Eileen Faith Logue

Eileen Faith Logue

A Poem by Michael Handel

On this day of her birth 10/28 It still needs some work.



Por mi madre...

these days move slowly into

the next, don't they? at least in times

when child's eyes wander aimless through

window panes, the pains of the world's

cruel-cruel irony tastes bitter...

better sour than tasteless, says I, the

elder son, the grandiose one.


I've never properly demonstrated my

gratitude for your sacrifices and love.

A life lived for whiny child(s), the slave-like

duties to unconditional love, the no complaint

hug, never lost though conditions around them

did, coldly, like late October's fury ,you did not.


My story, as of yet untold, could never be done

without the deferential bow of the head, the

verbal cataclysm, attempts made to encapsulate

the woman who loved me when I loved nothing,

cared for me when I cared for no one.


Mi madre, sacred like a setting Sun that

rises again

without a request made for still-beating hearts

lifted to the sky.  No sacrifices need apply

to a woman, you, who never complained

of unkind hands dealt down by fate's

careless hand, or while children's dreams

smelt into one though no ore was returned.


For my mother

on this day, and her undying love I've yet

to return.


© 2008 Michael Handel

Author's Note

Michael Handel
Por mi madre's cumpleanos...though she's half-Irish, half-Jew...somehow, when referencing her I lapse into descriptions en espanol. Not sure why that is?
Anywho...yeah uhm, she's still alive..in reference to the review below.

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dazzling micheal!
it fills the reader with a warmness a kin to the kind of hug a mum gives you after a hard day...
making everything better with a simple smile.
thankyou for reminding me of the people in my life that matter.

Posted 14 Years Ago

darn. this is lovely. when i try to write about people i actually know -- i generally stumble and fall flat. but this was awesome. kat-stamp.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Technically speaking, there are a few areas of opportunity here. There are some small grammatical errors, and run-on type verses; I think if these were a bit more organized, and perhaps punctuated a bit more carefully, that the poem would have a better flow, and thus the deep emotion within it could flow outward a bit better. That said...
I think the emotion and the meaning behind this piece is beautiful and honest. I, too, have lost my mother, and today was her birthday as well! And while in the process of writing my own tribute poem, I stumbled upon yours. I found, wet-cheeked, that there are others out there who feel there were things left unsaid/undone; gratitude that was left ungiven for what is, to me, the toughest job there is: raising us from children to adults in a world that is harsh and unforgiving. From an emotional and also an imagery standpoint this piece has touched me and I thank you for the wonderful read.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on October 28, 2008
Last Updated on October 28, 2008


Michael Handel
Michael Handel

Philadelphia, PA

"my poems are only scratchings on the floor of a cage" -Charles Bukowski more..