The Hope Of A Blind Man

The Hope Of A Blind Man

A Story by JP142000

2 men both deathly ill looking for hope. One man gives the other a glimps into the world outside when they feel trapped. How he gives this glimps in amazing. A great twist at the end.

Two men who where both deathly ill were placed in the same hospital room. They became close over the months they spent in that hospital room. They spoke of their lives before they became ill. They spoke of their children, their parents, their past relationships, told their crazy story and how they became ill. The men became one anothers support. 

The hospital room had their two beds in it, 2 chairs, and a single tv however, they never turned on the tv. Neither of the men were alloud out of their beds because of their critical condition. One mans bed was postioned next to the only window in the room. The others bed was on the far wall. 

The man whos bed was next to the window got to sit up for a hour a day to help drain the fluid from his lung. Each day he would look out the window and describe what he saw to the other man. Both men began to live for that hour a day. That was their only connection to the world outside the four walls of their hospital room and they wanted that hour to last as long as possible. 

Out the window the man could see a park a children and everyday he would tell the other man of what he was seeing. 

One day the man next to the window died in his sleep. The nurse came in a took his body away. After a while the man across the room asked to move over to the window and the nurse agreed. When the man moved he relised there was no window. When he asked the nurse about it she told him the other man was blind. He couldnt even see the wall. After thinking about it the man relised he was given hope by this blind man. 

© 2015 JP142000

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there were a few mistakes but thts totallly fine....unless and until your story is amazing...
and gurl your work is leaving me speechless❤❤❤

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on April 23, 2015
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Writing is a passion of mine. I love the written word and the fact that there are so many meanings behind one phrase. I hope people enjoy my writings. more..


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