Best dad

Best dad

A Story by Post Mortem

Winter in north east . Snowing from black clouds , wind make symphony of wild spirit. I sit alone in front of my fire place. Reading some short stories about bitter relationships.I never have such thing with my wife was everything and always perfect. I am alone cause she left me when we got car crash. Angel take her . I hope she now in better place and with better man then me. Tonight my daughter will be arrive . She call me something like happy visit before Christmas . I make Christmas tree anyway and also bough gift . I don't make any hot meal. Since I don't know when she will come. Waiting is sometimes more harder than anything else. I look up all my books each one is memory on some happy moments and some sad moments. I can see lights of car go close to my house . That must be my daughter. Yes I can hear that's her fingers knocking on my wooden door. Yes come in all is ready. She slowly open the door and I can see her bright eyes covered in few snow flakes. Hey dad I am here sorry so late. Roads are quiet icy and lot of crash on main roads. Yes like every year I said. So come here I want to give you hug. We

 both laugh and fall to each other arms like falling angels. For while we stay like this. In moment of silence all is said there all our pains and joys were speak out in this long hug. Here is my gift she said and she gave to me little a stone. That's from Baffin's island. We were there last summer. I know you love all the place in north part . Thank you my dear , that's really great . I will be put into my collections of my memories. We laugh again. I make some coffees and take out some lemon's biscuits . Fire was still on nice smell of coffee and woods make wonderful smell. There I said if you are not tired we can still little chat about our lives. Yes sure dad there is lot of what I wanted to say. All right my beautiful daughter what will be first on your agenda . Well I have to say finally I got publisher on my short stories. Next month you can go to your book store and ask , do you have short stories collection by Olive Oscar. That's sounds really great what about you actually write. First ones are about us and mom and how I miss her so much. Rest of us are made up stories in my head. Mostly about difficulties in human relationships. I see , I hope you don't have any troubles with Marc. Well let's talk about this later. She smile with bitter smile over her beautiful face. She make sip from her coffee and make bit in lemon's bisquit. What about you how is your days here on this lonely place. Well my dear since your mother is death. I am in very good hide place from outside of the world. I make lot of reading and re-writing my old poems. Going on fresh and long walk into woods. I can see so many wild animals there like , a wolf, lion mountain. Did you every see them. Well last summer we saw it seals and wheals. that was really

 amazing. Special whales they make it big streams and great splash from they tales. Our little boat almost sink down. So that was there with Marc. Yes but I don't see Marc too much lately. Why what happen . Well he told me he find another women . You know I just take really lightly. I don't know why. So do you think you are more happy now. Happy she said with her bitter cute smile. Dear dad I don't know what is mean to be happy. You never teach me those things. I mean nobody ever teach me about happiness . Not even you or school or in church. Seem to me like nobody want speak with child about this things. I am sorry Olive i put my eyes down and my head into my open palms. That's fine dad. I was tried said people generally don't speak about this. My friend now I mean my best friend from college you know Janet. She is now in mental hospital they find her in her bathroom with blade razors and open veins. In her letter she wrote nobody really cares about me

 so why should live. I was really up set cause if i really care more about her this will be not happen. You know living in big town like the New------York. It's like live just for yourself and nothing else. All these parties for nothing , meeting with strangers and pretend interest cause you want get published . I just feel same like my best friend. Cause I don't have any real relationships . I feel lonely that's why I am here.She start crying with very big scream how is everything so hard and cold. Like piece of the ice. I take her head into my hands stroke her. I told her she is the best daughter what I ever have it. I am her dad and i do always for her what she will need. I love you my dear and start cry with her. All was after while became calm and silent. We both feel happy from our self. Like there was some hide magic . Now magic is out and we are happy. Olive take her head from my hands and she said. I really love you too. You are my best dad. 

© 2017 Post Mortem

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Added on October 4, 2017
Last Updated on October 4, 2017


Post Mortem
Post Mortem


I AM not important but my creations are. At least for a me. I often change my pen name according what's my themes in writing. This days it's theme of ancient Greek and Rome. What will be next gods and.. more..