Imaginary Angel

Imaginary Angel

A Story by Eowyn Doyle

Every day Lilly plays with this strange girl with black wings named Angel. As she gets older, Lilly begins to realize Angel is only a figment of her imagination. What happens she is no longer believed


Chapter 1

"Come on!" A young girl of perhaps five years with long auburn hair and bright green eyes calls out to me. I dash across the green grass to her, laughing. We race through the shaded yard, the brick house and large oaks casting long shadows as the sun begins to set.

"Lilly! Time for bed!" Lilly's mother, her auburn hair twisted up into a bun, calls from the black back door in the medium sized brick house. 

"Awe, but I'm playing with Angel!" Lilly pouts as we skid to a stop beside the playhouse with a slide and two swings. I stop beside her and lean against one of the playhouse's support beams, my wings spread around me, nearly touching the ground.

"You can play with Angel tomorrow; right now it's time for bed!" Lilly's mother says in a final sort of way, stepping back into the house.

Lilly turns to me, a sad, resigned look on her young face. "I have to go...will you be here tomorrow?"

"Lilly, I shall always be here." I reply with a smile and a small chuckle. We hug, my large back wings wrapping around her. Pulling out of the hug, Lilly runs to the back door. She stops before entering and waves. 

"See you tomorrow, Angel!"


I woke up in one of the large, old oaks that populate the yard. A breeze caught dead brown leaves and blew them across the yard. Winter wasn't that far away. Spreading my black wings, I jump from my branch and soar to the ground, dry, dead grass crunching under my feet. I folded my wings and sat against the oak's trunk. 

The yard had changed over the years. As Lilly had gotten older, the playhouse had been sold, and in its place stood a brown, wood picnic table. A massive azalea had been planted beside the house along the fence. One of the trees, an ugly Bradford Pear, had been removed and replaced with a waxy-leaved Mongolia. 

The slam of the back door brought me out of my daze. Lilly, now almost sixteen, wearing a black long-sleeve shirt, a dark jacket, and jeans came storming out of the house. I jumped to my feet and walk to intercept her. 

"What's wrong, Lilly?" I queried, coming alongside her. 

She flinched, startled. "Not you too," She mumbled, stomping past me. "And you're not even real."

My heart stopped for a second and I halt. "What do you mean, not real? Of course I'm real!" My stomach twisted. How could I not be real? 

"Then why can't anybody else see you?" 

"I..." I had never really put much thought into that. "I don't know why they can't see me. But you can, and that proves I exist." I reasoned, but my wings twitched in uncertainty. I shook my head and changed the subject. "Why are you upset?"

"Nothing you'd be able to understand. You don't have parents." She snapped, storming towards the gate. 


"Go away!" She yelled, yanking open the gate and letting it slam shut behind her.

"But I'm real." I breathed those three words so quietly, even I could barely hear them. 


Chapter 2

"Can you take me flying?" Lilly asks, now age ten and the summer has just begun. Her hair is up in two tight braids that dangle down her back that bounce whenever she moves her head. "Please?"

"I can try, but you may be too heavy for me to fly very high." I spread my great black wings out to each side.

"Yay! Thank you!" She smiles widely and hugs me. She turns around and I grab her beneath the arms. I begin to beat my wings and rise above the ground, but I cannot lift her.

"Try running and jumping, that could give us a boost!" She starts running and after a few strides, she leaps. The second her feet leave the ground, I give my wings a great push. Lilly rises off the ground, giggling, and we soar through the air for a few feet before her shoes hit the ground. 

We lap the large yard twice, laughing loudly the whole way, before we have to stop. 

"I'm sorry, but my wings are getting sore!" I pant, leaning against one of the ginormous oaks. The sun is now nearing its highest point. 

"That was amazing! Thank you!" She hugs me tightly, my large wings nearly engulfing her. "Can we do that again tomorrow?" 

"Of course we can fly together tomorrow. It is much more fun than flying alone!" 


"Lilly! Lilly!" She came storming back into the yard through the gate that lead out into the forest behind the house. "Lilly, talk to me." But she stomped right past me, not even giving any sign that she had heard me. "Lilly, wait! Please!" I yelled to her, but she entered the house, the door banging against the door frame as it swung shut behind her. 

