The Mundane Child

The Mundane Child

A Story by B-law

Two Chicago detectives are sent to a small city to investigate the mysterious disappearances of the city's inhabitants.


Sirens were heard right behind the car as it drove down the lonely night road. The driver looked at their mirror to see a police car tailing them. They began to pull over. Once the car was halted, a police officer got out of the car and headed towards the other car. As the officer got to the car, the driver rolled down his window.

                “Was I driving too fast, officer?” He smiled.

The young man’s face was immediately bashed in by the swift strike from the butt of the officer’s baton. Detective Donavan’s neck lunged forward as he awoke in frequent panting. His eyes were looking at the plane seat in front of him.

                “Bad dream?” A female voice wondered.

Donovan looked to his right where a lady with long brown hair smiled at him.

                “Something like that, Brand?”

                “Well, good thing you woke up. We’re here.”

“Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived at Paine Field. We hope you enjoy your stay in Snohomish County,” the pilot announced over the intercom.”

                Donovan and Brand carried their bags through the airport.

                “We must be lucky to arrive the day after the rain ended. I heard it could be a mess when it rains here,” Brand mentioned.

                “All of Washington.”

The two stood in the front of the airport where they looked around.

                “Lynnwood is just 16 minutes from here. Where are they?” Brand questioned.

A honk was sounded which caused the detectives to turn their head. They saw a police car with a black haired woman in it pull up to the curb. The window was rolled down.

                “You two must be detective Donovan and detective Brand. I’m officer Stacey, pleasure to meet you.”

                “Likewise, I assure you.”

They smiled at each other before Donovan and Brand got in the back of the police car, and it took off.

                “One of you could have sat in the front. I apologize that you had to be picked up like this.”

                “It’s no problem. It’s nice to be on the other side for once,” Donovan joked which caused a few laughs among the 3.

                “What can you tell us about this case, Stacey?”

                “We had a few missing person cases over the past 5 months. 36 people have gone missing without a trace left behind. Local police have tried to find a clue, but nothing’s there. That’s where you two come in. We’re hoping your Chicago credentials can help us.”

                “Well, we’re not perfect. Chicago has a few unsolved murders,” Donovan added.

                “Never said these were murders, detective.”

                “What else can they be? My intuition doesn’t fail me.”

                “You must have come across a lot of murders then.”

                “We’re homicide. It’s all we know.” Brand opined.

                “Don’t worry detectives. We’ll take care of you here.”

After they reached Lynnwood, they arrived at a 1 story motel, that had a row straight across. The manager office stood across from the structure. As the detectives got out, Stacey brought up,

                “I’ll pick you two up tomorrow at 9.”

The detectives walked to their motel rooms that were right next to each other.

                “See you in the morning, Brand.”


The next morning, Stacey took Donovan and Brand to the police station. Inside, it was just a few people.

                “This place seems abandon,” Donovan claimed.

                “That’s what it’s like in a city just under 40,000 people. I’m surprise we’re even called a city. The chief’s office is right this way.”

They followed Stacey into an office.

                “Chief, here they are.”

                “Thank you Stacey.”

Stacey left the office.

                “I’m Chief Sanders.”

They shook hands.

                “Have a seat. Can I get you two anything?”

                “No,” They said.

                “How’s Richard doing?”

                “He’s hanging in there. I think he’s going to retire. All the years he served in Chicago has really tired him out,” Donovan explained.

                “We go way back from our time in the military. I’m glad he could send you two.”

                “It’s our pleasure.”

                “I know this department looks like a ghost town. We have a really small force compare to other cities our size. Nevertheless, it’s a good crew, so quality over quantity is what I remind everyone. Anyhow, what do you know so far about this case?”

                “Basically there’s been a lot of people missing, and there’s no sign of how they left.” Brand told.

                “Yeah, it’s mysterious and insane. We don’t even have a clue. It’ like they just vanish like some alien abduction.”

                “Have you ever considered that they did vanish? Got up and left the city for good?” Donovan offered.

