chapter 1

chapter 1

A Chapter by Familiar Neko

Chapter  1

long ago there was a town named earth's end and it was well known thanks to one man he was once a famous adventurer but after many years he settled down in this town and fell in love with a beautiful young woman and not to long after the woman gave birth to a baby boy which they named Hank but this story starts 13 years later and the horrific event that will change Hanks life for ever.

(Mother) Hank your Father needs same help in the workshop oh and tell him not to stay to long in there you know how he gets

(Hank) yes Mother

(Father) ahh Hank did your Mother tell you to come here?

(Hank) yes dad she shed you need id help and that you should not stay here to long

(Father) that's your Mother always worrying

(Hank) so dad what are you working on?

(Father) oh this old thing? this used to be my sword from my adventure days i just thought it could use same repairing

(Hank) wow i beat you were the strongest of all adventurers but why did you stop an adventurer?

(Father) what do you mean by were!! your old man may not look like it but i'm still as strong as i ever was as for why i stopped adventuring i fell in love with your Mother

(Hank) so Mom is stronger than you huh dad

(Father) well in a way … (at that moment a mysterious man came into the workshop)

(mysterious man) your the blacksmith correct?

(Father) yes I’m the blacksmith need a new weapon or armor?

(mysterious man) no i just need my sword to be repaired

(Father) ok that will be 30 silver

(mysterious man) what 30 silver!! i only have 20 is it acceptable that i pay the rest with this (the man hands over a old looking book with strange markings) i got this from a magic user he said he who can see and read the text with in this book will know the weakness of every monster and that it's valuable

 (Father) hmm i don't know (he looks at the book) hey Hank do you want that old book?

(Hank) but the man said not everyone can see written in the book so how can i read it?

(Father) i have a feeling that you can (looks at Hank and smiles)

(Hank) ok then dad (little did Hank know that that very book would save his life that same night)

(Hank) (after that man left me and my dad went home on the way home we hired same people talking)

(villager) did you hire? another village got attacked they say she is leading them

(villager) you don't mean the hellhound if that's true then i pray she isn't coming here

(Hank) dad who are they talking about?

(Father) a very dangerous and strong woman

(Hank) but not stronger than you right?

(Father) maybe … maybe

(Hank) so how am i going to be able to read this book dad?

(Father) ok i'll tell you do you see these markings is part of a magic seal that if broken will bind the item in question to the one who breaks it and in this case will show you what's in the book

(Hank) wow and you can break the seal?

(Father) no you are going to do that Hank (he starts to look through a chest) where's that damn thing ah here it is (he pulls out an old gauntlet that has the same markings as the book) i got this back in my adventure days back then i knew a same one who could read these markings and he said that it's a key and that the rest are instructions on how to use it with the book so put it on and say unseal while putting your hand on the book

(Hank) that sounds dumb but ok I’ll do it (he puts on the gauntlet) ok unseal

Suddenly there is a burst of light coming from the book and as the light disappears Hank and his dad see that the gauntlet is gone and the book is blown open

(Hank) dad my arm feels warm

(Father) well there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your arm well Hank can you read what's in the book? it's still empty to me

Hank looks at the book and reads out the name of the monster that the book opened on

(Hank) dullahan also known as the headless knight not match is known about them weakness is their head that's what's on the page dad

(Father) dullahan huh well the book is not wrong that the head is it's weakness to kill them you have to destroy it's head and that’s how you kill them but i have never seen one of them

(Hank) wow i'll read the rest of this page and the book (Hank reads the rest of the page and it says when a dullahan is going to attack someone they will send them a note that reads i'm coming for you and to this day no one has been known to escape a dullahan)

(Mother) honey what was that light just now?

(Father) oh no! it's nothing dire quick Hank hide the book your mother would kill me if she found out

and so Hank hides the book and the day ends with his dad being scolded by his mother and Hank goes to his bed but he isn't going to sleep but instead he reads the book by candlelight

(Hank) ok let's start at the first page (slime there are many types of slime one thing what they all have in common is that they for same reason they like to live close to human settlements) i wonder if any slimes live near us?

all of sudden a loud noise could be heard from down stairs as if someone broke through the front door and then Hank heard a scream Hank rushed down stairs but what he show when he got there was a woman in black armor with a blood covered sword and his father on the floor in a pool of blood and not far from him was the body of his mother with her throat cut open

(Hank) no!!!

(black armored women) was that it! huh didn't know that he had a kid  guess he needs to go to

not far from the bottom of the stairs Hank sees his father's sword he runs to grade the sword and Hank catches the woman off guard he swings the sword but he swings it the wrong way and hits her head with the flat part of the sword but for some reason her head still falls off as if he had cut it off

(Hank) did i do it? but i hit her with the wrong end of the sword didn't i?

(black armored women) i never thought that a brat like you could knock my head off so easily

Hank looked down to the head of the woman in shock as the headless body stands up and walks over to the head

(black armored women) what's wrong kid didn't you ever see a dullahan before? how could you ever have my kind is rare after all

(Hank) i read about your kind in a book i got earlier today (he says in a scared tone)

(black armored women) a book? (but there is only one book that has information on my species i wonder) hey kid did that book have strange markings on it? and you can really read what's inside?

(Hank) yes but why is that …

(black armored women) ha ha ha then it might be a good idea to let you live not that you will live long i had my man already kill everyone in town so you're all alone

(Hank) wait that makes you that the hellhound doesn't it ?!

(Hellhound) sadly yes being given the name of another species as a nice name how disgusting you know kid if you read that book of yours you will see that a hellhound is very different then a dullahan it's a good thing that you got that book today since it's the recon why you're still alive (she puts her head back on and walks out the door)

and so Hank was left alive by the hellhound and after crying for a long time he buried his parents the next day  and swears an oath of revenge

© 2016 Familiar Neko

Author's Note

Familiar Neko
i know that it's a bit of a slow start but i think that's how most horror stories start

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Added on October 19, 2016
Last Updated on October 19, 2016
Tags: horror, fantasy


Familiar Neko
Familiar Neko

kiev, kiev, Ukraine

i'm 23 and i'm half dutch and half german and i now live in ukraine and i'm just starting out with writing and i can't wait to see all your feedback more..