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A Poem by Andrew John


A Poem by Tasi83

Faithfully waiting for the sustenanceof my only reliable and hithertonever failing existence,my beat..
Dream Dream

A Poem by J. F. Charleston

Take my handFollow me into thisWonderful place I seeOf this dream landSee the things before usThe su..
Maybelline Lipstick: Your Key to Effortless Beauty and Unforgettable Lips! Maybelline Lipstick: Your..

A Book by Kritika Khurana

Unlock the power of Maybelline lipsticks and enhance your natural beauty with vibrant shades, long-l..
Mother Knows Best Mother Knows Best

A Poem by Dave Brown


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Today I’m 54

Today I’m 54

A Poem by Robert Trakofler

Just a silly scribble on my birthday
Indigo Buntings in brilliant blue feathers Indigo Buntings in brilli..

A Poem by Patricia Wedel

As I wander on a Summer morning I hear the wind sing along...
An Unfinished Rhyme An Unfinished Rhyme

A Poem by Lisasview

Carl and I had such fun working together on this poem. This poem is a sequel to my poem Push.
Promises Promises

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Promisesshe was so Bull Shoalsin step,accentlazy eye worked hard to lovewe were in harmonynear the b..

Recent Reviews

One Human from Another One Human from Another
Reviewed by M.E.Lyle

4 Hours Ago

I remember the saying , "The monkey just jumped on his back." It usually occurred during track season. If you ran the 440 (that's yards.) the monkey usually jumped on your back about the 300 yard mar.. more..
Denial Denial
Reviewed by emmajoygreen

17 Hours Ago

This writing - whilst as fine as any you'v e written before, makes tragic reading, Divya, Perhaps you'v e used metaphors rather than personal details, bum enough to show the pain and terror you;re fe.. more..
Mushroom Cloud Mania Mushroom Cloud Mania
Reviewed by Lorry

12 Hours Ago

I like to picture the circle of hell reserved for despots like Putin to be akin to be very similar to the elevator in Charlie and the glass elevator, by Roald Dahl, with fresh Satan farts pumped into .. more..
The lost peace The lost peace
Reviewed by emmajoygreen

9 Hours Ago

Perhaps wondering about the past, living in the now.. writing, thinking, worrying, fearing - is how a truly human being works out life. Scolding and doubting self about reacting to life around you, mi.. more..
scavenger's candle scavenger's candle
Reviewed by Chris Shaw

8 Hours Ago

that cabin in the woods (I have one too)

inhabited with the ghosts of our past, all together reminding us of stuff (people) maybe, that sadden the heart. Keep the door shut. No room for.. more..

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