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A Poem by Zugzwang

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The ads for things are everywhere: 

“Good on ya Mum!” for ‘Tip-Top’ bread 

The ad tells you the kids say “Yeah!”,  

But it is shitting in your head. 


Some cars are better than the rest; 

So when you buy a Jeep, of course, 

You know that you have bought the best: 

It’s likened to a well-hung horse. 


And when we dress, we must dress well: 

At home, at work, or in a bar. 

The brands we wear all sound a bell 

That tells our brethren who we are. 


And if you’re thirty and not wed,  

You’ll notice a sulfurous smell, 

The world will fall in on your head,  

And you will plummet straight to hell. 


Once you are wed, you have to breed 

We must create new progeny; 

If, when you’re gone you’ve sown no seed,  

We’ll face a crashed economy.

When there is no baby-sitter, 

Your kids will beg for things they’ve seen 

If, burned out, you set your litter 

Before Big Brother’s T.V. screen. 


Bombastic hard-sell tactics grate, 

But turn it off, the ads won’t stop: 

Like a dog or loyal mate,  

Big Data watches while you shop. 


Big Malcolm Turnbull’s rhetoric 

And Shorten’s words ring not quite true: 

The one is back-room politics,  

The other workshopped by his crew. 


Big business donates money too 

To help the parties in their show; 

Election won, the games not through 

The donors want their quid pro quo. 


The mind-forged manacles within our heads 

Are corporations’ covert sneering joke. 

Politicians share their boardroom beds, 

And we all labour, oxen in the yoke.

© 2017 Zugzwang

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Bravo! I'd like to pick your brain sometime.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks for stopping by, Ari. Not sure quite how much grey matter there is to pick through 😊
I like you rhyming!

I enjoyed this, especially the parts about sulfurous spinsters and TV litters. The only thing I noticed is that the first two stanzas could (but don't need to) be placed elsewhere, as the flow really starts in the 3rd stanza. It's just a personal choice though, I move my stanzas around a lot trying to tease out the flow.

Nice job. I always like your stuff, and I immensely enjoy your unique talent in writing free verse, but just for fun I'm gonna say, "rhyme more too!" 😃

Posted 4 Years Ago

Gaia Octavia

4 Years Ago

I love Stephen Fry.

4 Years Ago

He's a funny and erudite dude
Gaia Octavia

4 Years Ago

👍 agreed
yes, we are all oxen in the yoke...they are supposed to work for us, but we seem to be working for them---they rule and we drool...
love the political statements in this and the clever use of rhyme (which i ordinarily am not that fond of)---
well done, Z...

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

They rule and we drool...I love that one! No doubt from a song somewhere. I used to dislike rhyme to.. read more

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