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  • Do you wonder what other people would think of your writing?
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At WritersCafe.org we offer several tools for you to impove your writing. Readers can rate, review, and add notes to your writing. You can track how readers rate your writing with our snazzy graphs. And our 'share' buttons allow you to send your writing to all your friends (both on WritersCafe.org and off).

The most important part of WritersCafe.org, though, is the writers. They make WritersCafe.org what it is: a friendly community where people—friends—can offer advice, share ideas, and encourage you in your writing.

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More specifically, writers who want to share their writing. Whether they're looking to befriend other writers, get some constructive criticism, or just read other people's writing, they've come to WritersCafe.org and joined the 932101 other users who are trying to become better writers.

You should join up as well. I promise, it's really fun . . . and if it's not you should e-mail us and let us know how we can make it better.

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WritersCafe.org is 100% free.

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