A Story by Kit Grey

"The third bus.. The third set of troops.. Has been blown up. There were no survivors."


She sat at the edge of the curb. Her mind was fluttering about, awaiting his arrival. It'd been six months since he'd left on his tour in Iraq. Other families were begining to arrive. Little children asked when mommy or daddy would get there. Women gossiped about the plans they had with their boyfriends or husbands that night.


She sat. All by her lonesome. She couldn't wait to see his golden blonde hair, his deep blue eyes. She missed his voice, is scent, his being. His family wasn't there. Her family wasn't there. But she was there. The first bus pulled up. Everyone began to cheer. The first batch of troops were here. There were tears, laughter, excitment, and sadness. Sadness when he did not get off of the bus.


The next bus will be him, she thought to herself. Six months, she'd been without him.


"Please don't go Jack!" She cried at night when he had told her of the tour. She couldn't stand the thought of him being so far away, in such a dangerous area. He comforted her and told her he would be alright.


"This isn't my first tour. And it won't be my last, Marry." He held her close. He could feel the wetness on his shirt from her warm tears. He kissed the top of her head lightly. They laid together in silence for the  night. Just soaking up the radiance of one another.


The next bus pulled up. She jumped up and ran to the doors. Her heart began to beat rapidly. She could not wait to see him.


"Jack?" She whispered lightly. It was four in the morning. He was sound asleep. "Jack, I need to tell you something." She said louder. He did not budge.


I'll just wait to tell him. It isn't that important anyways. I can wait six months, She thought as she rubbed her stomach. She began to sing soflty to the baby forming within her body. She smiled.


"We just recieved news." A man said as he stepped off of the bus. Jack had not gotten off of the bus. "The third bus.. The third set of troops.. Has been blown up. There were no survivors." Many people began to cry.


Someone shouted, "What kind of joke is this!?" Others just stood in shock. Marry grabbed her stomach and cried. Someone ran over to her, a friend.


"Oh Marry! I'm so sorry!" He embraced her and held her steady as her world came crashing down.


"This isn't happening! He didn't know, Jack didn't know! He was going to be a daddy! We were going to have that family we always dreamed of!" She sobbed.


Oblivious to Marry, the bus doors opened again. "Man, how could you sleep on that bus?
" A fellow soldier asked.


"It was, cozy." The man answered.


Suddenly, Marry turned around at the sound of that voice. "Jack!" She cried.

© 2011 Kit Grey

Author's Note

Kit Grey
I may or may not add more.

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Added on September 25, 2011
Last Updated on September 25, 2011


Kit Grey
Kit Grey

Pittsburgh , PA

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by! I am just an unknown aspiring author who. Barely gets time to write anymore. more..

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A Story by Kit Grey

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A Story by Kit Grey