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Urinary Catheter Market: 2020 Size, Share, Global Research Report | Forecast till 2026

Urinary Catheter Market: 2020 Size, Share, Global ..

A Story by Diy

The global urinary catheters market size is poised to touch USD 4.18 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a C..
Best CBD For Dogs Southwest Colorado Best CBD For Dogs Southwe..

A Story by JamesMadison

You can show care to your dog by buying the best CBD for dogs southwest Colorado.
Immersion Immersion

A Poem by John Prophet

Immersion.Wrapped up.Enfolded.Surrounds.Spiritenveloped.Immersedin theall around.Dealing withwhat is..
porcelain. porcelain.

A Poem by Percy

a little poem based on my not-so-good home life and what it does to me as a person, hope you enjoy i..

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Ernestly  Speaking Ernestly Speaking

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Ernestly Speaking the hills look like a Hemingway painting --- White sharks and the bloo..
A Losing Game A Losing Game

A Poem by Chris Shaw

(A tribute on the 10th anniversary of her death, Amy Winehouse)
Golden Letters Golden Letters

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin

Old love letters.
Fruit Loops Fruit Loops

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin


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Nineteen Years Nineteen Years
Reviewed by Chris Shaw

15 Hours Ago

A real heart wrencher. For once I am completely stumped for words. All I can pathetically say, is I am so sorry for all you have had to endure. I hope by putting your life experiences in a poem, (whic.. more..
Ernestly  Speaking Ernestly Speaking
Reviewed by Carlos L Estrada

15 Hours Ago

This is a very thoughtful and moving piece. And it speaks to me of aging and coming to the realization that the joys and passions one once had are more difficult through the passage of time. Our mort.. more..
Never the Same IC#6 Never the Same IC#6
Reviewed by JayG

12 Hours Ago

You’re writing this like a report, and providing data, not excitement. But readers are seeking excitement. They don’t care about the factors that made the character what he is at the time .. more..
Mystery Mystery
Reviewed by Coyote Poetry

21 Hours Ago

Hello Fabian. I agree.
"The miraculous magic is everywhere
but we live in darkness when light is there
The blind lead the blind and fail, still, to see
the reason before th.. more..
Ernestly  Speaking Ernestly Speaking
Reviewed by Fabian G. Franklin

8 Hours Ago

Oh, Jacob, you rend my heart with the Hemmingway reference, it's one of my favorite writes of all the things I've ever read; which is a considerable amount, given my years. I'm only now getting around.. more..

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A Poem by Percy

the Storm the Storm

A Poem by Safina

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