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A Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

My pen is a needle to thread the moon.
Flying f*ck Flying f*ck

A Poem by Maxwell Ryder

Do f***s really fly? They say pigs don’t; But when push Comes to shove, Both do, off he..
Rainy Day Rainy Day

A Poem by Jeyanthi

Rain rain rain hurray,cleans my dirt away, drip dropping alike bead,I let you dance on my head. :P
The Basswoods The Basswoods

A Poem by Wilyem Clark

Five stout basswoods, symbol of our neighborhood,Sawn to stumps in one cruel morning.Why o why this ..
_.__ _.__

A Poem by Chad

My grandfather told me we moved in dreamsHis hands, describing"We hold our souls like woodwinds and ..

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Stained Glass Souls

Stained Glass Souls

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Stained Glass Soulswhat if a clear window gave reflectionand we could see through the other side of ..
Behind the House on the Hill Behind the House on the H..

A Poem by Pryde Foltz

Some girls have great limbs but can be a little too clingy
Higher Learning Higher Learning

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Higher Learningif pennies for thoughtserupted like a geyserfrom a wishing wellwould dreams explode t..
Sic transit gloria hominis Sic transit gloria homini..

A Poem by Beccy

I wrote this in the mind's eyewhilst driving in my car,so small beneath the paling sunthat seemed so..
Worthy World Leadership Worthy World Leadership

A Poem by Phill Oz O'fee

We live in 'Hope'...

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Hiraeth Hiraeth
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

4 Hours Ago

"my pen is a needle to thread the moon"
"wrap rosaries around a coward's gun"
i wish i had written those two lines.
this poem depicts the world as it is...and how as poets...we wi.. more..
13 The End of the Matter 13 The End of the Matter
Reviewed by Real John

7 Hours Ago

We have even taken over their minds but they ignore it and do what they were going to do anyway. I have never failed before. But at least they live forever happy and having fun. That was the best I co.. more..
Darwin and the Fulcrum of Humanity Darwin and the Fulcrum of Humanity
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

11 Hours Ago

Ordinary folks....eeking out a living, getting by...
and then the rich who cared not for anyone but themselves...the users...the stompers...
as George Harrison sang, "it's all too much f.. more..
The Intersection The Intersection
Reviewed by Semaj

6 Hours Ago

The redundancy is apparent as well as the lack of detail in certain situatioms.Being vague is good in some situations but in the few points you are it becomes hindering too your stories. Paint a pictu.. more..
It doesn't matter It doesn't matter
Reviewed by Ted Kniffen

15 Hours Ago

Good idea, Vin. Religion is usually only talked about by those who attend services. Spirituality on the other hand is something different. One seems to be for a gathering of peoples of like mind, whil.. more..

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A Poem by Chad

_.__ _.__

A Poem by Chad


A Poem by Chad

Life Life

A Poem by Priyanbada

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