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Reptiles For Sale That Actually Make Amazing Pets

Reptiles For Sale That Actually Make Amazing Pets

A Story by XYZ Reptiles

Reptiles for sale are popular for a reason. Sure, there are those who can’t help but tap into stereotypes when they see them, but there’s obviously something about these animals. While only roughly 2%


Reptiles for sale are popular for a reason. Sure, there are those who can’t help but tap into stereotypes when they see them, but there’s obviously something about these animals. While only roughly 2% of the population owns reptile pets, there is a lot to be appreciated from them. So, the next time you’re thinking about adding a new pet to the family, consider this unconventional option.

If you’re finding it hard to get past the misconceptions of owning a reptile, let’s go over some benefits of owning a reptile pet. Keep in mind that not all reptiles for sale are the same. You’ll find that different reptiles have varying temperaments, environmental needs, and temperature requirements. Although it’s hard to generalize this diverse group of animals, there are some things that all reptile owners can agree on.

Depending on the reptile, you won’t need to worry too much about odor. Of course, this won’t happen without some housekeeping on your end, but it’s not as constant as daily walks or maintaining a litter box. It also helps that reptile pets are relatively clean to keep and if you’re allergic to cats or dogs, reptiles make a great hypoallergenic alternative. They’re also silent, usually low-maintenance, and don’t require any training.

So, which reptiles make great pets? Let’s look at two popular options.

Two Popular Reptile Pets To Consider


What you think you know: They’re slow, boring, and easy to care for.

What you actually need to know: Don’t be fooled by this slow-moving reptile. Yes, they’re docile and can be shy but tortoises are more than their (lack of) speed. They’re surprisingly active and tend to bulldoze or climb over their obstacles. You may be inclined to handle your tortoise, especially if you buy a baby tortoise for sale. You’ll want to limit any handling since it can stress out the tortoise and definitely don’t try to pick up large adult tortoises. You’ll realise very quickly that they’re far too heavy and it will only cause the tortoise to become stressed.

Remember that tortoises need to hibernate so it’s important to have a dedicated area for them during this time. Certain species burrow, so as best practice, bury the fences of your outdoor pen to a good depth. Tortoises can be pretty strong so securing the enclosure is important. This includes ensuring that the enclosure is protected from possible predators or other dangers.


What you think you know: They’re calculated predators, waiting to strike.

What you actually need to know: snakes are some of the most interesting animals to slither this planet. The assumptions about pet snakes being dangerous, however, is so far from the truth. These reptiles are actually pretty passive and with the appropriate snake for you, you’ll see that there is more to snakes than just their scales and fangs.

With snakes, you have to be okay with feeding them live or frozen/thawed prey. Their carnivore diet consists of small mammals and sometimes insects. Most species only require weekly feedings and sometimes monthly. If you see your snake flicking its tongue, don’t worry. Since they don’t have nostrils, they use their tongue to smell the air. Snakes also need to regulate their body temperature by sunning themselves or finding shaded areas when necessary.

Snakes also hibernate, but won’t need as much space as a tortoise. You’ll also find that snakes tend to shed around three to six times a year. As a note of caution: no matter what snake you get, know that a snake in the wild is not the same as a captive-bred snake. Do not try to handle a snake in the wild! Leave the handling for a supervised pet store visit.

Find These Reptiles For Sale Right Now

Whether you want either of these two reptiles for sale or you want to explore other options, there’s no doubt you’ll find one that fits perfectly with your family. My advice is to make sure you prepare for a reptile for sale that you want with enough research. Buy tortoises online or snakes at a pet store. Just be fully aware of what your reptile needs before you buy to start your journey on the right foot.

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Added on June 4, 2018
Last Updated on June 4, 2018
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