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A Poem by Michael R. Burch

SeeSee how her hair has thinned: it doesn’t seemlike hair at all, but like the airy moultof em..
she said she'd love me she said she'd love me

A Poem by Dave Brown

family issues
The gravity of sadness. The gravity of sadness.

A Poem by andrew mitchell

The lightness of being overwhelmed by the heaviness of a moment struck a chord in an ocean blue ..

A Chapter by Peter Rogerson

A very peculiar police interview
コカイン コカイ&..

A Poem by f Solaris

These things that are running through my head These beasts with long nails and sharp teeth. Tall bl..

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A whisper, a prayer.

A whisper, a prayer.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

For Anne Vassas
Today Was The Day Today Was The Day

A Poem by Saumya

Losing Your Shell Losing Your Shell

A Poem by Patricia Wedel

secure and warm... from misty rain...
Rosy Hues Rosy Hues

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

(river musings)
Nourishment Nourishment

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

(river musings)

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Epitaph. Epitaph.
Reviewed by Rhayne

7 Hours Ago

This takes me back many years. I was eight months pregnant and on my way to a doctor's appointment. The route I had to take happened to be Bragg Blvd in Fayetteville, NC. It's a six lane highway busy .. more..
Ode to lonely trees Ode to lonely trees
Reviewed by CD Campbell

9 Hours Ago

We use to call them horse apples when I was a boy. Dont try to feed them to a horse though, they wont eat them. Where do these names that have nothing to do with nothing come from?
Some of.. more..
Mislaid. Mislaid.
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

9 Hours Ago

might be worth it to do that...communication is key in a relationship...and sometimes all we do is argue, talk over the other...not listening...just battling...
like simon and garfunkel sang..... more..
Young Woman with Halo Young Woman with Halo
Reviewed by Martin's typewriter

9 Hours Ago

What i like about your writing is you use ordinary words and let them became poetry. Your describing of this saint. It's for me like someone talk to me at closed hours at some Sunday cafe. It's have q.. more..
Paul Davis in Barcelona  Part 3 Paul Davis in Barcelona Part 3
Reviewed by barleygirl

11 Hours Ago

Love msg in top verse! It's true, we Americans DO expect everyone to speak English. Some around these parts get quite uppity about the failure to do so by dark-skinned immigrants who chose to reside i.. more..

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