My Cinderella Night

My Cinderella Night

A Poem by Riley

A poem inspired off of actual events

It started as two friends hanging out,
But at the end of the night, things had went a different route.
We were supposed to go bowling, but we weren’t really in the mood,
So instead, we decided to grab some food.
We figured it would best if we didn’t make it look like a date,
So, we decided to go to a place that I hate.
Where girls serve food just barely half dressed,
But your reactions made me impressed.
You kept your attention focused on me,
Instead of the server with big b***s and skinny body.
After we left, you let me drive your car,
Because you had had a few drinks from their bar.
I drove you to a place with my favorite view,
But we couldn’t stay long because I had a curfew.
Things were almost perfect but then the court house clock began to chime,
We looked at each other, sad that it was past my allotted time.
You said, “Well, we best go before my car turns back into a pumpkin again.”
Then you quickly added, “Throw me your shoe so this doesn’t have to be the end.”
I tossed my shoe across the parking lot, of course!
Then I asked, “Since your car is Mustang, shouldn’t it turn back into a horse?” 
You laughed then we drove back to where my car was left,
You walked me to my car, to insure that I was safely kept,
You gave me a hug, and said you wished you could do more,
I replied, “What are you waiting for?”
That’s when it happened; you leaned in and gave me a kiss,
A moment of perfect internal bliss.
When your lips were on mine, I no longer cared about being late,
I couldn’t believe this night had turned into a date.
When your lips pulled away from mine,
We both knew we were in a bine.
For our love had to remain a secret and stay hidden,
Because our love was forbidden.
When a smile came across your face,
I placed myself within your embrace.
No matter what came our way, we would always remember how this moment felt so right,
And that’s why I call it, My Cinderella Night.  

© 2012 Riley

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love it!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago


Posted 9 Years Ago

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I love this poem especialy cause it rhymes and it feels like a modern fairytale.

Posted 9 Years Ago

oh this is brilliant i love it so well written so intense that when it came to that kiss that delightful kiss the reader is left begging for more . do they stay a couple or does it end i want to know please

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

It does end, after 4 years trying to beat all the things that were fighting against us to be togethe.. read more
Ian H Morrison

9 Years Ago

oh bless hun xx

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Evansville, IN

My name is Riley, I am married to a chef/ kitchen manager, and we have three kids, and four dogs. I love writing, and have been writing for years, I'm leery about sharing my work, because I'm afraid.. more..

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