                “We did. We thought about every possible scenario, until we finally got something. A week ago, before we called you, another person was reported missing. We found their car last night on the highway near the city. It seems like the person was abducted, and if these missing people are connected, then we have serial abductor or even worse, a killer.”

                “Who is this person?”

                “His name is Zack Homer. He is 23. We questioned his mother who he lives with. He has a friend named Tom, and a girlfriend named Samantha. Our best bet is to question Tom since Zack and Tom were arrested for fighting. Samantha was cheating on Tom with Zack a few weeks ago.”

Donovan was handed a paper.

                “We have a department cars you two can use in the garage.”

                “Thanks,” Donovan said.

                “How long have you two been on the job?”

                “4 years,” Brand answered.

                “32,” Donovan replied.

                “Well be prepared. Some crazy s**t can happen here.”

The detectives left the office.

                “Help! Someone help me please!”

The young man kept screaming as he was tied to a wooden chair. Dried blood had covered his shirt while a side of his face was badly bruised. He was in a dark secluded room that had one lit lightbulb. It was chilly, so his breath was visible. Suddenly someone stepped into the room.

                “What the f**k!? You’re not supposed to be doing this! You’re a cop! Why are you doing this!?”

There was no answer by the other person. The young man’s anger turned into sadness and fear as he began to cry.  He looked up at the person with his almost swollen eyes.

                “Please, just let me go. I won’t tell anybody. I swear to God I won’t. Just please let me go.”

The person pulled out a baton.

                “No, please!”

The beating began. With each hit from the baton came a gushing sound from the metal battering the flesh of the young man. As the hits increased, the groans of pain softened.

                “Kids and their relationships these days,” Donovan mentioned as they pulled up to a grey laneway house.

As the car came to a stop, they spotted a man dragging a bag to his car.

                “That must be Tom,” Brand pointed out.

Donovan looked closer to the bag as they got out of the car. The detectives walked towards the parkway where Tom was at near his car.

                “You must be Tom. We’re detectives, and we like to ask you some few questions,” Donovan revealed.

Tom froze in a cowardly manner. Donovan looked at the bag.

                “What’s in the bag?”

                “Nnnnn nothing,” Tom stuttered.

Brand noticde blood coming from the bag.

                “Oh my god, Donavan. It’s blood!”

Donovan saw the blood. At that moment, Tom took off running down the street.

                “Stop!” Donovan yelled out before the two ran after Tom.

They chased Tom who jumped over a house fence. The two hop over the fence as Tom made it across another street. When Brand followed Donovan into the street, a loud horn was heard before Brand was struck by a moving car that sent her flying to the concreate.


Donovan stopped to check up on Brand. She was unconscious with a scrape on her head, but she still had a pulse. In fury, Donovan sped off after Tom. He followed Tom to an alley where Tom climbed up a ladder. Once on top of the building, the chase continued. The pursuit came to a climax when Tom jumped down from a few stairs connected to outside of the building. As Tom was making his way down to the ground, Donovan was doing the same. Almost close to Tom, the wet surface of the stairs caused Donovan to fall down from a few stairs and onto the ground. In the fray, his gun was misplaced. As Donovan was getting up, he had a spark in his heart that alerted him of a present danger. He slowly got up and turned around to face Tom with the gun pointed at him in the alley. Donovan had his hands held up by his face to initiate surrender.

                “Don’t make this worse than it already is, Tom.”

Tom had a look of discomfort as tears came from his eyes.

                “I didn’t want any of this to happen!”

                “Just put down the gun, and we can talk about this.”

                “No, I have no other choice! I can’t go to prison!”

                “Tom, you’re going to have to put down the gun.”

Donovan saw no remorse in Tom’s eye, only desperation. The look signified that Tom was committed to the course of action. Before Donovan could feel his life slipping away, he heard a loud gun shot, that he was certain was the shot to put his life to an end. He noticed blood pouring out of Tom’s mouth before he collapsed. Behind him stood Stacey with her gun out. She moved over to Tom’s corpse and kicked the gun away. She then helped Donovan up.

