A Poem by Zombie Dutcher

my dad went to jail a few years back and i havnt really explained my feelings

i can't explain the feelings, the pain
thats daily driving me insane
 it makes me feel like my life is out of frame 
from the rest of reality
and there's no other fish in the sea
nobody out there is feelin exactly like me
lvoe, lust, happiness, depression
its like my heart thinks its funny to keep messin
but its tearing me apart from the inside out
that nobody knows what im even talking about

your not alone, your family's here
your not alone,your end is near
your not alone, its just the thoughts in your head 
trust me we know, your life's pages we've read

you say my family's here, 
than how come tis broken and has been for years
people make mistakes we all know they mess up
but right does that give you to break the  rest of us up
cause here i am feeling like im caught between the civil war 
i just wanna break down and cry out no more
but it goes on and so does life
but that doesn't make the rights wrong and the wrongs right
so please listen to me,
i know i'm only 17
i've got bottled feelings waiting to implode 
but i guess we can wait till me next episode


i'm back for one last rap 
to hopefully clarify some crap 
that's been wrapped up for too long
to only fit in the final verse of this song
i love everyone every part of my fam
even the one's hurt by my old man
i won't defend his actions
those were his own transactions
but i still love him to death and back again
and all i ask is that you dont judge me by someone elses life
even if my mom was once his wife
i assure you i'm here to make good
to help folks in anyway i could
its the man i wanna be
and the one you will soon see

© 2013 Zombie Dutcher

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Added on July 17, 2013
Last Updated on July 17, 2013
Tags: dad, expression


Zombie Dutcher
Zombie Dutcher

Boise, ID

I'm a pretty laid back guy whose been writing since people told me to stop talking so much and put it on paper. I enjoy sci-fy and demonic type writings. I write songs and wraps along with a 4 book se.. more..

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A Poem by Zombie Dutcher