Madness is an Allusion

Madness is an Allusion

A Poem by Rachel Knight

This is crammed with allusions to all sorts of media.


best, worst,
of times
gone to the Dickens    crushing charles' Great Expectations
Darwin, charles Darwin
who set out on snoopy to a double entendre on the fox network,   
proving that british shows
should not be remade with american accents
and tame scripts
darwin sailed the easter Beagle...     yes, snoopy, i just said that      (aren't you following this?)
with a jesus fish on the bumper
and wrote humorous stories about reptilic antics
in his blogger, because livejournal Sold Out
and only the balcony was left. you can't even see from the balcony. come on.
Come On, let's play! the Explorer,
that bilingual attempt at pinning a lucrative Market: hispanic toddlers
and what a market it is!
they say the marketplace has always been the center of society
(who is they? what is "they're"?
what's there?) who's there? knock knock         on wood.

whether 'tis nobler to be
a man like me  (black like me)
knick knack Paddywack like me
paddywaggons, we now see
diction is an artifact.
and it has way more Art than Facts
but life imitates neither
so you can take you green carnation and go
start a new movement in paris or something,
oscar wilde—
the world never knew your worth—
the late great son of a rich man's earth—
La Vie mayhem—
punctuation, i guess, is a mindset—
emily dickinson was the same way—
this is tiring

and gone

© 2009 Rachel Knight

Author's Note

Rachel Knight
Yes, I do mean to say allusion, not illusion.

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OK, you have blown my mind .
What could you have written that would top this ?
I will try , but it may be inapropriate, or impossible
to find an avenue that you have not surveyed, a
stream not fished , or tryst not tried.
Thanks for another extraordinary creation.
----- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 7 Years Ago

Rachel Knight

7 Years Ago

Thank you! It's been very exciting to read over these poems. Until I got your group invite forwarded.. read more
This is fun...jumping all over the place like a mad March hare. I love stream of consciousness writes and this one is particularly clever. Some people call it nonsense but there is still sense in nonsense. Uplifting read,

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Hmm, the exploding line is still bossing my mind. The other poem grabbed my mind and shook me up a bit...but this one don't.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 21, 2009

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