Chapter Six

Chapter Six

A Chapter by Taylor_Anne_xoxo

just read it!!!!!! (corrected version)

    When a bright light started forcing it's way into my eyes I opened the slightly. “Oh my god! Am I dead?” I began shouting before opening my eyes completely.
    When my sight had adjusted to the light I saw that I was in the hospital and Talia was standing next to my bed saying, “No. No, you're alive. Linn, you're alive. It's okay.” I wondered silently who knew what had happened, knowing no one would understand because of the fake smile I put on everyday to mask the pain. “You were screaming earlier. Bad nightmare?” Ignoring her question, I set my head back down on the pillow and a sudden rush of pain fled into my forearms. My eyes drifted down my left arm to find a set of stitches in the underneath and a matching set in my right arm.
    Turning to my right for the first time since I'd awoken I saw a beautiful red-head, I knew as Crystal, sleeping in a chair next to me. “How did she find out I was here?” I asked turning back to Talia.
    “When Bridgette called before I found you she had mentioned that you and Crystal had become really close lately so I found her number in your phone and called her when the doctors told me you were going to be okay,” she explained, grinning at Crystal's unmoving body. “She's been here almost as long as I have. Adriana and Bridgette stopped by before school but other than them no one else knows you're here.”
    Talia proceeded to tell me that she had called my Aunt Katie, “the one that did our hair for that dance in fifth grade”, instead of my mom because the doctors said there was a good chance I was going to make it when I got to the hospital and she wasn't sure what I wanted. “She took care of the bill and called and told your mom that you were staying at her house.”
    My heart started pounding in my chest. I could see Dillan kissing Alexia inside my head. Tears began filling my eyes and, despite my effort to blink them away, they came pouring down my face. It wasn't just Dillan. It was my entire life, it was all falling down around me.
    Talia stepped forward, wrapping her arms around my IV-ed body. From the corner of my eye I could see the door slip open and a girl that I didn't remember meeting. Her face was stained and somehow it looked familiar. When she lifted her eyes, I met them with my own gaze and suddenly I knew.

© 2010 Taylor_Anne_xoxo

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Added on January 7, 2010
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Madison, ME

Okay so quick summary:My name is Taylor. I do consider myself "scene". I have O.C.D. (people think it's funny to f**k up the desks in class before i get there just to see me flip out) I have my moment.. more..