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A Poem by Carrie Eade

There's beauty mixed with pain. Life flourishes but restricted It takes a certain shape Conforms ..
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A Story by 学历

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A Story by 学历

“Nothing” “Nothing”

A Poem by Shineheemi

They’re laughing, They’re smiling, They’re celebrating Everyone is still fighti..
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A Poem by 学历

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I am a Human

I am a Human

A Story by Nam

It is a narrative fiction based on a true incident witnessed on Racism, which People in their day to..
Journey For All Time Journey For All Time

A Story by Dave

J Journey For All TimeSitting on a log, half buried in the sand on the edge of..
Conquests Conquests

A Story by barleygirl

true story from my youth . . .
The Grinch The Grinch

A Story by Boxcat

There was a town far away by the name of Whoville. In this village, strange things happen. Fantastic..
Typetuning Typetuning

A Poem by Robert Trakofler (Bad Bun..

Bad Bunny played the typewriter to accompany my singing of these lyrics I apologize for the bad audi..

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The Bay The Bay
Reviewed by John the Baptist

5 Hours Ago

Verse one makes me think of Alcatraz. Whether or not that is indeed the prison in question, I get the feeling it stands for the feeling of the speaker. The girl comes across as needy, and he fears th.. more..
Effects Effects
Reviewed by [email protected]

3 Hours Ago

Loved the imagination of the imagery of the hogs to boars and boys to girls, etc...

This was a neat read. Reminded me a little of a poem I wrote... I think it’s either called &ls.. more..
I am a Human I am a Human
Reviewed by alanwgraham

11 Hours Ago

This is a very sad story involving racism but not as straightforward as it appears. Racism both hidden and in the open is a horrible scourge in Great Britain which i think i was a large factor in the .. more..
Act Patiently Act Patiently
Reviewed by kirksmurf

4 Hours Ago

sapna; You know I did enjoy this little trip on a nature call and the observation of 2 unlikely actors. If and that is a big IF, people would just stop for a few seconds and observe things around them.. more..
Slange Slange
Reviewed by Gee

13 Hours Ago

A very good mate of mine, clever beyond cleverness, openly admits that with enough disposable cash he would happily be an alcoholic, even though the demon drink often abets his now and again slide int.. more..

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