Sapphic Idiot

Sapphic Idiot

A Poem by zeronineight

or we could just be dumb sapphics fhbgjkger


They say I'm in love with you,

but I'm not really sure.


I know that I love you

with the way I associate you with mornings,

and the way waking up doesn't seem so bad

cos I can look forward to greeting you.


I know life would be different without you

cos I know life will go on, I will go on,

but as the song says, it would be like

August without summer vacation.

Or Space Sweepers without Kotnim.


I know I want to kiss you

but not on the lips, not anywhere sexual,

I want to pat the top of your head

and plant a little kiss there as you rest,

or lace my fingers with yours and kiss

the back of your hand

as we spend hours talking.


I know there are other parts for other times,

like the side of your head when you wake up,

the back of your shoulder when you cook,

or your knuckles when you get too into

discussing your favorite movies.


I know I don't want to date you,

but I also know I can picture

spending the rest of my life with you.

Somehow, in some way.



So I don't know.

I don't think what they say is true.

But if these things mean I'm in love with you,

then I'm not really sure.

© 2021 zeronineight

Author's Note

yes this is 1/2 of one poem with two different titles
yes i am aware

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Platonic love between best friends can be confused as being in love with the best friend. Or it might just be me. Great read.

With love,


Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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3 Weeks Ago

Could be! And it could also be the other way around. I'm glad you appreciated it!
A lovely poem depicting wholesome love with an absorbing reading tone making it a very easy and fun read~!
I love your work!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This comment has been deleted by the poster.

3 Weeks Ago

Thank you!! I'm so glad you appreciated the tone!

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just trying to paint images of all my extremes she/her. 21+ icon from picrew more..


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