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Salk Sandmen: American Hologram

Salk Sandmen: American Hologram

A Story by Abishai100

Three dastardly Cali-dreamers perform a mission against Goldfinger at Salk for a vision of improved ..
Untitled Untitled

A Poem by Bela

I wrote this in 06 when I was going through some tough times with a toxic narcissistic ex.
Love, love, love! Love, love, love!

A Poem by Aldo kraas

That is an old poem Written by Aldo Kraas
Son of the moon Son of the moon

A Poem by Aldo kraas

That is an old poem Written by Aldo Kraas
Baby's eyes Baby's eyes

A Poem by Aldo kraas

That is an old poem Written by Aldo Kraas

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The wisp/ the kiss, the memory.

The wisp/ the kiss, the memory.

A Book by Coyote Poetry

New series of poetry.
Scarlet Sentinels Scarlet Sentinels

A Poem by barleygirl

seedy ooze dribbles down my chin . . .
The w***e bath... The w***e bath...

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Seek the truth. The controlled media will lead you to confusion. We must know the truth.
Hunger Hunger

A Poem by Dave Brown

beginners beginners

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

beginners she kissed me blue I froze on her lips we were only 13 the woods b..

Recent Reviews

Concessions Concessions
Reviewed by Dave Brown

3 Hours Ago

Bit of a stretch going from McDonalds to America, thinking first of America
Like it or not the US represents peace and security for its allies, who could not be effective on their own,(who was .. more..
Tabby and the Witches of Dark Valley Central High School Tabby and the Witches of Dark Valley Central High ..
Reviewed by barleygirl

6 Hours Ago

A title like this from you & I was headed to the kitchen for a big mug full becuz I knew I wuz gonna savor this! You do have the world's best teenage-girl muse & she slammed it for homies on this one... more..
recovery recovery
Reviewed by Eilis

1 Hour Ago

What I really enjoy about this poem is the way you speak directly to the experiences within. I think of those encounters with nature that become woven in to us--like what you describe here--the things.. more..
The Street Sweepers The Street Sweepers
Reviewed by barleygirl

5 Hours Ago

This is gritty & raw on steroids. Your rich & rabid depiction of "city life" makes me wonder what would the wilderness equivalent be? I might have to try to write that . . . the renegades & hoarders t.. more..
Sundown and Wind Farms Sundown and Wind Farms
Reviewed by red93

3 Hours Ago

No wind farms on the Severn Estuary as yet Chris, albeit they are highly praiseworthy - I guess there is still too much sea-traffic heading up to the vast Docks at Avonmouth and Portbury - of a Summer.. more..

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