                “Oh my god that was so close.”

                “I’m good. Thank you so much.”

                “Brand called for backup, and I was near.”

                “How’s she doing?”

                “Her head hurts badly. She’s going to have to go to the hospital to get it checked.”

Donovan picked up his gun. He gazed at Tom’s carcass whose eyes just shot up at the sky. The cold feeling that Donovan got from the scene crippled his stomach.

                “The body was Samantha. Tom killed her because of what was going on between her and Zack,” Chief Sanders revealed to Tom in his office at the station.

                “Do you think this is connected to Zack’s disappearance?” Donovan wondered.

                “I’m not taking anything off the table, but right now there hasn’t been anything discovered that would connect the two. Your partner, Brand suffered a concussion. She’ll be alright, but it’ll be best she takes a couple days off from the field. She could still do office work here.”

                “She’s tough, she’ll make it.”

                “That was a good save Stacey pulled out over there.”

                “I’m blessed she was there. If she wasn’t, that could have been the end for me. It’s just stupid that I lost my gun and allowed myself to be put in that helpless spot.”

                “Well, she’s a good cop, and don’t beat yourself too hard, Donavan. 32 years is a long and tiring time.”

                “You think, I should give it up?”

                “I’m just saying, after a certain amount of years, there are other ways a man on the job could use his skills. You might even want to consider being behind the desk like me.”

                “Thanks, but no thanks. It’s getting late. I’m going to check up on Brand at the hospital.”

                “That reminds me. Tomorrow night, we’re having a party to celebrate the anniversary of Lynnwood’s birth. It’ll be at the city hall in the ballroom. You’re invited.”

                “I’ll be there, Chief.”

Donovan arrived to Brand’s hospital room. She was lying in bed awake.

                “I told them I could have left, but they insisted I stayed,” Brand chuckled.

                “It’s nothing to worry about. You get to rest now. How are you feeling?”

                “My head is on fire. I’m just glad we’re alright.”

                “Thank you for calling for backup. Stacey saved my life.”

Brand looked confused.

                “I didn’t call for backup.”

                “You didn’t? That’s what Stacey said.”

                “Maybe I did when I regained conscious. My mind is in a daze right now.”

                “And you wanted to leave the hospital. There’s going to be a party down at city hall tomorrow night.”

                “I’ll be there. Are you doing alright?”

                “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

                “I heard what happened, and how it happened. I just didn’t know how you took it.”

Donovan sighed.

                “I just didn’t like how I was helpless today. If it wasn’t for Stacey I would have been killed.”

                “Surely you have been in situations where you needed help.”

                “Yes, but when it happens, I feel so weak as if I’m not a man anymore. It’s like my life doesn’t belong to me when I need help because I am unable to do things on my own.”

                “Is it because of what happened with Linda?”


                “There’s nothing wrong with needing help. That’s what partners are for, Donavan.”

They smiled at each other. The next morning, Stacey took a ride around a residential area. She found herself near a playground where children were playing in their heavy coats, mittens, and scarfs. She stared endlessly at the little children playing. It was as if she was observing an alien species, one that she admired with tons of curiosity.  She saw a man who had a baby crib with a baby inside of it. He placed the crib in the back seat of his car and drove off. Stacey followed the car to a house. She parked her car on the other side of the street while the man took the baby into the house unknowing he was being watched. Stacey went to the door and knocked.

                “Yes?” The man answered after he opened the door.

                “Hi, sir. I am investigating reports of a missing dog from the neighborhood, and I was wondering if it was okay for me to come in and ask you a few questions.”

                “Sure, I was just putting the baby to sleep.”

Stacey followed the man into the house. She looked around as she walked.

                “Your wife is at work?”

                “Yes; she’s a school teacher, and we couldn’t get the babysitter for today, so I had to take the day off.”

                “How is your wife?”

                “Umm what do you mean?”

                “Are you happy with her?”



                “So, I didn’t know that the neighbors had a dog.”

                “They didn’t.”

