Gamers Life chapter 1

Gamers Life chapter 1

A Chapter by Familiar Neko



Gamers Life chapter 1

(???) the day started like any other come home from work take a shower have same thing to eat and then relax by relax i mean play my favorite MMORPG Asgard online the most popular online game in this century it was the first MMORPG to implement the virtual reality system i got into it when a deere friend introduced me to it for the first time together we spent hours upon hours playing the game she even helped me with my avatar she thought it would be funny if act like if we were sisters in game so as you can guess my avatar was the opposite gender but a few days ago that the doctor told her that she had cancer and it was to lead to do any think to save her she let me know last because she heard that the game we love loved to play so match was going to be shut down

(???)so that's why you asked me if i could take time off from my job? emma well then i guess you want to stay logged in until the game shut down right?

(Emma) come on mark i want the last memory i have to be funny so please do it for me

(Mark) we have known each other since middle school so of course i will do this for you (i never even got the chance to tell her how i feel about her and now i feel i shouldn't tell her)

(Mark) (to think this is the last time i will play this game with her the guild hall looks as good as ever even if me and Emma are the last two members)

(Epic neko) and so i'm here did you wait for long sis Zombie09 ?

(Zombie09) you know Emma we can call each other by our real names and not by our user names

(Epic neko) but mark is not a name for a girl and you know i like to role play

(Zombie09) fine so what do you want to do Epic neko?

(Epic neko) the shutdown is in a few minutes so let's gather the NPCs in the throne room so that we can say goodbye to them to

(Zombie09) that's right this is the last time i will see them too i made 3 of them those 3 are like family to me so they deserve a goodbye

(Epic neko) the two i made are like that for me too they are maybe not as strong as your but still i love them like they were my own children

(Zomie09) (the two she made are the guards for floor 1&2 so they got defeated a lot she worries about them and i feel sorry for them) well at least they will no longer be attacked by other players so you don't need to worry about that anymore

(Epic neko) your right about that you never had to worry about that thanks to your crimson twins no one made it past floor 3

(Zombie09) well i think i overdid it on their settings but they work well together

(Epic neko) you're probably right about that thanks to them we had several GM's visit the guild hall because other player thought we were cheating or hacking

(Zombie09) don't remind me i had to explain all the skill combinations the two of them can do it was like they didn't know there own game …

(Epic neko) …

(zombie09&Epic neko) ha ha ha ha ha

(Epic neko) those were fun times weren't they (getting a bit upset) it's so sad that it's all over for them and me

(Zombie09) don't say it like that i'm sure they will be happy after the shutdown (at that moment the big door to the throne room opened and the NPCs entered the throne room) see they have all come here for you

(Epic neko) it's too bad that they don't have a voice and can only use text but it's the idea that counts right

(Zombie09) that's right (i wonder should i tell her how i feel about her and what she means to me)

(Epic neko) you know that you're doing this for me really means alot to me and there is something i've been wanting to tell you for a very long time and i think i should tell you now before it's too late i... i love you and i have done so for a long time

(Zombie09) wow you don't know what a relief it is to hire you say that i have felt the same for so long but after you told me that you don't have long left i wasn't sure if i should tell you

(Epic neko)( hugs him and starts crying) thank …so much… my love i'm so... happy now

(Zombie09) it's almost time for the shutdown

(Epic neko) I love you (they close their eyes and kiss a few seconds before the shutdown)

(Zombie09&Epic neko) … why didn't we log out?

(Epic neko) do you think they pushed back the shutdown?

(Zombie09) maybe i don't know

(???) is same thing wrong lady neko and lady zombie?

(Zombie09&Epic neko) (did the NPC just talk!!?)

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Added on August 7, 2016
Last Updated on August 7, 2016
Tags: romance, comedy


Familiar Neko
Familiar Neko

kiev, kiev, Ukraine

i'm 23 and i'm half dutch and half german and i now live in ukraine and i'm just starting out with writing and i can't wait to see all your feedback more..

chapter 1 chapter 1

A Chapter by Familiar Neko