Disturbance in the Night

Disturbance in the Night

A Story by K. L. Nussbaum

It was in the dead of night that Maeya woke to the copper tang of blood in the air. Hushed whispers and curses sounded outside her window. Moving from her futon to the window, she peered out into the moonless night. At the base of the tree stood two figures, a third was being situated against it, a string of muffled curses escaping his lips. Not caring that she was dressed only in her nightclothes, she made her way outside as fast as her feet could carry her. In her haste, she failed to notice Kairi right behind her with a worried expression.

Once outside, she was able to confirm that it was Kiarra and Itanu that was tending to Yukai. The trio was battered and bruised, but Yukai seemed to have taken the brunt of the damage.

"That was reckless Yukai! We could have handled it, you didn't have to take it all on by yourself!" Kiarra scolded in hushed tones, not realizing that Maeya and Kairi were already awake and aware of the situation. Yukai grinned up at his companions proudly, not bothering to respond.

"What mess have you lot got into this time," Kairi questioned as Itanu turned to nod a small greeting to her and Maeya.

"Our client wasn't honest with Marasai when he gave the job listing. We ended up getting attacked and this idiot decided to take on the majority of our attackers so we could get the package delivered." Itanu began looking a little angry.

"We returned to find him like this. I knew we shouldn't have left him to fight all them off on his own." Kiarra hissed, her tail bristling in frustration and worry. Maeya moved to kneel down next to Yukai looking concerned. She looked over his wounds before sighing.

"You're damned lucky," she muttered under her breath, drawing some attention from the others. Placing her hands on the worse of his injuries, she closed her eyes and inhaled. A cold heat erupted in her hands and raced up her arms as the wound began to shrink.

"I should just let you suffer your wounds till morning... I will next time you're this reckless. How could you let yourself get so beat up?" Maeya admonished, her tone full of concern and frustration.

Yukai gasped in surprise as he watched the wound close then one by one the other injuries began to close. There was this cooling sensation and a light tickle as she worked her magic. He noticed her hands, which were growing heated at an alarming rate, beginning to tremble as a bead of sweat formed on her brow.

"Princess... I promise I'll be more careful..." He murmured as she pulled back and her eyes opened once more.

"I didn't know you could heal people," Kairi spoke up in wonder.

"I haven't had much practice, but the basics have helped me well enough." She flashed a tired smile.

Kairi, Kiarra, and Itanu watched in shocked silence, a half demon that could heal others without using saliva or their blood was a very rare thing. This girl must not have had any idea how special she truly was.

"Maeya... I've seen the scars on your back... Why didn't you heal those?" Kairi asked shaking her head to shake off her surprise.

"It would have caused me more harm than good to use it on anything, not life threatening in that village." Maeya turned her head to look at Kairi as she finished her self-imposed task. They all nodded at her reasoning as Yukai shoved himself to his feet.

"I don't know about you lot, but I'm gonna get some shut eye. You two can stay the night unless you want to hurry back to your own home." Yukai winced as he attempted to stretch his aching muscles. Maeya, unable to contain a worn out yawn nodded in agreement to his words.

"Yukai, you are not sleeping in that tree tonight. Not with how injured you were. You're sleeping inside tonight." Kairi commanded as she leveled a glare at her younger brother.

He looked like he was going to protest when he felt another set of eyes on him. He glanced at Maeya and noticed the determination in her tired eyes. If he didn't agree, the little vixen would likely drag him inside by his ears.

"Fine," he exhaled before the two female kitsune ushered everyone into the house.

© 2017 K. L. Nussbaum

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Added on September 28, 2017
Last Updated on September 30, 2017


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