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Ignorant Fury and the Battlefield of Profanity and Depression

Ignorant Fury and the Battlefield of Profanity and Depression

A Poem by Zoe Leah

It tears my heart
I am watching from the sidelines
And it tears my heart

A transparent husband and wife.
What you see

Is what you get


But then

There is this daughter.

A daughter.
I must be in unison
With the simple fact
The daughter is melodramatic

The animosity inside her
It gets the best of her
This animosity has the fire of an adolescent
And it possesses the devotion of a lioness
Hunting to feed her young

But she only has ten years

And she is tearing, tearing, tearing
A husband and wife

A                        part

It is the communication.
There is a disconnect
Somewhere along the way
And the tear expands

Her bowl of anger overflows
Before it has even reached the rim
And an explosion of hurtful and destructive words
Have leaked
And the tear worsens

She feels under attack.
That the initiative
Is to hurt her delicate feelings.
And so any time she feels
Her wall goes up
And she keeps shooting at you below the belt
And the tear stretches

The tear divides them
More and more severely each time
So when they face each other
There is a catastrophic storm in their hearts
And lightning in their eyes
And they think:
What went wrong just now?

But they don't care.
Their ignorant fury blinds them
Because the tear is complete
And they are no longer teammates anymore
But opponents

Competing for the children's love
And demanding them to take a side.
How can they be so selfish?
Do they not see the risk they are taking?!
Gambling away their only connection
To be "right"

And the tear is not only down the middle
But it is a three-way tear
Husband; wife; children
All to fend for themselves
The battlefield of profanity and depression

This war will go on
Because this ignorant fury does not fade
For a minute

And this melodramatic sister of mine
Never discovers this "right" path to take
Because her own mother and father
Are neglecting the realization
That they both are on separate, wrong paths.
This ignorant fury solidifies the tear
That can by no means
Ever be repaired completely


© 2010 Zoe Leah

Author's Note

Zoe Leah
This 10 year old, dramatic daughter of theirs is causing these parents to argue

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You are a fantastic writer and very skilled. A great and emotional read that pulled me in. Very touching,

Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow, you have such a way with words. This poem is jam-packed full of emotion. I think that adding punctuation would help make the poem flow more, and help with comprehension. For example, this stanza is a bit confusing:
"A daughter
I must be in unison
With the simple fact
The daughter is melodramatic"
It feels like a run-on and like it blends in with itself, if that makes sense.
You did a great job with breaking up your poem into stanzas. All of the breaks seem appropriate and contribute to the flow of the poem.
Great write. :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on June 14, 2010
Last Updated on July 12, 2010


Zoe Leah
Zoe Leah

My name is Zoe and my life is good. But others aren't. And I take that into myself and try to understand how they feel, even though I know it is impossible to really understand. more..

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