Episode One of the Arc Project: The Crown of Feathers

Episode One of the Arc Project: The Crown of Feathers

A Screenplay by ~goh~

(slightly) Updated!


The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are trapped in a run-down old school with a warning ringing in their ears: “The Raven is watching.”


TIME: Unknown. Most likely the morning.

PLACE: A small flat in Oxford. It might even be yours.


A man is watching TV. It is tuned to the news.

NEWSCASTER: And now for today’s story. The prestigious school Stoneshire has unexpectedly closed indefinitely.

A young boy stumbles down the stairs, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

BOY: Is there school today, Da?

MAN: (to TV) What d’you mean, the bloody thing is closed “indefinitely”?!

The Newscaster continues.

NEWSCASTER: The headmaster is not giving any reasons for the sudden closure. More on this story later tonight.

MAN: C’mon, I’m gonna go give that headmaster a piece of my mind.

BOY: But Da! I’m not dressed!

MAN: Then you better get dressed. I’m going.

SWEEPING CUT to dilapidated school.

The two step out of a grey compact car. CLOSE UP on their faces.

BOY: (looking towards school) Da… It looks so… different.

MAN: Look at this mess! I thought I was sending you to a good school, but if they can’t even keep it up-

BOY: But it wasn’t like this yesterday! It was clean, and now it’s-

MAN: You keep quiet. My talk with the headmaster will settle all this, I’m sure of it.

The boy opens his mouth again, but shuts it and turns away in dismay. They walk towards the school.

BOY: Da… look… look at all the birds…

The man looks up. PAN UP to the rooftop of the school. It is covered in birds of all shapes and sizes. CUT to telephone and electric wires, also covered in birds. CUT to lampposts, which have a bird or two perched on each one.

MAN: I see them. What about it?

BOY: …Nothing…

The man walks up to the front doors of the school. The boy follows fearfully behind, looking up at the birds all the time.

The man goes to knock on the door, but stops. He notices some graffiti scrawled across the front doors.

MAN: (tracing his finger along the words) “The Raven is Watching…” What an odd thing to write.

BOY: Da!

CLOSE UP on boy’s terrified face.

MAN: Not now, I’m busy.

BOY: But Da! Behind you!

The man turns around. CLOSE UP on his face. A large shadow passes over him, and he screams. A loud cawing is heard. CUT to in front of the school. What remains is a scattering of black feathers.



TIME: Unknown. Most likely mid-day. Ominous clouds covering the sky. ):3

PLACE: In the TARDIS. It has landed at Stoneshire (a school)


DOCTOR: So, here we are! Stoneshire, school for the Highly Enlightened. Time, present day. Weather…partly cloudy with a chance of showers later on.

RORY: I'm still on the "Here we are" bit.

AMY: What's that about "Highly Enlightened"?

DOCTOR: Stoneshire was made for "smarter than your average Englishman" sort of people, but it turned into a dumping ground for the rich.

AMY: Well, if that's the case, it should be in perfect condition, but it looks like no one's been here for-

DOCTOR: Hundreds of years; exactly. It was up and running…until today.

RORY: And I suppose we're here to find out what's caused it?

DOCTOR: That's the ticket.

The three step out of the TARDIS and walk up towards the entrance.

AMY: Doctor, look.

DOCTOR: Yes, what is it?

RORY: I think she means the birds, Doctor.

The Doctor looks up " PAN UP to trees and roof of Stoneshire. The trees and roof is covered in birds, of all shapes and sizes. A few flap down and settle on a lamppost. All seem to be watching their every move.

AMY: I don't like this, Doctor. Those birds are giving me chills.

RORY: You don’t think we’re on a set of Hitchcock, do you?

The Doctor and Amy give him blank looks.

RORY: Never mind…

DOCTOR: Now, don't be silly, you two. Those birds are just…

AMY: Just what, Doctor?

DOCTOR: ...they're having a meeting. Birds United.

RORY: Sure they are.

They walk up to the entrance.

DOCTOR: Now, everyone, let’s go over the rules. What do we do if we have to spit up?

RORY: We don’t.

DOCTOR: Good. Now, Amy. What do we do if some bloodthirsty alien wants to eat your husband as an early lunch?

AMY: I bung a rock at it?

DOCTOR: Exactly! And then you get me. Understood?

