Hynos (god of sleep)

Hynos (god of sleep)

A Poem by zogzog

I come to you, in your dreams,

And I touch you softly, with my wings.

I take you walking, upon green lawns,

And I give you the music, angels sing.


I am Hypnos;

I am sleep.

My sons are your dreams,

Of twilights deep.


You may wander, but you’ll return,

Silently, from the cosmic darkness.

You may sleep, but you awake,

To a new world for your morning.

All may follow where you go,

To a sunny land, or to a land of snow.


But I am Hynos;

Your god of sleep.

And I cast upon your dreary eyes,

A desire of lovers keep.


Brought to you, are childhood friends,

Long, lost, and forgotten,

In some ravished land.

But beside the murky waters,

You always take their hand.



Across the mirrored lake,

In your sleep,

Now you wake,

For its 6:00 AM,

And it’s a lonely plane,

You now must take.


I cast upon your eyes, this deep,

Lest you grow weary, and you weep.

Love me now in this dark night,

For by morning, I take flight.


I am Hypnos,

Upon a Grecian sky I travel,

As all your dreaming, mysteries, I unravel.

I touch you gently, sweetly,

Then I disappear;

For I am your god of sleep,

To make your dreaming, so crystal clear.


Like water, from immortal streams,

I allow you now, to sweetly dream,

So in my spirit, you may sail,

And in reality, avail.


And you say,

“Need now I awake?”

Yes, you must,

For daylight soon will break.



But I’ll visit you again, when falls the darkness.

I’ll visit you again, when falls the night.

And then, like a bird,

We’ll take flight.


For I am Hypnos;

I am sleep.

My sons are your dreams,

Upon twilights keep.



copyright 1999/2012

© 2012 zogzog

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Added on December 6, 2012
Last Updated on December 6, 2012