Stacey quickly took out her stun gun and shot it into the man’s chest. The high shock dropped him to the ground, and his body kept shaking. Her eyes became glassy as she just gazed upon the man’s helpless jolting body.  While he was on the ground, a baby’s cry came from the other room. Stacey walked over to the room where she saw the baby in the crib crying.

                “Shhhh, it’s alright.”

Stacey picked up the baby. She rocked the baby slowly in her arms.

                “There, it’s alright.”

Slowly, the baby stopped crying.

                “Daddy’s going to be alright.”

Donovan opened his door; Brand was there.

                “What’s up, Brand?”

                “Did you know that all the people missing are men expect for one.”


                “Her name is Cynthia Whitaker. Nothing stood out about her, but we could look into it more.”

                “Yes of course. That can be done tomorrow. I’ll see you at the party.”

Stacey circled around the man’s naked bloody body. His hands were held up high where they were tied to a pipe in the ceiling which caused him to hang by his wrists. His mouth was covered by tape. She stopped in front of him. His screams were heavily lowered due to the tape. Blood was dripping from his toes while he squirmed. Stacey calmly dazed into the man’s terrified eyes.

                “There’s no need to worry. Your child is safe.”

Those words, were the only thing good for the man judging from the still frightened look on his face as he continued to yell. Stacey hauled a knife out from where his manhood used to be at. The man shrieked ceaselessly as his feet kept flapping back and forth. Blood from the gash flooded out onto his legs. The horrendous scene didn’t astonish Stacey. Her face watched on as if it was nothing, but ordinary. She walked over to the tool bench near the wall where she picked up a blow torch. When the blue flame was ignited, the man whimpered on. Even the scorching heat of the instrument was felt from a few feet away. When Stacey got closer with the blow torch, the man’s worries deepened with cries for an immediate end.

Donovan entered into the ballroom at the town hall. He was approached by Chief Sanders.

                “Donavan, glad you can make it!”

                “It’s looks nice, Chief.”

                “It sure does. I want you to meet Mayor Sandoval.”

Donovan and the mayor shook hands.

                “This city is thankful for your help detective. We’ll catch this perp soon.”

                “I’m glad we can be at a service.”

                “Where’s the other detective at?”

                “She should be here soon.”

                “We’ll talk later. Nice seeing you here Donavan,” Sanders cheered before he walked away with the mayor.

Donovan spotted Brand getting drinks from the waiter. He walked over to her.

                “Heyyyyy Donavan. Some party, isn’t it?”

Brand’s body was moving in an awkward way. Her speech was heavily distorted.

                “I think you took this party way too literal.”

                “I’m just enjoying my time here, relax.”

                “Doesn’t your head already hurt? You’re just adding to it with all these drinks.”

                “I’ve been through worse.”

As Donovan scanned the ballroom he spotted Stacey who was wearing a red dress and black heels. Her hair was fully straightened and hung to one side.

                “How about you go talk to her.”

Donovan looked at Brand.

                “No need to hide it. I mean she saved your life, might as well repay her.”

                “You’re crazy Brand. Take it easy.”

Donovan left Brand for Stacey. She was standing alone until Donovan went to her.

                “How do you like the party so far?”

                “Certainty not what I am used to in Chicago. Change of scenery lightens up the mood especially all that we been through so far.”

                “Every year, they get better and better. If you lived here, you would see that.”

                “You speak from experience?”

                “I lived in this city since I was a child. Lynnwood has always been my home.”

                “Home. Now that’s a word, I haven’t thought of in a while.”

Stacey smiled.

                “The big city is not enough for you?”

                “It’s been too much. I just need to settle, and maybe I will when all of this is over. I can’t stress how much I appreciated what you did yesterday.”

                “It’s nothing.”                          

                “Nothing? You saved my life.”

                “And you would have done the same if it was the other way around.”

                “Well, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating another day given to you.”

                “And that’s something we could drink to.”

Donovan picked up a wine glass from the ones that the waiter was holding. Stacey and him toasted and drank.

                “I just feel like I owe you.”

                “Interesting because I have a way you could repay your debts to me.”