AMY AND RORY: Yes sir!

Amy and Rory mock salute.

DOCTOR: Now what's this?

The Doctor walks up to a wall. It has graffiti on it.

AMY: What does it say?

DOCTOR: "The Raven is watching."

RORY: Well, that’s helpful. What the blood hell do they mean “The Raven is Watching”?

CLOSE UP on their faces. They all look at each other, then look up at the birds. CUT to the birds, and then CUT back to a CLOSE UP of their faces.

AMY: Doctor…d’you think it means them?

DOCTOR: Do you want to stick around and find out?

AMY: …Not particularly.

DOCTOR: Then let’s go already! Ger-

RORY: Doctor, if you say “Geronimo”, I will kill you.

The Doctor pulls a face, and shoves on the doors. Surprisingly, the doors creak open. CUT to inside Stoneshire, on the Doctor as the door open.

DOCTOR: Well, that’s new. I’ve never been invited in. Either they don’t have locks, or…something’s waiting for us.

The Doctor turns to Amy and Rory. They gulp.




TIME: Unknown. Most likely mid-day. Ominous cloud cover still apparent. ):3

PLACE: Inside Stoneshire.


The Doctor is bent over, examining a table with a rather large magnifying glass. Amy is standing over the Doctor, her arms folded. Rory is constantly looking over his shoulder, trying to see if anything is behind him.

AMY: Doctor, what are you doing?


AMY: Doctor?


AMY: (smacks the Doctor in the back of the head) DOCTOR!

The Doctor puts down his magnifying glass and rubs the back of his head.

DOCTOR: Owww… That hurt, Amy Pond. (looks hurt " not in pain, but the other kind of hurt, you bimbos)

AMY: Did you not notice I was asking you a question?

DOCTOR: I was busy examining this desk.

AMY: (sarcastically) And what did it tell you?

DOCTOR: …Well, it’s wonderfully made!

Amy gives the Doctor a withering look.

DOCTOR: …Nothing. Nothing at all.

AMY: I thought so. (smirks)

CUT to Rory. He is crouched over be a wall, squinting a something.

RORY: Will you two stop bickering for a moment and come take a look at this?

CUT to the Doctor and Amy. They turn to Rory, and walk over. The Doctor crouches down beside him and begins examining the spot Rory pointed out. Amy remains standing and looks over them.

RORY: I found another message. (he points at a message scribbled in charcoal on the wall)

DOCTOR: Ooh, now that’s ominous. “Beware the Raven.” THAT one’s never been done before.

RORY: Doctor, could you please be serious?

DOCTOR: Tried that. Never worked for me. (grins)

AMY: What’s with all this Raven business? Is it some kind of monster bird?

DOCTOR: No, don’t think so. Monsters are never that obvious. Well, maybe the Cybermen…

AMY: And the Weeping Angels.

RORY: Don’t forget the Gangers.

DOCTOR: (sighs) Okay, so maybe it is that obvious. But don’t you think we’d have seen some traces of, oh, I don’t know, feathers? Droppings?

RORY: He does have a point there.

The Doctor springs up, suddenly full of energy.

DOCTOR: C’mon out, you Raven thing! The Doctor is in!

There is a loud crash, like the sound of glass breaking. A loud caw is heard.

AMY: Doctor, was that what I thought it was?

RORY: Oh, Amy, what do you think?! What else could it have possibly been?!

Amy shakes her head, as if she refuses to believe. Another crash is heard, this time much closer.

AMY: Oh god…something’s coming!

Amy backs away slowly, turns her head, and runs down one of the corridors.

DOCTOR: Amy, wait! What did I say about sticking together?!

RORY: I hate to say this, but less focusing on my wife, and more focusing on barring those doors.

The Doctor looks towards the upstairs hallway. CUT to upstairs doorway. The crashing and stomping is getting closer be the second. CUT to the Doctor and CLOSE UP. A worried look crosses his face for only a second, but it quickly dissipates.

DOCTOR: Right. Working on it.

He runs up the stairs, with Rory quickly following behind. The Doctor reaches the doors, and sees a shadow approaching the corner. He looks at the shadow. Its outline appears…familiar, somehow.

RORY: Doctor! Big scary monster coming, probably going to eat us!

DOCTOR: Working on it!

