The Assassin...

The Assassin...

A Poem by Roy

Arguments may not murder a relationship .. but silence definitely does ...


Silence like cancer grows,

Estrangement reaches its final throes,

We meet, dine, smile and dance,

But none of it makes sense, by chance.







But oh! Were that night lived once more:

The wine, the music, the candles, her lore,

The salsa by the fireplace, then the linen white,

As shadows played across the room, coupled in moonlight.







Formality dictates terms under the roof

Pretence plays Her part to keep fools aloof…

But She still fails to seduce me so,

This she knows, and thus I know.







And yet, there had been sunny days

When Pretence stayed away….

Two souls had truly loved then,

The Sun shone bright, and they made hay.







Then the storm did knock one fine morn

When, o’er a cup of tea

An argument brewed

A war of words ensued

And then came the assassin—silence.







The cloud precedes a silver lining

I’ve often heard them say,

But the winds that arrived by mail that morn

Still do roar at bay.







Will the roughs subside?

Will Darkness leave the shore?

Future remains mute, but I have hope:

Hope that the night may be lived once more!

© 2008 Roy

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I'm very surprised that this hasn't been reviewed yet. You, my friend, are a true poet. Your rhyming was nearlessly flawless and effortless. You had some very great imagery, but, there were some grammar errors that I saw. Small, but nontheless there, which detracted a little from the overall reading. The flow was nice, and the tone was potent. You evoked strong, sincere feelings with this, so, kudos to you.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 7, 2008




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