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Masturbation (10w)

Masturbation (10w)

A Poem by FJ Davis

What happenswhenlover tells youto gofuck yourself.
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A Story by mayday5

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A Story by Nita

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The box of earthly collectables. The box of earthly collec..

A Poem by andrew mitchell

Well rattle my timbersin a box of earthly collectablessix feet under.A bag of bones lies upon your b..
Sin Sin

A Poem by JR

I want to taste you the moment I see you and all the holy men say this is sin. I have been..

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A Story by Norman223

Just a few less than serious thoughts!
Cold Cold

A Story by Mr. D

I am not a nice guy...
Today Mollie May Learns a Lesson Today Mollie May Learns a..

A Story by LCH

This is very short story that makes an indelible point. Think Aesop's fables meets the Twilight Zone..
A Mile in Flip's Shoes A Mile in Flip's Shoes

A Story by Huckleberry Hoo

Character Personification
The library is burning The library is burning

A Story by Jon Roggie

This is different for me.I am not trying for some clever play of words.I am thinking of what is happ..

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with a soft kiss with a soft kiss
Reviewed by emmajoy

5 Hours Ago

When it comes to romantic poetry year-long, you're THE queen. Lydi. But with this poem, headed by Klimt's gloriously complex painting, you have created the warmest and most honest Valentine's messa.. more..
Sad Tunes Sad Tunes
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

1 Hour Ago

"they'll be sad songs, to make us cry, sad songs often do" (billy ocean)
and it does seem sometimes that our attention gets spent more on those who have passed, than those who are still alive .. more..
Depression, an experience. Depression, an experience.
Reviewed by FJ Davis

9 Hours Ago

Felt hollow; thinking I was more an inanimate camera
than a functioning human being. My soul's pilot light was sputtering.
Your excellent poem captured it all. I would imagine deep depr.. more..
Light Rising Light Rising
Reviewed by Katrina Mckeown

10 Hours Ago

I find this poem a romantic portray of our wildlife and scenery “Ancient woods nestle softly” beautiful description, “Wooden camps
glowing warmly within” ..“This .. more..
Unaffected Unaffected
Reviewed by The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)

11 Hours Ago

You go on with your bad self. You went straight for the jugular while cutting off manhood at the source. You are brazen and bold my friend. Not sure what one some one did to get you riled up like t.. more..

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Colors of life

Colors of life

A Screenplay by Umutamya

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