Chapter 8: Gas Stations, Spiders and Witches? The Village of Leowe

Chapter 8: Gas Stations, Spiders and Witches? The Village of Leowe

A Chapter by Samantha Scythe

Black Star looked at Lord Death, “So if we’re going to try to find Melinda, and she could be inside the city or outside of the Death city, and you can’t leave Death City...?” He trailed off at the end of his sentence, and Lord Death nodded. “Spirit and Stein are going to stay in the city and you two are going to go out of the city.” Black Star nodded.

            Soul stood up and shifted his weight from foot to foot, putting his hands in his pockets. “Well we better get going. We have no idea how much longer we have...” Lord death nodded. “You two run along, if you come up with anything, you both know how to contact me.” Black Star and Soul nodded at Lord Death and turned to leave. “Wait,” Death Lord spoke quickly. Black Star and Soul turned back to him. “Take this for reference,” Lord Death handed Soul a picture of Melinda. “Thank you,” Soul nodded his head a little and the two ran out of the Death Room.

            Soul stopped outside of the DWMA. “It’d be quicker if we went back to my apartment and grabbed my bike. We could cover more ground in shorter time, and find Maka faster.” Black Star nodded in agreement and they ran to Soul and Maka’s apartment. Soul ran inside and grabbed the keys to his bike, coming back out to Black Star who was waiting by the parked orange and black motorcycle. Soul got on the bike and Black Star got behind him. Soul put the keys in the ignition and started up the bike.

            “Might wanna hold on,” Soul hinted at Black Star and started driving, causing Black Star to jerk back, but managing to grab onto Souls waist to balance him. Soul sped the bike up, heading towards the Village of Leowe, which was where Melinda was believed to be living.  It was 45 minutes, from Death City, and with the heat that was now beating down on the two, it felt like much longer.

            By the time the weapon and assassin had gotten to Leowe, it was 1:30 in the afternoon. Soul pulled up next to a small gas station, as his bike was nearing low. He parked the bike at one of the pumps, turned off the bike, and the two dismounted it. Soul and Black Star went inside the small store to pay and grab some water. The cashier looked at the two with suspicion. Soul paid for the gas and Black Star went out to go fill up the bike while Soul finished paying for the water, which had to be paid for separately.

            “You two from outta town?” She had a thick southern accent, long, stringy brown hair and narrow green eyes. Her figure was larger, but she was taller as well, which made it suit her better. Soul nodded, “We’re looking for a friend, she was kidnapped and we think she was taken here.” Soul pulled out the picture of Melinda that Lord Death had gave him and showed it to her. The cashier’s eyes widened the narrowed again.

            Her eyes started to change color and glow, figures started to appear on her skin, like tattoos. They ran up and down her arms, moving. Soul slowly back up, he looked at the moving dots on her arms, noticing they were starting to come out. Spiders. “Black Star!” Soul tried to shout as loud as he could without taking his eyes of the woman.

            Black Star looked inside and saw what was happening. He ran inside to go and help his friend. “Soul, transform!” Black Star was prepared to catch Soul in his scythe form this time, unlike the last time they fought together. “Are you sure!?” The woman sent spider webs shooting from her fingers wrapping around Soul’s arm. His arm formed into the blade of the scythe, cutting the webs. Black Star and Soul looked at each other and nodded. Soul ran towards Black Star and they grabbed each other’s forearms.

            Soul started to glow, forming into the scythe. The two connected their soul wavelengths, taking up a lot of their energy.  Black Star held up the Scythe, ready to attack. The witch came towards them, and Black Star swung clumsily, missing by a metre. “C’mon Black Star! I can’t control the swing, that’s all you!” The witch laughed at the two.

            “You two will be an easy kill, barely worth my time!” Her eyes narrowed and her smile went from almost ear to ear, showing razor sharp teeth. Her fingernails lengthened quickly and became sharp, aiming for Black Star’s abdomen, but Black Star dodged the blow, only get a minor scratch. The assassin held up the Scythe and ran towards the witch; he controlled his swing this time, cutting the blade right through her neck.

            The witches head dissolved, along with the rest of her body. Soul formed back to his normal state and the two looked at each other. “What the f**k just happened?” Soul shook his head. “I have no idea, but that was a witch, and if I’m not mistaking, she knows, or knew, where Maka is. And we just killed her.” Black Star walked behind the cash counter and grabbed some cash out of the till. Soul and Black Star walked outside and got back on the bike, both still stunned by what had just happened.

            “Guess we gotta keep a look out for witches in this town,” Soul said, more of a statement to his self than anything else. Black Star held onto Soul’s waist. “Guess so. Now let’s go, Maka’s waiting for us, and we both know how she hates waiting.” Black Star tried to make the mood a bit lighter, but it didn’t work. Soul started up the bike and the two headed further into the town, knowing their time was running short to find their friend.



© 2013 Samantha Scythe

Author's Note

Samantha Scythe
I'm sorry this one took a while! I was in the hospital and did not have a computer :/

And I did not try to copy lady Arachnae!

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