As he two laid next to each other in bed at the dawn of the moon, Donovan could only think about his life going forward. He was next to a beautiful woman, but even that wasn’t enough. He just wanted peace and security; he felt like he still didn’t have it.

                “Do you have any family?” Donovan asked.

                “Both my parents are dead, and my sister moved on from here which leaves me here all alone.”

Donovan glanced at an old photo in a frame. It was mostly torn off. The tear left only a girl in the photo.

                “Was that you in the photo,” Donovan pointed to the picture.

                “Yes. That’s me, the other part was my sister and my parents, but it was lost.”

                “How come you don’t contact your sister?”

                “I haven’t talked to her in years. I don’t even know where she’s at. She completely fell off the map.”

                “Sorry to hear that.”

                “How about you? Where’s your family?”

                “I was married for 15 years, but had a divorce 2 years ago. We never had kids. She told me she couldn’t have kids, but after our divorce, I recently found out that she had an abortion.”

                “That’s awful. Why would she do that?”

                “I guess she didn’t want to raise a child with me hence why we finally got a divorce. I assume I wasn’t the man she fell in love with anymore. I guess that’s what life does to you. It changes you into someone completely different. It brought out the worst in me.”

When Donovan woke up the next morning, his phone was ringing. He picked it up to answer Brand’s call.


                “You didn’t come back to the motel last night. Where are you?”

                “I just went wandering off in the city.”

                “Let me guess, you’re with Stacey aren’t you.”

Donovan couldn’t reply.

                “There’s nothing to be ashamed of Donovan as long as you don’t be distracted, it’s fine.”

                “In other news, was there something you wanted to tell me?”

                “I asked Sanders about Cynthia, and he said he would have information on her today. He wants you to come by his office.”

                “Got it.”

Donovan entered into Sanders’ office.

                “You wanted to talk to me about Cynthia Whitaker, chief.”

                “It turns out her mother was kidnapped many years ago in this city back in 1985.”

                “Did you guys ever find her?”

                “No, she was one of the many who went missing.”

                “You mean to tell me this happened before?”

                “Around 1985 to 93, there were a series of people who went missing. We never found them nor any clues. They were all females.”

                “Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

                “Didn’t think it mattered. Now we don’t know if what’s happening now is connected to what happened back then. After Cynthia’s mother was abducted, she became very ill in the mind. When she came of age, her father left the town, but she wouldn’t go. Her father died years later. It was as if the city became a part of her.  A reminder of what she lost. She is the only connection we have so far.”

                “But if she’s gone, then what can we do?”

                “Find out any information on her and see where it leads you.”

As Donovan went through files on Cynthia, he came across one that stated she had graduated from Lynnwood High in 1997. Donovan drove to the high school. Where he spoke to the principal.

                “Is there anyone here who worked here when Cynthia attended?”

                “I was here, but I can’t remember much about her. She always kept to herself although she did have this one friend, who I can’t remember.”

                “Do you guys have a yearbook of those years? Maybe I could find something out.”

                “Sure, it’s down the hall where we store them at. I’ll have Mrs. Carson give you one from 1997 when Cynthia graduated.”

                “Thank you.”

Donovan searched through the yearbook until he came across Cynthia’s picture. He continued to the other pages. On one of them he found Cynthia posing with another girl. Below the picture was Cynthia’s name and that of Susan Robinson. Donovan used his phone to search up Susan’s name. He narrowed his search to people in Snohomish County. He saw that Susan lived in Mountlake Terrace and was a nurse at the local hospital.

                “Thank you for seeing me again, Mrs. Robinson,” Donovan reminded as he sat down at the dining table across from Susan.

                “Anything I could do to help find my best friend.”

                “You were friends with Cynthia since she was a child?”

                “We went way back to kindergarten. We were very close, and we remained that way even after her mother disappeared. She felt like I was one of the few who stuck with her.”

                “Did anything come up when her mother vanished? Were there any leads?”

                “No, but I think Cynthia saw the person who took her mom.”

                “How do you figure?”

