To hell with it

To hell with it

A Chapter by Hiru-Chan

A girl named Sam is having her ussaly morning untill of course her bubbly neighbor 9 year old shows up Please enjoy =D


Chapter 1: The hell with it

Hearing the ever irratating sound of my ohh so lovley Ducky alarm clock I groaned. Another day in hell I thought to myself. Only to add to my Ducky alarm my mom started to scream “Samatha! It's time for school!!” Ughhhh I mean I get I need to go to freakin school.... but do I really need 2 annoying alarm clocks... Really? Well this was my last year in middle school I supposed. First day of 8th grade.. shouldn't I be more excided? I supposed im more nervous. I sighed and slowly got out of bed. I wonder if I looked like a zombie then a human? Glancing at the clock it was 7:30. Crap I only have like 10 minutes to take a shower. Getting all of my bathing stuff togeather I couldn't help but regreat walking out the door.

The moment I walked out that door there I saw it. The abnormal creater smoking in the living room. I rolled my eyes to myself hopping for her not to notice me. And of course being the nosey self that she always proves to be she did. “Well your finnaly up.” She said in a happy chitty chatty voice. Was she really going to try to pull this crap on me... really? I sighed silently to myself and went to take my shower.

My cats were standing in the door way. In a weird way I saw it as if they were gaurding their home. Except my cat,Nala, was a bit of a..... angry one. She ALWAYS fights with the other two cats, Kelly and Sean. Nala was a interesting cat. She has a weird nature to her, whenever you picked her up you were sure to be getting yourself into a fight. Even though she doesn't have claws she can put up a hell of a fight! I smiled at Sean and Kelly has they stood their ground. They weren't exactly stopping me to enter they would just join me just to be in the bathroom. I opened the door to let them in as I started to take what might have been the shortest shower in the history of time... that actually counted as a shower that is.

Getting my self all nice and clean and good smelling I decied since I had about what.. 20 mins left to go check on things online. My facebook... not that interesting of a place was still the same. Everyone was posting their schedule all over the place. I always wondered if someone will actually follow them like a creeper or something like that. Most of the stuff they post isn't that.. interesting but it was a way to keep in touch I supposed. Sighing I checked all my invites and such and shut my computer off. The dreadfull morning before school ended and I took a deep breath and started to head off to the place that will hopefuly save me from my hell like life.

Heading out the door and hearing my crappy mom saying “Have a good day sweetie” I rolled my eyes and left. Time to put up my facade of sweet nice girl I thought sadley. I do that a lot at school. Yes I have like 1 good friend I don't exactly have to act like that with but she doesn't know everything about my crumy life. Waiting silently for the bus alone was very very boring. That was until a little kid came up to me. “SAMMMMMMMMMM” …..crap... “ Sam I'm going to school with you now” She said in her bubbly voice. I smiled, she was a sweet kid... a little creepy but sweet creppy... if that was a real thing. “Hey Stephenie” I said happly. “You seem excided.” She smiled broadly to me and replyed “Oh yes oh yes I am SUPER excided! I'm going to be a middle schooler finnaly!!! I can hang out with the big kids go to the big partys to the dances....” I started at her as she babbled. I never knew someone could babble this much... about school even.

Well I did find school better then staying home all day... with a certain person.I didn't feel all that exceided but Stephenie obviously did. “.... oh and there's this boy I like he is SOOOO cute” … oh god no. If she becomes boy crazy or s****y I swear to god im going to.... well im not sure yet but it will be BIG. “Oh really, and who might this boy be?” She started to blush and fiddle with her fingers. This was odd even for her. She would usually babble about anything even to a total starnger. “... uh Sam... has a guy ever... you know... asked you out or flirtted with you.” I couldn't help but crack a smile at that. It was quit  funny actually. Guys didn't exactly flirt with me to my face that I noticed but they have stalked me and talked about me in a sexual way behind my back... but bubbly little stephenie reallly didn't need to know any of this.

I was about to answer her but the bus started to form a stop in front of us. I sighed and glanced back at her. “You ready?” I asked confortanly. She just nodded and started to jump up and down. I smiled, being around little kids like this remined me there was some good and innocence in this world.. that was until you come on the bus with big kids and LOTSA swearing. Slowly approaching the hell bus it was oddly quiet. I hated it when it was Quiet cuz people ussaly stare at the person coming on the bus when it was quiet and who knows what Jack-a*s will start talking. Looking for a seat was hard when your the last stop and ussaly all the seats are taken. I decided to sit next to sara which was odd.... but nice since she wasn't a jerk or anything. Stephenie however wasn't so lucky and couldn't find a seat. I was going to regreat this but I did it anyways. “Hey Chris... can Stephenie sit with you?” I made motions to the small girl looking very confused. He looked at me with a goofy grin and acted like he was going to flirt with me or something. “Well, sure anything for you” He replyed making kissy faces at me. Stephenie happly sat next to chris and the bus started rolling. What the hell just happened. Since when in the name off hell did Chris start to like me? Okay so I have a abbnoramly ….. mature body. So what??? I kept a eye on Chris and Stephenie. For some reason I felt very protectve of her... and her innocence. Not that I think Chris would do anything stupid it was just that sometimes... it may seem like his stupidity was just a wink away. Sara and me tried to make small talk.. which frankley I was suchish at doing. I am just not a converstaional person with random people... it's as if my mind goes blank.

As the bus rolls into the school I sighed wondering what is to await me on today. Well I got through the worst stuff.. the rest should be a breeze. Or so I thought..

© 2010 Hiru-Chan

Author's Note

Ignore comma or spelling problems please <3
So what cha think of my main protagonist =D
How would you like me to take this story
would you want me to stop writing forever???
lol tell me what cha think =D

Please and thank you <3

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I love this writing
It is excellent.
keep writing

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Just a bored person who enjoys the wonders of writing =) Oh and i love chesse more..

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