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Forget me not....

Forget me not....

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

A rewrite
Barcelona/Juventus: The Racism Ladder Barcelona/Juventus: The R..

A Story by Abishai100

Two controversial UEFA soccer coaches try to use logic to persuade fans not to indulge in antisocial..
My Father My Father

A Poem by Tiff

The backs of my eyelidsDeftly remind me ofThat same time, same place, same feelingsOf when my tears ..
Anger Anger

A Poem by Tiff

Explosive angerWhen I hear anyone elseEnjoying the songThat he didBefore he could neverEnjoy anythin..
I am From I am From

A Poem by Alexandra

I’m from successful daughtersAnd inventions madeI’m from mushroom anchorsAnd a potato sp..

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A Poem by barleygirl

gazing upon ebony limbs clawing ivory sky . . .
perseverance perseverance

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

perseverancethe moon will never go awayeven when it seems three quartersof the whole are missingthe ..
Mirage Mirage

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Mirage she saw the journey he charted for himself understood, this was just a facs..
basking in what once was elegance basking in what once was ..

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

basking in what once was elegance the note explaining what was raining from his clo..
gone. gone.

A Poem by Nisha M.

how i imagined death would feel like.

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Chords, Strands and Keys Chords, Strands and Keys
Reviewed by emmajoy

6 Hours Ago

There are times when Thoreau's shadow sits close and talks straight at one. Has now, reading the above deep yet understandable thoughts guide one into a calm glide of contentment. That's what music d.. more..
The brain-fart effect. The brain-fart effect.
Reviewed by Christine Anne Shaw

18 Hours Ago

Poor butterfly beating itself up. I wanted to see the word flutter. It is much more gentle. I had this feeling of the butterfly self harming. Am I nuts to think that? Tsunamis and genocide, I don't ev.. more..
Spring-a-ling Spring-a-ling
Reviewed by barleygirl

5 Hours Ago

As I always say, anyone living north of my latitude is having a s****y winter. I appreciate northerners like yourself reminding me how the other half gets thru this dismal stretch of warm sunny aftern.. more..
“He’s Destroyed You” - 17/10/18 “He’s Destroyed You” - 17/10/18
Reviewed by Painting in black

9 Hours Ago

First of all. I wonder why you got over 100 views and no one write any reviews. I find your poem very good and very meaningful.

I always start my reviews to describe how i fee.. more..
dying wondering dying wondering
Reviewed by barleygirl

5 Hours Ago

I love this song & how it goes with your words. Normally I'm not into repeating lines, but you've done a good job here making the repetition a meaningful part of your message, resembling the way a per.. more..

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