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Battle of the Terrible Story

Battle of the Terrible Story

A Story by Jolan H

You know what time it is
Made On Earth Made On Earth

A Poem by Satish Verma

You by yourself, will become me―
Nice Day (Omorashi Alert) Nice Day (Omorashi Alert)

A Story by Mary Liu

I would call it a nice day, as any day in early May would be. The school year was winding down and t..
Red Red

A Story by Mary Liu

“Anything else you’d like to share with me?”My sociology teacher asked after I had..
laughing and singing laughing and singing

A Poem by purple-aftermath

I laugh at funny things,because I cannot sing.Break the string,and let it ring.Tell me another joke,..

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The Moonster

The Moonster

A Poem by Picasso

From Hell or bad spell?
On The Grapevine On The Grapevine

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

(for Tony)
End Of The Line End Of The Line

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

black carriage awaitshorse drawn for final journeya fine finale
Sharp Talking Sharp Talking

A Poem by Nev

Sharp Talking Do you think she ever looks back To when, or where or what? To wh..
Delicate Delicate

A Chapter by Ana Papaya


Recent Reviews

Other-worldly Other-worldly
Reviewed by emmajoy

35 Minutes Ago

Seems your mind, the scope of it, reaches corners people often forget exists - if only they'd wriggle deeper into selves. Guess it's instinct.. a feeling that there's more but.. the modern day has n.. more..
Fight or Flight Fight or Flight
Reviewed by Morena Chancellor

32 Minutes Ago

Hi, Kraken!

I was extremely impressed with this story! You found the perfect balance between wonderful description and moving along the story. I found that I sympathized with Travis wit.. more..
There they.. There they..
Reviewed by phill..m

7 Hours Ago

Read your poem, it's like stairs leading from strange, innit all the way to, there they lounge, using my brush of brevity, people sat in a box, watching a tv box and watching whats going on outside th.. more..
Childhood Childhood
Reviewed by John the Baptist

6 Hours Ago

This offering has a somber tone to it, a feeling of pain for a lost childhood. The poem alternates between expressions of that loss, which is irretrievable, and a determination that it will not be for.. more..
The Mind Below the Mire The Mind Below the Mire
Reviewed by Morena Chancellor

43 Minutes Ago

The imagery for this story was truly stunning. The way that you described Otto's surroundings were so immersive, that I felt like I was there myself. I truly got a feel for how dark and peaceful the n.. more..

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