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These 5 Shortcuts Can Simplify Your Autocad Assignment Writing!

These 5 Shortcuts Can Simplify Your Autocad Assign..

A Story by mirasmith

Engineering students especially mechanical and civil engineering students might find this article v..
If I Hadn't... If I Hadn't...

A Story by Serendipity1000

How to get BAPE at NBA 2K21 is dependent upon availability How to get BAPE at NBA 2K..

A Story by MMOgrfy offer a easy, safe, fast and stable way to buy NBA 2K21 MT. 5 -10 Mins Delivery, 7/24 Liv..
On remenesence On remenesence

A Story by Violet Evergreen

on the strings of heart ......................
My favourite cafe was you. My favourite cafe was you..

A Poem by andrew mitchell

In the avenues of your makings I wandered your lanes and alleyways, I followed your path I saw y..

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A Poem by Bobblehead Boy

There is nothing like an inert brain an organ full of air chasing thoughts in dog tailed circles..
Life Cycles Life Cycles

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

when a bud bursts into leafin the green hope of springto grow all summer throughin a glorious canopy..
Gremlins & Glitches Gremlins & Glitches

A Poem by Bobblehead Boy

Damn this evil, twisted place! What's with all the glitches?! there's invisible tech gremlins here..
being played being played

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

being playeda game of political chessstalematecheckmatechoose your matethe game is a liethe King los..
Pretty flowers Pretty flowers

A Poem by Tina

Saw a picture of a pink flower with dew drops on it and came up with this poem.

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The Value Of A Self Do It Yourself Kit The Value Of A Self Do It Yourself Kit
Reviewed by Coyote Poetry

13 Hours Ago

Hard, honest and good words shared.
"Just make sure
To drill the holes
S o that your convictions
Can see the breath
Of all living things
In the atmosphere"more..
Pink Supermoon Pink Supermoon
Reviewed by Dave Brown

9 Hours Ago

I was a little surprised to see the depth of trolling here and even more surprised at the number of supportive comments
How many other zeros actually support your sick crap like this
If.. more..
In the Flower Garden In the Flower Garden
Reviewed by Coyote Poetry

10 Hours Ago

A wonderful and beautiful poem shared dear Melinda.
"Now, she comes here when the world becomes too much,
to visit his memory, to somehow touch.
Her heart will always harken
.. more..
being played being played
Reviewed by John the Baptist

2 Hours Ago

The chess analogy here is interesting. My guess is the pieces represent actual figures on the world scene. I'm pretty sure about the king, who has been put out of office, but the others escape me. The.. more..
Last night Last night
Reviewed by Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

6 Hours Ago

Love this
It’s like in reverse
You turned into the prince
The frog has been the prince all this time
All this time in our Cinderella type fairy tales
We n.. more..

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