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Love Story

Love Story

A Poem by xxKrysti.Kittyxx

If I love you so much

Why am I forced to pretend

To hate the one I care most about

I can’t wait for the end

Of this battle of the parents

Because you held me so

I love you so much

Just never let me go

Keep your mouth shut

Or we’ll get in trouble

Right when things were

Starting to bubble

Our parents walked in

And found us in each others arms

When we were told it was forbidden

Our hearts lost all the warm

I cried, begged, and pleaded

But they just couldn’t see

That I really and truly love you

And the impossibility

That they could ever separate us

So everyday we met

Under the old apple tree

And everyday we wept

That this love was forbidden

And that even their battle

Could try to ridden

The love that we had

So I though of an idea

I told him to get a ring

And give it and his vows to me

So that very night

We went to get wed

And once we were done

We promised and said

That our love would stop

All the anger and hatred

Between our parents

Because we were wed

We called them up

One at a time

And told them to meet us

Out at the grape vine

The met us there

Then seen each other

There was a quarrel

Between our mothers

But we told them to stop

And they did to listen

And they listened ferociously

Like scared old men

We told them the bad news

Then moved to the worst

When I said we were married

They screamed and they cursed

But then they asked

What is the worst

I asked if they noticed

My belly getting round

I’m having a baby

There wasn’t a sound

My parents grabbed me

And wrenched me away

At the same time I  knew

That there wasn’t a way

That we could keep seeing each other

And without him

I didn’t feel like myself

I felt so dim

Like I was fading away

Into an oblivion

So I grabbed a flask of wine

And went to my room

I added some poison

From my secret stash

And I downed it so quickly

That I instantly fell with a clash

I looked over my body

And watched my parents come in

They cried and screamed

And threw everything

Away from the body

And called up my love

But answered nobody

So they ran to his house

As I steadily followed

His parents were screaming and crying too

What has happened I wondered

So I went in the house

Up to my husband’s room

And found his body

Laying askew

In his hand was a half cup of wine

As when I died

Was in mine

I seen his spirit

And ran over and cried

Now we’re together

And we don’t have to hide

© 2010 xxKrysti.Kittyxx

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This is a very well written write here
I like reading this.

Posted 9 Years Ago

great poem kristy :) "Into an oblivion" not sure why i like words that have to do with destruction.

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is reallyyyyy good

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow beautiful poem and great rhyme scheme. and capture the Romeo and Juliet story perfectly and i see u were inspired by Taylor Swift. :p

Posted 9 Years Ago

the reader can feel this messege in the first three lines, and it is powerful and reads in a heart aching way, as if the heart should've
never known such sorrows, awsome job, keep it up.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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5 Reviews
Added on May 19, 2010
Last Updated on May 19, 2010



Wilmerding, PA

I am Kristy but i prefer mi reversed vowels =D i'm kinda weird but deff lovable. i like to make friends and poetry is a huge part of mi life so... wanna kno anything else.. .ask =DD more..


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