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Sick of dealing with the publishing industry? You're preaching to the choir. How about you just publish yourself? Here are a few of the self-publishing companies we like.


This is our favorite self-publisher. Why you ask? Because you don't have to spend a fortune to publish your book. If you want a single, 100 page, 6x9" paperback book, it'll run you $5.25. You can't beat that.

Of course, if you're so inclined, the offer lots of fancy services too: editing, cover design, promitional materials, publicity, etc. What's more, they publish in every size and format imagineable, you get to set your own revenue share, the website is easy to use, and—most importantly—they produce high quality books.

Yeah, we're fans. Click the banner below to check them out:

219335_One-Stop Publishing: free print & ebook publishing

Create Space

Now a days, the number one place to buy (and sell) books is So, what better self-publisher to use than one owned by Amazon. Enter, Create Space.

Create Space is very similar to LuLu in that a book is printed only when it's purchased. There's no setup fee, books come in all shapes and sizes, there are advanced features for those who want them, and pricing is even cheaper than Lulu ($2.15 for a 100 page, 6x9" paperback book).

The real selling point (besides the low price, easy to use website, and customization options) is that your book will appear on, as well as its European sites. Of course, other self-publishers offer this service as well (including all those listed here), but since Create Space is owned by Amazon, the process is even more straight forward.

Now we haven't gotten a chance to use Create Space yet ourselves. It's also broader in what it publishes (including music and films) than the other self-publishers listed here and so perhaps isn't as book-centric. But if you want to publish your book cheaply and get it on Amazon, this is definitley one of the best options.

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Archway Publishing

Looking for a more professional expereicne? Look no futher than Archway Publishing. This self-publishing company is run by publishing giant Simon and Schuster (heard of them).

Standard services include cover and interior layout design, copy review, copyright registration, ISBN assignment, editorial assesment, and distribution to 38,000 retailers worldwide including and And that's just for their cheap package. If you want to be really fancy you can upgrade and get a DIY audiobook, premium promo video, your own social media publicist, and an author reception at BookExpo America.

Of course, all this comes at a cost. Packages start at $1,999 and go up to $14,999 (with lots of options in between). But if you're looking to work with a professional company, Archway Publishing is about as professional as it gets.

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Archway Publishing

Author House

Author House is another self-publishing company that offers a more professional approach. They pride themselves on being 'Authorcentric' which means you retain control over every aspect of the publishing process. They're just there to guide you along and give advice when you need it.

With packages ranging from $749 all the way up to $2,299 you've got a lot choice in exactly what services you want. And at a lower cost than similar Archway Publishing packages. Also, they've got a super cheap $349 E-book package.

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AuthorHouse Self Publishing Boook Company

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