He slams the doors shut, and quick as a flash has his sonic screwdriver in hand. He goes to activate it, then realizes that the doors don’t have any locks on them.

DOCTOR: Oh, for Pete’s sake, can no one build a proper school these days?!

RORY: How are we going to keep that…thing…from getting through?

DOCTOR: …I know! Grab that lamp!

Rory runs and snatches the lamp. Something slams against the door, the Doctor using all his strength to keep it from opening.

DOCTOR: Today, Rory! (straining to keep the door closed)

Rory races back up the stairs, lamp in hand.

RORY: There, Doctor!

He gives the lamp to the Doctor.

DOCTOR: Rory, you’re a lifesaver. And I mean that quite literally, too.

The Doctor shoves the lamp through the door handles, barring the entrance. The doors begin to thrash back and forth, but the lamp holds. Behind the door, an anguished caw is heard, and the doors fall still. The Doctor and Rory, still up against the door, slide down and rest on the cool tile floor. They breathe out a heavy sigh of relief. They are safe…for now.


TIME: Unknown. Why should I be telling you the time anyway?

PLACE: A dark hallway in Stoneshire.


Amy is walking down a hallway, alone. Ever since she ran away earlier, she became lost, and has now been separated from the Doctor and Rory for quite a while now. She tentatively holds a flashlight in her hand.

AMY: (to herself) Amy Williams, why did you run away? Now you’re lost.

Her flashlight flickers, and she gives it a good smack. The bulb ceases its impromptu light show.

AMY: And, what did the Doctor say about splitting up?

She rounds a corner, and abruptly stops. She notices large, black feathers scattered on the floor.

AMY: Now, that’s odd. What are all these feathers doing here?

She bends down and picks one up, turning it over and examining it closely.

Suddenly, she hears scuttling. It is close. She drops the feather, rising quickly to her feet. She edges towards the corner, brandishing her flashlight.

AMY: What was that? (whispering) Hello? Doctor, Rory, is that you?

She hears whispering, muffled voices.

AMY: Hello? If this is you, Rory, it isn't funny. Come out now.

The whispering become clears now.

RASPY VOICE: The Raven…is watching…

AMY: Oh, not that raven thing again…Who's that? Wait…that doesn't sound like Rory…Who are you?!

RASPY VOICE: I warned you…The Raven is watching…but you didn't listen...now you must pay…

Amy rounds the corner.

AMY: I don't know who you are, but I intend to- Oh.

A dark shadow spreads over Amy, and a loud caw is heard. CUT to where she just was. The only evidence is a scattering of feathers. Amy's scream rings in the deafening silence. Not a soul can hear her.


TIME: Time to get a watch!

PLACE: Stoneshire lobby.


The Doctor and Rory are still sitting against the upstairs doors, breathing heavily. The Doctor suddenly sits up straight.

DOCTOR: Did you hear that?

RORY: Hear what?

DOCTOR: (leaping to his feet) I thought I heard something just now.

RORY: (sarcastically) Feathers rustling? Loud cawing? Sharp beaks grinding and crunching bones?

DOCTOR: (ignores this) No. It sounded like…a scream.

The Doctor tilts his head, listening for a stray sound. The silence is deafening.

DOCTOR: Nothing. Must have just been my imagination.

RORY: Doctor, I hate to be a nudge, but shouldn’t we be looking for my wife?

DOCTOR: Ah, yes! She ran off on us, didn’t she? I suppose she’s done enough waiting for a lifetime. Let’s go.

The Doctor waltzes down the stairs, and down the left hallway.

RORY: Errm, Doctor? She went down the other hallway.

He sticks his head around the corner, a sheepish grin on his face.

DOCTOR: …Right. I knew that.

He rushes down the other hallway.

DOCTOR: (shouting behind him) Come along, Williams! We have places to go, things to do, and your wife to catch!

Rory shakes his head, and trudges down the staircase after the Doctor.

RORY: That man is impossible.

Rory goes down the hallway. CUT to the door they left, the lamp still barring it shut. Suddenly, a large force slams the door, the lamp straining to keep it shut. It slams it again, the wooden doors beginning to splinter. It tries once more, and the lamp shatters, allowing the doors to swing open with a bang. Whatever the Doctor and Rory had trapped, it was now free.


TIME: Time for you to stop asking what time it is.

PLACE: Following the Doctor and Rory down a dark hallway in Stoneshire.


