She is photographer

She is photographer

A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

She in control of her life
She can see what she have and what she got
She open her soul and heart
In time of her fresh youth
Make money like artistic nude model
But she decide to be behind camera then front
Camera is magic box
You can make real women from fox
You can predent beauty in ugly things
You can show how women throat sing
On white floor
Naked women with black cat
Naked women with man skull
Naked women with child
Naked women with the sun in her hands
Naked women with honey cake
Naked women with knife
Naked women with tea pot in her mouth
Naked women with flowers in between legs
Naked women with book
Naked women with music box
Naked women ruling the world
Naked women can make man blind
Naked women can give reason to love you
Naked women is powerful
Naked women is beautiful

Thousands of pictures that she make
In her studio on the streets
Each face one story
Each body in her glory
Each expression of face
Make spiritual history
She never slept with her models
She knows this will be end
Destroying something very special
Became something very ugly
Her art will be lost
After first shooting, she love hot showers
Open little window to get steam out
Music like always trippy chill-out
Hot coffee drink naked on toilet
Ready to let it out what she get
Her life is perfect when she is naked
She hate clothes and exotic smells
She don't like women with shaving parts
She don't get why women have to be present like weak
In her mouth wet cigarette
Smoke is firestarter
Smoke is smoothing

She walk naked all over her place
Find something to eat
Something to transform to real art
In her mouth passion and flame tongue
Silent seductive song
Fresh fruit are best
Ice cream is melting like honey
Pulsing falling pieces
Mix together like ocean of life
She feel much better
Here is her wonderful sweater
From her lover
With name of beautiful goddess
Body like open bridge
Make love with her
It's like got right the ecstasy
 Universe in each sound of her pleasure
She like to lay on top of her
Just feel it
Just to be
Just share
Just love it
Just got it




© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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A great piece of writing, from an unusual perspective. I liked how we moved from the art of the photographer and her engagement with her naked subjects, to the release of arousal in the privacy of the toilet and with a cup of stimulating coffee.
The wandering around naked was also a lovely after effect and set her in context, somehow... while the finale of love-making a delightful image.

'She like to lay on top of her'... I am ready with my camera too!

Posted 10 Months Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 20, 2017
Last Updated on October 31, 2017

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