~5~ Thomas

~5~ Thomas

A Chapter by Crimson

Illustration is my own


He  stepped out into the cold, the snow crunching under his boots, leaving the warmth of his house behind and eventually the safety of his village. He started to walk up the game hill and already his legs were burning, perhaps he should have exercised his fitness as well as his skills before leaving Mayton. Once he had been up there for a few hours he realised that this was very different to the training ground.

The sun was setting over the trees, casting a faint orange glow on the ground. But beautiful as it was, hunting any longer would have been pointless if he couldn't see anything so he decided to take the pheasant he'd caught and head back.

He made it no more than a few minutes before his senses picked up on something- more than one 'something's' moving, very close behind him.

Things a lot bigger than a pheasant.


Thomas made the decision to confront whoever it was- as he got the sense running would be no help at all. So slowly he turned his head to find a line of soldiers dressed in white and green staring down at him, hands on their pistols. He noted who to watch out for if things went south, a tall man near the middle with brown hair and green eyes caught his attention. He stood with a deadly stillness and his eyes- they were hollow- like there was no emotion in them. But that was nothing compared to the tall, slim woman in the dead centre with a cutting gaze and he realised as she spoke- a voice to match it.

"Thomas Walder, come with me."

© 2017 Crimson

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each chapter brings more interest,i liked it

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Haha thanks, these are just to introduce all the characters

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