~3~ Tikae

~3~ Tikae

A Chapter by Crimson

Illustration is my own


I woke up to the same routine, my constant. White everything, clothes, walls, sheets - you name it. But something about that morning was different. Noise. The usual buzz of cameras didn't grace my room with their presence. It made me more uncomfortable than I cared to admit. But despite my confusion, I got up, let Anita pull my hair into it's usual bun and dressed myself. The clean, crisp feel of my shirt was a comfort as I passed through the corridor towards my mothers office. As the Governor, her office was on the top floor of the tower, meaning I had all of five minutes to climb 6 flights of stairs and mother didn't tolerate tardiness.

I finally reached the top floor, passed through security with just one glance, and entered the office.

Mother was sat at her desk, just as perfect as always, and surveyed me with a long up and down look. Then a tsk

'I can see you rushed'. Of course she could, Mother knows everything.

'Yes Mother, Anita was late.', she lied, she could find a replacement later.

'Then she'll be gone by tomorrow, shame, I liked that one-', she was in a strangely good mood that morning, I should have known. '- anyway, I need you to oversee some important... business matter.'

'Why can you not go? I have that conference later and I can't afford to-' she was cut short with a wave of Mother's hand.

'Because I have other important things to deal with, and even so- you should start taking responsibilities now before it's too late.'

Then something happened, for the first time in my entire memory, I saw my mother look- sad almost. 

'Goodbye Tikae, make sure you-'.

And that was all I heard, after that there was a sharp pain in the side of my neck and everything blurred.

All I remember is my mothers face staring down at me as my vision faltered and I fell to the floor- until everything went black. 

© 2017 Crimson

Author's Note

This book will be told from multiple pov by the way, just in case people were confused.

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this is the beginning of a great book,i think public life would be interesting

Posted 4 Months Ago

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