-Melanie's story-

-Melanie's story-

A Story by xxbobblexx

It was raining and it hit the windshield at a ghastly pace , in the car was a girl hunched over with a grey hoodie over her head which was bent over so she faced the car floor which was sticky and smelled like smoke , her maroon colored pants her hair poking out the ends of her hood she looked like a pretty normal teenager but a hospital tag was on her wrist and a scar lay from her eye to her jawbone.

Her mother looks as any stay at home mom  would but the only difference was the bags which laid snuggly under her eyes , her hair greasy and her hand clenched on the steering wheel.

"Were almost home honey" the mother adjusted the mirror to get a better view of her daughter, she said nothing but pulled her hoodie over her hands and moved her face towards the window it was fogged up and barely visible , with a cute little smile she drew a bunny on the window but the bunny looked sad and was crying.

They pulled up to house which was ,old,victorian with ivy growing up the sides , lights were on in various places but as melanie gazed up to her window she saw not light , but memories , and heart ache.

"Hey were here want me to get dinner started?" she held the door open for her , still not talking she gave a shoulder shrug and entered the house it smelled like happiness, the radiators gargled and made the girl jump she forgot the noises the house made. She felt a stranger in her own home and it created goosebumps on her neck.

She made her way up the stairs and saw a flickering light from the office , her dad , she knocked on the door and wandered into the office her father hunched over typing some slideshow , he heard the floorboard creek behind him "Who's there?" he sounded angry and stressed , when no one replied he turned around and saw his daughter standing there dripping with water and pulling her hood down.

"I missed you daddy" she spoke with a sarcastic tone. He turned back around a continued to type. She left with haste and made her way up the second staircase to her room.

Melanie came face to face with her bedroom door it was baby blue and have roses in each corner , she pushed the door the open , opening faster than expected and there in front of her was her bed and all her paintings and all her notes on her nightmares. She felt no need for dinner, she placed her wet clothes in the hamper and changed into her pajamas , placed headphones in each ear and listened to her music and drifted off to sleep.


Melanie was running in the snow , running and screaming , she fell and was faced with a familiar face staring at her and with one moved slashed a knife down her face she felt the blood fall down her body.

*End of dream*

Waking up in a ball of sweat, she clutched her knees to her chest and whispered "Why won't they believe me” , she began to cry stood up and made her way over to her window and pulled up her blinds , pulled back her hair and made her way to her cupboard , opened it , and pulled out a small easel and canvas "Honey , come downstairs grandma's arrived" melanie groaned and put down her paint brush , untied her hair and made her way downstairs.Many stairs later she leaned herself in the doorframe on the kitchen , her grandma , can over to hug her , but melonie moved out the way before the old lady could touch her. "Don't be rude , hug your grandma , she missed you" melonie refused , but ignoring her mother and going to the fridge.

The phone rang , so the mother left , leaving her and the grandmother alone. “I believe you , the grandmother surprised the girl “You what?” melanie said closing the fridge with a ruby apple in her hand.

“You were way too happy to do that to yourself , i knew your father did it” she came closer to melanie and wiped the tear from her eyes, cupped her face ,  whispered “I won't rest till his in jail” and she walked to the living room and acted as if nothing happened and resumed talking to her mother  , melanie smiled , bit into her apple and knew that hope still remained.

Because some hope is better than no hope at all.

2 weeks later  

Melaine had finally got her room her way she liked it , she felt as if it was her home away from home , she had band posters on one wall and her paintings on the other her bed sat in the wall near the window. She sat down at her desk and wrote in her weekly journal.

Dear diary

This week schools gotten worst everyone thought I was a liar and called me morbid melaine , because they think in see bad in people and i wear dark clothes and don't talk anyone. I like the rumors , i learn about myself everyday. My best friends no longer talking to me and some people feel sorry for me, I HATE THIS . The sooner my grandma finds some kinda proof the better.

Week 2 at home report..

Melanie got up and placed the book  on the top of her wardrobe where no one could find it and proceeded downstairs to dinner, she saw the kitchen door was open which meant only one this , her parents were arguing and thought closing the door would blocked their voices.

“Melanie and I spoke and she doesn't want to see grandma anymore” Her father spoke which such confidence as if he had rehearsed his words in front of a mirror.

“That might be the case but a girl needs to see her grandmother” The mothers voice was calm and sweet , like butter wouldn't melt.  

Melanie enough and entered the room to her dad hold mom in his arms , he turned his head and gave an evil wink to his daughter. She left in disgust  and went to the living room and turned on the TV.

“Can you help your father in the kitchen please” The mother's voice sounded tired and deflated.

Melanie unwilling got up and made her way to the kitchen , her father was standing there cutting vegetables
"Your grandmothers gone , I had to , she was gonna give me away" Melanie stepped back and slid down the wall and watched her father act so calm and peace for he had just killed her grandmother which meant , she was next.

© 2014 xxbobblexx

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Added on July 17, 2014
Last Updated on July 17, 2014
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