A Poem by Teresa Rose

Wrote this a while back after I stopped myself from thinking to much.


Thinking irks me

It controls me

It makes me unable to express what I feel

            It paralyzes me in fear,

                        Making me go into downward spiral

of an existential crisis

Yes, it is useful.

            But to what degree?

Must I always just sit there and think of how to answer something

            Or must I sit and let my mind wander to things that will never happen


Must I force my daydreams to become pleasant things?

            Even though my mind ends up crashing down my wishful thinking


Thinking haunts me

It haunts me to a degree that I want to never wake up

It turns my dreams into nightmares

it turns my desires into the unachievable


The thoughts of my logical brain

Breaks my heart

            Because I know, most things might not happen

Even though there is always a chance


But I always end up thinking

A thought

That might make my wish

Something I never wanted in the first place

© 2014 Teresa Rose

Author's Note

Teresa Rose
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Added on September 10, 2014
Last Updated on September 10, 2014
Tags: logic, thinking, poem, fear, overthinking, pain, daydreams, crushing, brain, mind, thought, memories, nightmares