I FEEL LIKE suicidler

I FEEL LIKE suicidler

A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

Same eyes of judges same ignorance
Keep me at last seat
This is you and your soul is weak
Make someone hate is so easy
But did you try somebody to be at love
Did you ever think about hurt wounded souls
So why you keep me so low

There is no reason for make saxcrifice ram
But you do
I give up there is nothing to save me
No postcards and no fake prayers
Here is nothing and people act on the stage
Bad actors and writers players
Laugh with ageressive sounds
Make circle for them self
This is paradise and funeral of roses
This is what happen after abuse
This is lonely swan song
And you still lie to your self

Over the bridge I feel more secure
There is real wind and cold
There is real pain to be sold
There is beutiful women with blossom of spirit
They are happy so you finaly get it
I cannot live among depressive faces
With no joy and silent for lambs
Gloomy eyes and gloomy girls
When all is calm I watch next my own run
Over art, poems, picture what I draw
Movie what I make at my dream
My world in betwenn
Have power of imagination
They cannot touch me there
I am strong even I am sick
Listen to music and brake one brick
From the wall and make another hole

At my way at my life
There is just love at me
But never given to me
People are like robots with no hearts
Passing by and have eyes at sky
This is my life weeping is my song
At the dark all is death
Like love and like evil
All is one and at the mo7untain is sleeping beast
Who will wake up and who will turn dark to light
Is not you
You will come toxicated by prayers and by psalms
Not my kind not my universe
With your friend close to each other
You will never take my hand out
You will never dry up my tears from my wounds
You will never kiss me at bed sheets

Where wild roses grow
There is not you and love no more
Preciouse lies cannot cover
You are victim and you are murder
Shall can I call you dark of the my day
Dark what never help me to survive
Dark like your hair and smile is without joy
Flowers are plastic explosive bombs
This is my guts at my rotten blood
You came late already happen
Kill is so easy and make killer is more easy than you think
There will be your judge
When you see me onn the rope
Without life and without love
You was not on my side
You was on god side

© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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Added on April 28, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2017