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A Story by 6ztxe14j

�™�阳供卵 沈阳供卵

A Story by 7j58lls5

济南哪里有供卵试管医院 济南哪里有供卵试�..

A Story by 5lrnabgj

南京供卵试管论坛 南京供卵试管论坛

A Story by 23hgptn2

The Wild Card The Wild Card

A Story by Ian D. Mooby

Just a messed up idea

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Said The Fly...

Said The Fly...

A Poem by AJNJ

Spin for me a web slyly…From the lustrous silkIn your fulsome bellyA web so soft and slickI b..
Oh shed a tear Oh shed a tear

A Poem by Dhara_Ditzy Kat

On Illicit love :)
Show Me the Way Show Me the Way

A Poem by barleygirl

loosely based on a song, see notes below . . .
Cartoon Crush Cartoon Crush

A Poem by Cyprian Van Dyke

She feels a rush.The wind moves like a penCreating; animation.Dipping into rainbowsLike a paintbrush..
Broker Broker

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Brokerlove is an industryits stock soars,then dipsa bat in fluxinvesting is a riskbut we can't reap ..

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Reviewed by barleygirl

45 Minutes Ago

Your poem alludes to devastation & it could be the death of a loved one or of a way of life. I read this as the way life can fall apart to such an intense degree, it can make a person feel half-crazy .. more..
Oh shed a tear Oh shed a tear
Reviewed by Christine Anne Shaw

11 Hours Ago

Kitty Kat, as a lover of classical poetry and the sheer skill involved in strict rhyme and meter I have to say you have done a stupendous job here. Flows like a dream. Reminds me of a place I worked m.. more..
Sea Spells Sea Spells
Reviewed by barleygirl

1 Hour Ago

Why do I get the sense you are describing ME???? There are some definite parallels! This is a bundle of fun, both in wordplay & in storytelling. This is taking Halloween to places I've never seen it d.. more..
The Ride The Ride
Reviewed by barleygirl

51 Minutes Ago

Your fizzy ditty seems to be based on what we used to say in the old days: "Life's a b***h and then you die!" That was when nobody expected to live beyond 30 & we invited danger. Your poem captures al.. more..
Felt. Felt.
Reviewed by barleygirl

37 Minutes Ago

There's nothing in the world as satisfying as being FELT! I was in love with your title as soon as I saw it. You are one of these kinds of poets, as several of your readers pointed out. You really mak.. more..

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