                “Well from when we were kids, there was this man who whenever she came across him, she would get this scared look on her face. It started after her mother was taken, and it ended before we got to high school. That was when we never saw the man again.”

                “It sounds like you would see this man in a routine. Was he someone you knew?”

                “The families were close, and he was a family friend as well.”

                “Do you remember this man?”

                “It was so long ago, we didn’t know him directly, but he was in that circle of our families’ friends. I’m sorry, but that’s all I can remember.”

                “Thank you Susan. This was very important information.”

As Donovan was going to his car, he called Sanders.

                “I need to go to Cynthia’s home to see if there are clues there.”

                “We checked there already. We didn’t find anything, but knock yourself out. I just want you to be aware that the house was actually her parents. When her father decided to move, she stayed, and kept it almost the same.”

When Donovan got to Cynthia’s home, he searched around. As he looked at pictures, he noticed a recurring element in most of them that were very old. He saw the same man besides Cynthia’s mother and father in the pictures. He called Susan.

                “Susan, I’m going to send you a picture, and I want you to tell me if that is the man who you were telling me about.”


Moments after he sent the picture, Donovan received the call.

                “That’s him, I remember him now.”

                “Are you sure?”

                “Yes. He would always be at the gatherings, and I believed he was at the elementary school once, maybe he had a child.”

When Donovan got pack to the station, he handed Brand a photo involving the man.

                “What’s this?”

                “I need you to do a reverse image search for this picture. I think it may be the man who took Cynthia’s mother. If it is him, it’s possible that he’s involved in the recent disappearances.”

                “The ones in the 80’s and 90’s where all females. Now it’s all males. It wouldn’t fit the same MO.”

                “That’s what I noticed, but I have no idea right now.”

                “I’ll do the search.”

                “Where’s Stacey?”

                “Oh, I see you taken a deep liking to her. She’s off duty today.”

                “I’ll be back, Brand.”

Donovan appeared at Stacey’s house. It was secluded from the urban area through trees and forest. He had to take a long single road to get to the house.

                “Can I come in?”

She let him in.

                “We finally picked up some leads on this case. We believe there is actually a connection between what’s happening now, and something similar couple decades ago.”    

                “That’s good, Donavan. It seems like bringing you here was a good idea.”

                “You said you were here since you were a child. You must have witness the cases of missing women that happened. What can you tell me about those?”

Stacey chuckled.

                “Am I being questioned?”

                “I still have a job to do, Stacey.”

                “Well then, detective. I was in middle school around the age of 13 when they started in 85. I didn’t know anyone who was missing. Do you want a drink?”


Donovan followed Stacey into the kitchen where he sat down at the table. His phone rang, and it was Brand.


                “Sorry, Donavan. I wasn’t able to get anything from the search. It’s like the guy has no records.”

                “Thanks Brand.”

                “Where are you at right now?”

                “Stacey’s house. I’ll call you back later.”


Stacey walked over to Donovan with a glass.

                “How are the leads going?”

                “Brand couldn’t find anything on a guy who we thought might have been the one involved in the disappearances then and now.”

                “How did you come up with that theory?”

                “Cynthia’s friend, Susan, recognized him to be a family friend when they were younger. She said after Cynthia’s mom was gone, Cynthia started to behave in a fearful manner of him. I figured it’s possible that she knew he kidnapped her mother.”

                “But why not say anything about it?”

                “She was a child, scared, and confused. It was a hard situation for her.”

Stacey sat down and drank with Donavan.

                “You know what? I have some better wine in one of the rooms. Follow me.”

He followed Stacey into a room where a brown leather chair stood behind a brown oak wooden desk. The room was toasty warm, there were book shelves on the side of the room, pictures on some of the desks and shelves, and a wine cellar to the side.

                “This is quite a cave you have here. I’d call it a woman cave.”

                “That’s a nice one, haven’t heard that before.”

                “So what is this room for?”

                “You could call this my place of peace. Just one of the places I got to in order to clear my mind.”

                “One of the places? How many others do you have?”

