Guided By The Guts Of The Heavens

Guided By The Guts Of The Heavens

A Poem by Michael Handel

Understands too much now, somehow,

somewhere, finds use for; alliteration

agitating the firmament of the cosmos

shaking stars from the sky like fat fruits

falling from trees. Stars explode all around

splattering the ground, their richness, their secrets

summon all to see.  People pass by impatiently, some

stare at said heavenly bodies now dead on the ground...

the gore of the universe at my feet

                   I see it!  I see it!

so clear, it's everywhere,

my feet bare and soaked in secrets on cement...

the heavens insides guide my feet

I wade through eternity bogged in beauty

to get to you...

and I am not Moses, I have no rod,

and am younger than God.  His stammer and staff

would split these star-seas as it did the Sea of Reeds...

and I'm not so ancient but have known death,

the smell of trees in Fall, the decay of the seasons,

the needle in the vein


and yet, like rain, your smile, your words

rejuvenate my me, the illumination of

the bulb of my heart

and I am yours,

I am yours.

Still I try and summon spells spilt from

the mouths of the monsters, my inner man

I want to forge fiery words, furious and fat

on bitterness.  My furnace has failed, as of late,

to cook what it once did....

and all I'm left with:

1. a map back

2. backpack

3. one pair/star-fusion proof boots

for traversing through dying stars

en route to you


© 2008 Michael Handel

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The one below was Rachel transcribing the noises that came from my mouth because I love you haha.
I want to write something to say how much I love this but she's reading "The Very Sleepy Pig" aloud to me and it's quite distracting and now I have to go back to school. But, yes, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pretty much sums it up.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 2 people found this review constructive.

nice imagery.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on November 13, 2008
Last Updated on November 13, 2008


Michael Handel
Michael Handel

Philadelphia, PA

"my poems are only scratchings on the floor of a cage" -Charles Bukowski more..