Nube Elephantasia

Nube Elephantasia

A Chapter by Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

A children's story about elephants in clouds. Join little Diana who believes in the Cloud Elephants and will not stop until she finds them. This is a rhyming story.


Cloud Elephants


Once upon a time, there was an elephant small and curious.

The stories of her grandfather seemed delirious.

But little Diana believed in the Cloud Elephants above,

the ones no one has ever seen of.  

She drifts on a journey to prove them all wrong, leaving the hot jungle with adventure as her song.

“To the top!” she shouts as she believed there laid the clouds,

higher and higher searching for white grounds.

Months flew by before finding her destination,

then came the day where she found the white nation.

Polar Bears, Penguins, ice on the ground,

she asked all the animals if they heard of similar sound.

A white owl approached with the cry of her excitement,

“wait for the aurora to find enlightenment.”

Awaiting the surprise snow began to sprout,

“The clouds are falling!” she began to shout.

The sun went down and waved goodbye to the rising moon,

and an aurora coated sky began to bloom.

Diana was amazed at the mysterious night

but had no idea what the snow owl had in mind.

Out on the calm ocean, she reached to touch the moon,

with the mysterious colors that easily swoon.

In the distance she heard a sound familiar to her ears,

it was the story she believed in for so many years.

White Elephants appeared as puffy as the clouds,

the rushing excitement pounded loud.

The owl made an elephant out of pure white snow,

yet little Diana did not know.

She jumped and whistled from her joyful spout,

to have seen the cloud elephants she was talking about.

There under such magical night the elephant came alive,

the other animals could not believe their eyes.

The two elephants danced under the aurora sheeted sky,

but the elephant soon enough had to say goodbye.

Little Diana began to cry,

the cloud elephant whispered: “don’t worry, I will fall again from the sky.”

“Wait outside as the aurora covers the moon,

and I will come rushing through the monsoon.”

Though sad she hoped to meet again under the glow,

and there a rushing wind blew away the snow.

One snowflake remained on the crystal floor,

it was the key towards the cloud’s door.

The astonished elephant road back from where she began,

where her family waited across the land.

“Where have you gone?” her father asked,

“I have found the Elephants while the days have passed!”

She held out the snowflake and they all stared confused,

“ This is his heart which the sky and ground have fused.”

Then the night befell and there everyone could see how the clouds slowly fell to reveal the secret no one believed. 

Little Diana had now been living her dream.


© 2017 Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

Author's Note

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)
My attempt at a children's rhyming story

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Oh this captured my heart. I haven't read much of children's tales but this one is beautifully crafted, Sire...
I wonder, do we all live up to live our dreams?

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

If only todays children writers would really put heart and thought into their writing, they think it.. read more
Dr. YumnaKay

3 Years Ago

I agree on that point...
Another beautifully crafted tale, lovely!

When we read the word 'monsoon' Curtis cracked up, another word he's rather amused by. Imaginations soaring!
Regards Curtis & Ray

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Ah, the cloud elephants, I hope he finds them at night. I wonder why that is. :)
[send message][befriend] Subscribe
A great idea and storyline. A wee tweak here and there and the nail has truly been hit on the head. Well done

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Thank you very much, I appreciate your review. Currently under construction
Sir and Mr I cannot believe how magnificent this story is! I just started in this site and I happened to read a very beautiful story! I wish I could write as magnificent as this!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

This was actually an inspiration from a friend of mine who loves Elephants and asked me to write a s.. read more
Wonderful and such powerful imagery. Truly an amazing read and a beautiful message to receive. Going back for a second read ;)

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Thank you very much! I hope that by the second read you get stuck inside Diana's Childish Fantasy.
[send message][befriend] Subscribe
very charming indeed.
strong message, brilliant imagination.
I could offer some suggestions to tighten it up?
you should find an illustrator. (the title was an interesting choice.)

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Oh yes please, suggest away! I am, I would love my children stories to be created in drawings. Soon .. read more

3 Years Ago

I think you are definitely on to something here. I will send you something to think on tomorrow.
Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Now I am excited! Will be awaiting the mail in my screen soon! Remember to stamp it and a return add.. read more
This reminds me of Moana. I'm a sucker for children's stories. Thank you for this

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Children are my inspiration. 😉 glad you enjoyed
I liked your attempt. I thought the story sends a wonderful message that children must one day figure out for themselves what is true and what they would believe because they might just be like little Diana "living [their] dream."

Thanks for posting!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Im glad you caught the message! Every little kid has a dream, and as my dream is to become a writer,.. read more
Very imaginative, I like where you took this story.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

Thank you very much miss. Im glad you enjoyed it
Masterful my friend... Please keep this up and make more...
Wolf ,'', ^@@^ ,'', Kudo's

Posted 4 Years Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

3 Years Ago

oh, its just a little bit I tried to pull together, thank you for the kind words

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Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)
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