                “A few.”

                “I would like to see those other places.”

                “Maybe, in time.”

                “Why live in such a cut off area? Why not the urban siting?”

                “When I’m on the job, I get all the urbanization I could afford. When I come back home, I want it to be a little bit different.”

Stacey got a bottle of wine and poured it into Donavan’s glass.

                “If you liked the other one, you will definitely like this.”

She went back to put the bottle in the cellar. Donovan continued to drink with a smile on his face. He viewed the room in pure admiration for the uniformed nature of it. It was so perfect; it reminded him of what life could be like if he just let it. While Donovan drank and admired the room, his eyes were captured by one picture in particular. This picture featured a man and two girls. The small hidden detail of this picture among the numerous pictures in the room took Donavan’s attention hostage. As he beamed closer to the picture, it became clearer to him. He recognized the man as the same man from Cynthia’s home. That was when the hairs on Donavan’s neck prickled up.

                “Brand told me she didn’t call for backup before you showed up at the alley.”

                “She was hit on the head, maybe she forgot.”

Donavan’s eyes stood glued onto the picture as he talked.


                “Now that picture is a special picture,” Stacey chimed in as she walked towards the picture Donovan looked at.

                Donavan’s heart grew startled.

                “You never forget the people who were there for you when you needed help, and like I said we all need help sometimes.”

                “I have to go, Stacey. I’ll talk to you later.”

Donovan quickly heard the cocking of a gun. He turned around where Stacey had her gun pointed at him.

                “Put the glass down.”

Donovan placed the glass on the ground slowly.

                “Now put your gun down, slowly.”

When Donovan placed his gun down, Stacey ordered,

                “Kick it to me.”

After the gun was kicked, Donovan kept his hands in the air.

                “Who are you?”

                “I want to show you something.”

Stacey followed Donovan out the house where she led him towards the shed. She threw him some keys.

                “Open the shed.”

Once Donovan opened it, he entered into the shed. He saw a tool bench, but it was the only thing in there. In the middle was a small door that lead to the underground.

                “Open that door and walk down the stairs.”

                “What are you going to do to me?”

                “Do you want a bullet in your knee?”

Donovan opened the door. As he stepped down the stairs, the air grew colder. His breath become more visible due to the harsh coldness. When they made it to the bottom, Donovan felt the hard surface even through his shoes. It was very dark until Stacey flipped on the switch which enlighten the room for Donovan to see what was truly hidden. The sight horrified him. Skinned bodies after bodies were piled up on the walls to the point where the entire room could have been composed of flesh. It was a human slaughter house. Donovan slowly turned around to face Stacey.

                “It’s beautiful isn’t it? You wanted to see the many places I go in order to clear my mind. Well here it is.”

                “That man, in the picture, he was your father wasn’t he?”

                “Oh, daddy was a good man. He did the best he could for us, and when mom got sick, it became difficult. When she died, my sister and I were left with a choice: we either run away from our problems, or embrace the chaos. My sister chose to run, literally. She took the missing piece of that photo in my room with her. I stayed, and in those years, my father helped me find a way to live in the tragedy; it was a way for me to laugh at it. We actually helped each other discover our true selves.”

Donovan appeared to be petrified.

                “You been doing this since you were a kid?”

                “How else are you supposed to become a master of perfection? Children stars master their crafts by the time they become adults. When dad finally died, I had to carry on with the art he left behind, but I wasn’t strong enough to do it on my own. I wanted to find out if that was who I truly was. I thought I wasn’t fit for that profession, so I took on other ventures, but over the years, I found myself wanting that past back. Occasionally I would embrace it again, but I would never go completely in, until recently. That was when I decided to stop playing around with the water, and dive deeply into it. The more kills, the better.”

                “You’re insane.”

                “No, I’m just a person who is able to retain my childlike spirit of curiosity. With each victim, I discover more of the world. I tried to see that in you, but you just looked at the world one sided in a narrow view. Where’s the excitement in life without constant expedition of finding yourself? Without an endless voyage, lifes becomes boring.”

