Some of the Top-Selling Reptiles of the Past Twelve Months and the Reasons Why

Some of the Top-Selling Reptiles of the Past Twelve Months and the Reasons Why

A Story by XYZ Reptiles

The main reason for this reptile pets’ prominence in the market place is its friendly demeanor paired with its large variety of beautiful colors and patterns.


Like most other businesses the reptile business faces periods of growth and retraction. Since this is a relatively new business as far as we know, some of these ebbs and flows can seem both exciting and disheartening to someone who has no records to fall back on. One of the benefits of being involved in the same industry for a quarter of a century is the ability to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. By doing so it becomes easier to recognize these peaks and troughs for what they really are and that is the regular rhythms and cycles associated with any type of business. The one thing that does not change with the changing tides of business is the top selling reptiles and the reasons why.

One example of an ever-popular reptile species is the Leopard Gecko. This small lizard can barely be found over the adult size of eight to nine inches yet it is one of the most heavily produces and sold reptiles on the market today. With yearly production numbers exceeding one hundred and fifty thousand, leopard geckos are found throughout the United States and the world in almost every reptile specialty shop and reptile shows as well as websites specializing in exotic pets. The main reason for this reptile pets’ prominence in the market place is its friendly demeanor paired with its large variety of beautiful colors and patterns.

The same thing can be said for our next top selling member of the reptiles for sale club and that is the ball python of central Africa. This animal is both imported in great numbers and surprisingly reproduced in even larger numbers in the United States, Europe and elsewhere abroad. Ball pythons make up a huge portion of the reptile market in both numbers and value. The reason for this phenomenon is a combination of their great disposition and the thousands of color and pattern combinations they can be found in. As one of the most visually versatile animals on the planet, ball pythons have found their giant spot in the global reptile market and are not leaving anytime soon.

The next incredible reptile pet is the Bearded Dragon which is not imported at all from the wild but produced in captivity in the thousands in breeding facilities and reptile rooms across the world. Once again the reason behind this reptile species’ great popularity is simply personality. Bearded Dragons come in a growing number of colors and even some scale mutations including silk-backs. He reason that all bearded Dragons sold on the market are captive bred and born and never caught from the wild is that their country of origin is Australia and there are extremely strict bans on exportation of wildlife in place.

Finally our last top selling reptile pet is the African Spurred Tortoise also knows as the Sulcata Tortoise. Tortoises for sale are normally imported from the wild but another ban on importation of baby tortoises from Africa has made sure that these adorable reptile pets are all produced right here in the United States. Baby Sulcatas start life at the tender size of a chicken egg but with proper care and nutrition they can grow to a very large adult size of over thirty inches in length and one hundred pounds in weight. They are found in three color varieties including Ivory and Albino. They live on a strict diet of grasses and greens and if you have ever seen one close up you will soon fall in love with this extremely popular reptile pet.

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Amir has a love for animals and an eye for detail. Having over 25 years of reptile breeding experience and husbandry means that he has spent endless hours studying them and has a vast knowledge about reptiles including how they behave, what are the best foods for a particular reptile species, how to breed them, which ones are best for your kids, the best ways of taking care of them etc. He loves to write about reptiles and to share his writings on the website's blog section. There you can find facts about the natural history of many different reptiles as well as how to set them up in your home and how to trouble shoot any existing problems. He has also personally kept and raised many of the tortoise species mentioned in this article and is looking forward to the next new tortoise to work with.

He is the founder and owner of an eCommerce company and online reptile store that offers quality reptiles for sale. A large selection of reptile pets where you can find beautiful snakes/boas, lizards, arachnids, amphibians, geckos and tortoises for sale at big discounts.

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