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my story

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I love This Sundays when is the rain. I don't like sit in my gloomy room and read some freaky book. I love to go outside and experience rain on my face. Feel it strong wind and when I get enough. I love to sit in some coffee house drink strong French press and write some freaky book. Well I just write stories but maybe in the future. Check your bookshelf and make sure my book is in it. I don't know yet title but be ready it will come in few years time. So anyway raining again thanks to god and Donald Trump. I take my white rain coat my artistic crazy hat. Gitanes and magical matchbox . I really hate lighters it's good have some challenge . Take my book F. Kafka trial . I actually start reading F. S. Fitzgerald but it been too boring for me. I cannot feel real emotions' nothing at all. I have still ready one book by Zelda Fitzgerald . Hopefully she will be no boring like her sane and logic husband. F. Kafka I find in dump behind the old town. Just laying in mud like lost coin. All the pages are in correct order. In this town I feel like Josef . K. all the time. I open the door of my smelly den. Streets was empty like space. What lucky day. I really don't like when I have to share space with anybody else and say hello how are you my fellow. Not really that's not my glass of beer. I can her my steps how they sound with rain and wind into my eyes. My steps aiming into tree park on the edge of the town. There is always beautiful moments of my life. Watching birds and ,lonely girls. They are not interest at me anyway. I am lonely like star beyond the sun. I am almost there I can hear trees talk with wind . Few dogs chasing children, few drunk man try to be funny. But they are not , they are just humans like anybody else. Good here is the path where is now any sounds . I walked into old ruins of castle where is my secret den. It's in tower in small circle window I have even spy glasses from 18 century . , So I can observe all the events in really old-fashioned way. I opened metal gate with noisy sounds . Entrance into garden passed closed well. Climb on dusty stairs full of spiders and death rats. Open the hatch above my head and there , there was really something wrong. Very simple cause I was not alone. Young women holding child and make breast feeding. My den was expose by mother. That's realy great . You can come in she say . I am not afraid anymore from anybody. Are you this person who spy all the people what they do in this park. Yes I am mum , but look I am not bad guy . For sure you are not bad guys are happy and have lot of money. And look at you , you are just miserable creature without money. Well mum you are also probably not so happy if you decide settle down in this castle. Do you think it's good joke . Look my husband runaway from me cause he found somebody more pretty and sexy. He doesn't pay me nothing since I am on motherhood holiday. I don't have any jobs. Last night they kick me out of the flat. Cause I cannot pay rent anymore. So if you know about something else just let me know. All right mum look I live alone in my house there is empty room upstairs where you can live if you want.

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Added on September 12, 2017
Last Updated on October 11, 2017