Birth in tipi

Birth in tipi

A Story by Claude Lantier------Post Mortem

Snowy Storm have child in her belly. For very long time since spring. Now was season of full hot sun and crops. Inside her was more lively day by night. She knows time will come very soon. She feel tired too often. Tonight clouds are circling around the camp. It will be very stormy night. She lay down. Her husband hold her hands. Another women came to help get through this very night. Wind blowing into tipi  and rain get heavy. In morning living waters came out of her. Pain became bigger . Like mustang kick her into stomach without break. Her breathing became heavier she can feel burn flames inside all over. There was moments when she can relax . Some kind of dreamy reality. She don't know if she feel pain or not. Now pain increase like storm outside. Her eyes flashing like lighting from black clouds. She start to sweating. Her smell was like morning river in spring. She want hold something really strong. Something what can help her stand in this new

 situations. Pain was great but her soul too. She can feel like she became bigger down there . She scream what she came on in her mind. Names of great spirits and places where she use to live. Name of his husband who held her hands. Women keep her legs wide. So they can see when hole became bigger enough to start push. Some women sang birth songs , some make prayers and some hold her very strong. Fire got also bigger flames tipi start heating like inside her body. Air was dancing into lungs. She picture it all her life. When she was born. Which games she play with other kids. When she first time work on field and was clothes. When she first kill bear and when she run from blue coats. When she meet with her husband on night hunt. All this together keep her spirit quiet high. She biting oak sticks and fur from beavers. Pain grove bigger and bigger. Now pink red liquid over her legs. Running like melting waters in spring. When sun hits earth with powerful heating. Open her mouth to catch more air to give strong push. But not yey not yet not yet not yet. Shouting women from full throats. You have to keep calm or you destroy life. There was something on her mind . To get out from here , from this pain. From this village from to be mother. But she get back. And when she did. She heard voices from great distance. Now push firmly no not so much head is in gate. Now slow down . Head pass and body pass out into world. She can hear scream and cry . Baby wet from blood and placenta . They clean up from body dirt. New girl tribe get new girl. Beautiful and strong . Mother take her on her breasts. Whispering words of love and happiness. Breathing on her eyes . Father hold mother hands. This moments were strong. Miracle from great spirit give life and keep mother on life. Very wonderful gift for all. They give her name brave night storm. Standing on her feet 

and want to be part of the world. New birth is new begin of tribe. New direction in new life. Storm now slowly vanish in own sounds . Like fire became calmer in own flames . Sunrise on east heating into tipi . Everybody was so tired. They fall sleep all over. Just mother and child stay wake for very long time. 

© 2017 Claude Lantier------Post Mortem

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Added on August 12, 2017
Last Updated on August 12, 2017