DOCTOR: Hmm, if I was an extremely scared woman, where would I be?

He looks behind a statue decorating the otherwise bland hallway. Nothing there.

DOCTOR: Well, Rory? You’re her husband, you must know where she hides when she’s frightened.

RORY: Our couch. She hides behind our couch.

DOCTOR: Well, that’s not very helpful, now is it?

The Doctor saunters off, swiftly pulling out his sonic screwdriver. He switches it on, a green glow illuminating the dark hallway.

DOCTOR: Hmm. Now that’s interesting.

RORY: What? What’s interesting?

DOCTOR: I just did a scan for living things in the vicinity. I’m getting three.

RORY: That’s me, you, and Amy, right?

DOCTOR: You’re forgetting that thing that tried to kill us, but I’ll let that slide. In any case, if you narrow the parameters down to humanoids, you get…two.

RORY: But that means…

DOCTOR: Whatever that thing was we held back, it’s here.

The Doctor grins maniacally. The two of them turn around, fearing the worst. They look down the hallway, and they see it. Well, it’s more like a large, dark mass standing at the end of the hallway. It’s too far away to see just what it is. CLOSE UP on its eyes; they’re a deep red, full of hate and malice.

RORY: Doctor…what is that? Doctor?

Rory turns to the Doctor, but he is no longer there. He turns around, and the Doctor is running down the hallway like a bat out of hell, knocking over sculptures and anything else that could possibly slow down the creature.

DOCTOR: Roooory! Are you just going to stand there?

Rory slowly turns his head. The creature is already advancing, rapidly approaching Rory. He turns around and books it after the Doctor.

RORY: (racing along, trying to keep up with the Doctor) I’ve had enough of this “running through corridors” business to last me a lifetime.

DOCTOR: Oh, you think you’ve had enough, try doing it every day for about nine-hundred years!

Behind them, the black creature is slowly gaining on them. The Doctor and Rory can hear the loud THUMP every time the creature’s feet hit the ground, the constant rustling of feathers.

DOCTOR: You know…this reminds me of something else like this. I was at an inn in Scotland, and there was this werewolf-

RORY: A werewolf?!

DOCTOR: Oh yeah, the entire royal family’s made of werewolves.

RORY: You’ve got to be kidding me…

They round a corner. The Doctor knocks some more statues over, and they keep running.

DOCTOR: No, it’s all true! Just ask R-

The Doctor suddenly stops. He stands there, a sad expression on his face.

RORY: Doctor, we have to keep going. That thing will get us if we stop.

The Doctor shakes his head, coming back to reality.

DOCTOR: Sorry. Just thinking of an old friend. One I haven’t seen in a long, long time.

RORY: What was her name?

DOCTOR: …Her name was Ro-

Suddenly, they hear a loud crash, and a roar from just around the corner.

DOCTOR: Hah! Looks like ‘ol birdie isn’t too careful!

The Creature responds by throwing the statue around the corner. The Doctor ducks just in time, it passing through the space that his head just occupied and smashing on the wall behind him.

DOCTOR: But he does have good aim. What is this thing, anyway?

RORY: I’d rather not find out, Doctor.

DOCTOR: Oh, but now I’m curious. I always prefer to know exactly what it is before it tries to kill me.

The Doctor walks around the corner. Nothing is there.

DOCTOR: Now that’s interesting. I could’ve sworn something was here just a moment ago. Rory! You can come out now!

Rory slowly comes out from around the corner.

RORY: It’s really gone?

DOCTOR: Yep. Not even a feather!

He bends down to examine the ground beneath him.

© 2011 ~goh~

Author's Note

Slightly updated. I swear to god, I've had so much homework, it's not even funny. AND I had the stupid PSAT today. xP
Don't EVER ask me to get anything done during the school year.

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Be nice to your mother.


Posted 8 Years Ago

I can only hope that my Pass the Arc will be half as good...

Posted 8 Years Ago

Yay for Pass the Arc! Woot! Nice job!
One thing, though, in the actual script, you probably wouldn't have the production controls listed. Those things are usually decided after by the video team. Some major controls are there, but other than that, it shouldn't be taking up all the blocking. :)

Other than that, GOODNESS. I think you've got a good story in the making. ^^ I'm so exciiiiiteeeed!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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