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Sticky Honey Bee

Sticky Honey Bee

A Poem by Lane C

the bee is put to shamecaught her wing in sticky honeystruggling to breath struggling to perceive wo..
A Fatal Thirst For Water A Fatal Thirst For Water

A Poem by Watercress

Our global need for fresh water is exceeding the natural supply.
The Way I Died The Way I Died

A Poem by Bryn_Blossom

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assualt
Outside the Cave Outside the Cave

A Poem by VelvetPotato

Take my hand - And I'll show you the light A different way of living - A slice of paradise Th..
Stacey Morris’s Talent Show Conundrum Stacey Morris’s Tal..

A Story by apoet525

Stacey Morris was a sophomore at Mateo High School in Eastmont, California. Eastmont was a small to..

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Little Red Riding Hood Talks Smack and Throws Shade

Little Red Riding Hood Talks Smack and Throws Shad..

A Story by Suzanne Sonderleigh

What happens when the fairy tale characters grow up and face adult situations? Little Red Riding Ho..
short story short story

A Poem by Athena Angel

it’s crazy to think i could ever go back to accepting less than what i had for a moment ..
C.C. C.C.

A Poem by Angela Garcia

“C.C.” I forgot what it was like; rosy, swollen cheeks- A lonely, stolen breeze..
Stoned Sweetly Stoned Sweetly

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Stoned Sweetly you so eloquently delivered my eulogy years before I died---- it was..
The Journey The Journey

A Story by Carlos L Estrada

If Buddha was a female how different would her teachings be compared to her counterpart. I hope not..

Recent Reviews

The Dancer at Four The Dancer at Four
Reviewed by Carlos L Estrada

11 Hours Ago

this was a very powerful and emotional read. But its message incredibly beautiful. I have never known in my life what it is like to have a child or raise one. And I in my mid 50s have never been ca.. more..
Forever Forever
Reviewed by Einstein Noodle

17 Hours Ago

love the form you created .. steps of love and romance! ;) i think your use of a day and a night works .. really like " long as the Sun burns" in closing .. i feel that burn on my skin in readin.. more..
A wise man said.. A wise man said..
Reviewed by KWP

7 Hours Ago

humble truths. none of us are yet the perfect human, for firstly we all see life with a different perception, what is deemed as bad from one may be natural behaviour from another - who are any of us t.. more..
13 - Rex 13 - Rex
Reviewed by Seth Cason

11 Hours Ago

Excellent use of tension throughout, and best of all, I didn't even need a description of Rex to know what he looked like. I'm still unsure if I'm qualified to cast more observations, having read this.. more..
My lovely Lilith My lovely Lilith
Reviewed by Marina

15 Hours Ago

A very romantic tale, Coyote. We ladies indeed do have the disposition and temperament of hurricanes at times. Taming us requires a hardy soul, yet sometimes the sweetest words and caring embraces can.. more..

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