wisdom sets the table

wisdom sets the table

A Poem by hanford zdeb


wisdom built a house

and put a table within.

called me to come and eat.

i placed with my boots,

in the mudroom along with my

wet coat, a day's fools restlessness.

and sat in a chair beside her

as she talked to me in a low

slow voice and moved me closer

to her, peeling me

like fruit, showing me

what is hidden, what is curbed.

teaching me unlimited love

can never be fully explained

with a limited understanding.

but it can be proclaimed.

and what is hidden, by its nature,

teaches us how it's revealed.


wisdom cleared the table

placing precisely the meal's remains,

preparing to receive again

the full singing of

opened mouths, opened eyes, opened books.

she will record as potter

spinning clay lumps

subtracting, finding within

a body, and in the silence of her work,

many bodies, gathered

as flock with quick song

to sit again with wisdom

sit at the table

and eat and drink

sweets from wisdoms's hands.

sweets from the gifted victuals

prepared in the blooming

of unlimited love.


wisdom walks mornings

camouflaged, invisible in the space

between clock ticks.

prowls our edges

knows what we can't shake off

and what we won't

when she returns she washes

the road from her boots

the potter's clay from beneath her finger nails

nothing escapes her gaze nothing

escapes her affection.

wisdom again prepares the meal

and cleans the windows

on her bright house, to make visible

an unlimited love of those who would join her at the table.

© 2022 hanford zdeb

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Added on July 31, 2022
Last Updated on August 1, 2022


hanford zdeb
hanford zdeb

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