The Long Nights

The Long Nights

A Story by Callisto

I miss you

The night was cold despite the thick blanket of cloud cover, or perhaps the night was warm and he was the cold one. Sleep was unknown, wandered off somewhere with his warmth. At least the lingering darkness masked his presence and glum mood.

It was too quiet, nothing to grab the attention of his limp ears and the wandering mind they were attached to. On another night he may have heard Siku's easy desperation and if he listened close enough a beating heart. But tonight there was only silence, even the wind had gone to bed.

Perhaps he did finally fall asleep, the darkness behind his eyelids stretching out into infinity. Suddenly he was weightless, feeling nothing until his muzzle was gently mushed into familiar warm fur. His nose plunged in, scenting his long lost friend, soft whimpers issuing from his throat as he felt it was just a dream.

A gentle voice from above shushed him and tucked his forehead into fluffy thick neck scruff, hugging his muzzle down to warm him. Callisto sighed softly whimpers replaced with soft rumbles. The darkness resonated and rumbled back at him, the fur seeming endless as the border between dark and fuzz melted.

The warmth found him again and he easily slipped away, lulled to sleep by the soft sounds of the wolf next to him.

© 2010 Callisto

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Added on February 1, 2010
Last Updated on February 1, 2010




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