In wisdom of earth

In wisdom of earth

A Poem by Post Mortem

Wisdom in earth 
Waters running to create life 
Hands are in empathy 
Climbing on trees 
See the clouds see the sun see the moon see the stars 
They are guards and watchers 
Of our lives 
Bad acts never lead to prosperity 
Real cultural groove on roots of open heart 
Stepping on hot stones 
Be naked in spiritual songs 
Make it nice views 
Over lands and over waters 

Plant new seeds 
In soil of ending of tears 
Create wedding dress 
Stay clean up of this mess 
Berries in children hands 
Buffalo on run 
Over bullet and falling sun 
Steaming hot spring 
Cleaning in spin 
Open palms forward to wind 
Draw pictures in caves 
Dance on peaks of snowy hats 
Dreaming in catching 
Drink fresh waters with animals 
Feeling spirit 
Feeling you

Sounds of drums and flutes 
Nothing to be afraid 
Peyotl on tongue 
World moving world changing structure 
Real base of all things 
Love in when you in hot springs 
Swallow pride 
Create humble thought 
Be welcome be open 
Say words what was never spoken 
Uncover own real face 

Come with me 
Into strange place 
Where all begins and move 
Where violent is on the knees 
Where you are flying like bees 
Streaming truth in wisdom 
Let it go 
Let it love 
Let it you 
Over frozen fields 
Over heating sand 
Over hills 
Over Manitou hand 
Over you 

© 2017 Post Mortem

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Powerful and beautiful words. I'm 1/2 Ojibwa and I follow the old ways of herbal medicine and I teach my children to appreciate nature and life. I agree with your thoughts and your logic. A outstanding write.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Post Mortem

10 Months Ago

Yes we cannot live without clean air or water. Also I think mostly people are depressed cause they l.. read more
Coyote Poetry

10 Months Ago

I agree. My story on the site called the water, the sky and the earth. Discussed this.
Post Mortem

10 Months Ago

Yes I will check out . Lets more talk.

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Added on August 14, 2017
Last Updated on October 5, 2017


Post Mortem
Post Mortem


I AM not important but my creations are. At least for a me. I often change my pen name according what's my themes in writing. This days it's theme of ancient Greek and Rome. What will be next gods and.. more..