                “You’re not going to get away with this. Even if you kill me, Brand will come.”

                “I welcome it. After I finish you, I’ll call her down here and take care of her. I have ways of hiding bodies. Sanders will just put you two with the rest of missing people. It’ll be this cities curse, but more people will come because people seek voyage, and that will bring me more pleasure to my adventure.”

                “You’re going to do to me what you did to the others, so sadistically?”

                “Don’t worry, I’ll finish you and Brand quick. Goodbye.”

A loud shot was sounded which pierced Stacey’s shoulder causing blood to spurt out. She was shocked to be hit. She turned around and met another bullet that fired into her skull.


Brand hurried over to Donavan.

                “Are you okay?”

                “Thanks to you. How did you know to come?”

                “I searched more, and found out that the man was Stacey’s father. I started to worry, so I came.”

                “I just can’t believe she would do all of this.”

                “You never truly know a person.”

Once the funeral concluded, Sanders approached Donovan and Brand.

                “This was one hell of a s**t storm. Even after what she did, she still deserved a proper police burial. I know it looks bad, but she had to be given one.”

                “I understand. She really loved this city, and it loved her. She was an excellent member of the force, maybe the anxiety of her past got to her,” Brand explained.

                “At least this case was put to an end. After so many years, it’s over. You two are back to Chicago now?”

                “Yeah, that’s it for us. We’re catching the plane tonight. I’m just not quite sure how I am going to remember this place, better or worse.” Donovan declared.

                “Well, we will remember your service in a welcomed manner. Thank you, it was a pleasure,” Sanders congratulated before walking away.

                “Is this going to be it for you, Donavan?”

                “I think so. When we get back to Chicago, the city is going to look different to me. This place has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. It made me realize how much I actually have, and I should be thankful for it. It’s time to appreciate my life more.”

                “That’s good to here. I’ll see you at the airport. I want to drive around the city one last time.”

                “Sure thing, Brand.”

As Donovan drove to the airport that night, it all made sense to him. He could finally see what Stacey meant about help. It was with people’s help that he was still alive, and there was nothing to be ashamed of. He had his precious life because of the care of others, and he wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

Brand had finishing trailing Stacey’s property with a bottle of gasoline in her hand. When the trail was finished, she lit a match and dropped it. The fire instantly found its way into the house. As Brand watched from outside, the fire tore through the home. She took out the torn photo of Stacey when she was a child and dropped it into the fire trail. She then took out another torn piece and dropped it side by side the other photo which completed the photo. The man, his wife, and two children in the photo were united.





© 2016 B-law

Author's Note

Thankful for all reviews received, and happy holidays!

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This is so good. You made the characters and the story line very interesting. Your good use of description made each situation have reason and purpose. I like the flow of the story leading to the good ending. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

thank you so much for your feedback! I am glad you enjoyed the story!
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

I did enjoy and you are welcome.


You are very talented. The story is interesting, it never slowed or dragged and your descriptions are great. Thank you for inviting me to read. I enjoyed this! Julie

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you so much! And also for saying I am very talented.
This is so good! You made the story so interesting. All the action and the different characters brought my attention!

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

thank you for your wonderful review, I appreciate it!
This is so good. You made the characters and the story line very interesting. Your good use of description made each situation have reason and purpose. I like the flow of the story leading to the good ending. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

thank you so much for your feedback! I am glad you enjoyed the story!
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

I did enjoy and you are welcome.
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Its a good plot, a little confusing to follow for when you switch characters who are talking or introducing a new character, Also is there a difference between a serial abductor and a killer? dont both kill, so how would one be worse from the other. also when you say "and if these missing people are connected' i would add say missing persons cases are connected. When thinking tom is responsible, you should go into a bit more detail when he's first mentioned, like is his character normally hostile that he was the first person the police were able to make a connection to. It felt a little jumpy because characters would appear with out much information or what exactly they do. Overall good story i kept thinking of things like law and order or criminal minds. The story was never boring or dragged.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Constructive criticism, I like it! Thank you for your review!

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