keys and headed over to Linn's.

I arrived in Linn's dooryard only to see the car her mom was giving her next month when Linn turned 16. Knowing where they left the key, I slid it in the lock and easily opened the door. “Linn?” I called when I opened the door. “You home?” 

My hot pink ballet flats slapped the wooden steps as I walked upstairs to Linn's bedroom. Cracking the door slightly I could see Linn's pale white feet hanging off her bed. “Linn!” I yelped excited to finally see her after almost an hour drive from my house in Yellowstone. 

When I pushed open her door the rest of the way I instantly began to cry. There was blood all over her bed and a variety of pill bottles beside her. I grabbed her wrist to find Linn's barely-there pulse. 

So many thoughts invaded my mind but the first thought was 911. I picked up Linn's cellphone, realizing I had set mine down next to my purse on her kitchen table when I had let myself in. My fingers moved swiftly across her keypad as I finally understood why 911 was only three numbers. I was in such a panic, it was difficult to remember how to work the phone let alone what number to call. When the 911 dispatcher picked up and asked what my emergency was I screamed, “Help! Please help! I just found my friend unconscious and I think she tried to kill herself! Help!” I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. I shouted her address into the phone as I cradled Linn's head into my chest, tears pouring down my cheeks. 

Trying to calm down I focused on a picture hanging on Linn's rainbow wall. It was of a group of girls. I tried to name them as an attempt at distracting myself from reality. “Adriana,” I said looking at a beautiful brunette in the picture with her arms around Linn. “Bridgette,” I continued when my eyes crossed the blonde with her tongue out.“Uhm Elana,” I stopped at the one making a funny face expression but then I noticed a face I hadn't seen in three years. “Liz.” My tongue felt strange in my mouth as I said her name. 

I hadn't seen her face in quite a while. When she had killed herself back when Linn and I were 13, Linn had taken down all the pictures of her. Realizing Linn was following the same path I began to cry harder. 

As the ambulance carried Linn away a police officer asked me if I wanted him to drive me to the hospital. I nodded silently and stepped into his car. At the hospital I held Linn's hand after they pumped the blood into her body and I waited all night and morning until 11a.m., hoping she'd wake up.

© 2010 Taylor_Anne_xoxo

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Added on January 7, 2010
Last Updated on February 13, 2010
Tags: love, romance, heartbreak, friends, drama, teen



Madison, ME

Okay so quick summary:My name is Taylor. I do consider myself "scene". I have O.C.D. (people think it's funny to f**k up the desks in class before i get there just to see me flip out) I have my moment.. more..