Calling all out casts

Calling all out casts

A Story by xxbobblexx

It was midnight it rained but it didn't pour,but it rained enought to hurt when it hit your skin , twelve different tower blocks lay almost side by side. Not a light was lit and no sound was heard , but to one exception , in the middle block was a light that shone thought the window of someones curtain. 
That someone was a fifteenth year old boy , now you think he would be sleeping but no , his writing , with his headphones on and motionless in white blasting thought his ears and tears rolling down his face , and his sleeves so far over his hand so he is able to push thumb holes into the end so his able to write.
Now you may think this is unusual but for those who don't this is your story. Those who do , stop reading now. 
He had his computer up and a chat room  open, he was talking some guy from his school he was the grade above and no one knew they were friends.
James pov.. 
max is now online.....
max: hey you  ;)
James: Hey , whats up?
Max : talking to you 
James: -_-
Max: I'm coming over in 10
James: NO no no no
Max is now offline....
Third person 
James went straight to the mirror wiped away his tears and put fresh eyeliner on.Then he heard tiny pebbles being thrown at his window , he opened and saw max was climbing up and he had a flyer in his mouth , he got to the top and said "Come with me" James took the flyer and it read calling all outcast a one night event , gay , straight , unhappy , bullied , or just seen as a freak come meet your people. 
James looked up and smiled and said "What we  waiting for"

© 2014 xxbobblexx

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, what do you think of the dialogue

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Added on July 17, 2014
Last Updated on July 17, 2014