The next day, Lilly seemed calmer. She came outside, sat at the picnic table, and writing in a journal. She had her coat collar turned up against the chill wind that swept through the yard, making leaves dance through the air. 

I sit on the bench beside her and glance over to see what she is writing. 

My imaginary friend from when I was a kid is finally gone, and good riddance for that. Everyone was beginning to think I was going insane, talking to empty air. She has been slowly disappearing for a while now and I am glad she is finally gone, she- 

Lilly sighed and put her elbow on the table, resting her head on her hand and blocking me from reading any more. 

My heart twisted as I read what she had wrote. Imaginary? Disappearing for a while? Glad that I'm gone? Talking to empty air? "But I'm right here! Right beside you! Look at me!" I attempt to push her shoulder, to get her attention and force her to acknowledge me, but my hand went right through her. I jerk backwards in surprise and tumble off the bench. 

My wings hit the ground first and pain spiked through them as the rest of my body weight hit landed on them, crushing them against the ground. Wincing and heart pounding, I picked myself off the ground. 

I watched in denial as Lilly finished writing and closed her journal. She stood up and walked directly through me as I moved into her path, trying to stop her. "Lilly! Lilly please! What is happening to me?" I shouted, walking beside her as she strode back to the house. Tears filled my eyes.

"I-I exist. I-I'm real!" My voice broke as she reentered the house.

Cold numbness filled my body as I broke down, tears streaming down my face, choking, uneven sobs racking my chest. I fell to the ground, curling up, my wings covering me, my face buried in my hands.


Chapter 3

Angel and I sit in one of the large oaks that are scattered about the backyard. The stars shine brightly in the cold winter night as we gaze up at them. 

"What is it like to fly?" I ask, shifting to a more comfortable position against the tree trunk.

"What do you mean?" She looks over at me, slightly confused. She is about twelve, same as me. She is always my age. She has lightly tanned skin, bright blue eyes and shoulder-length shaggy blonde hair. She wears a faded, weather-stained outfit of a dark green shirt and jeans which is accented beautifully by her ebony feathered wings that drape around her, ruffling slightly in the breeze. 

"I mean...How does it feel to be soaring through the air? How does it feel to be truly flying, not just the short glides we did when we were younger?" I clarify.

"Well, it feels like freedom." Angel replies, her wings rustling as she stretches and refolds them. "It is absolutely the best feeling in the world."

"I wish I could fly." 

Angel smiles at me, a bit sadly. "I wish you could, too. Then I'd have someone to share the amazing experience with."  

"You can always tell me about it, at least."

"Yeah. But there is just something about it. The wind whipping through your hair, the feeling of your feathers catching the breeze, carrying you above the world. There is no way to explain it without making it less amazing than it truly is." A strange expression, full of wonder covers Angel's face as she gazed upwards to the full moon. 

Longing spreads through me as I gaze at her obsidian wings. She has something no one else has. I don't know where she came from or why she is so different, but I only know that we will stay friends forever. 


It has been weeks since I stopped believing. She-my imaginary friend, Angel- had been disappearing for months. The last time I had seen her, she had been completely invisible until she spoke. Even then she was transparent, like a ghost. 

How could I have been so thick, as to think she was actually real. I shook my head and tried to focus on the book I was reading, but my eyes kept on drifting out the window which faced a humongous oak. It was the same oak I had always imagined her-Angel- living in. 

My heart twist a bit in regret and sadness. Even though she was imaginary- maybe because she was imaginary- she had always been my closest friend, the one person I had confided in with absolutely everything. And now, she was gone, forever. 

I tear my eyes away from the tree and back to my book. Why should I feel regret? She never existed and never would. I was just finally growing up, becoming more mature and ready to face to real world. 

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to convince myself I had made the right choice, but her anguished face swam behind my eyelids, just as it did every time I closed my eyes.  How broken and confused she had looked. 

Giving up on my book, I flop backwards onto my bed, feeling defeated.

When I had returned from my walk in the forest that- the last day I had seen her- I thought I had seen something out of the corner of my eye, but it was probably just a leaf caught in the breeze. And the next day, when I went to go write in my journal, I though I had hear something, someone whispering my name. It was probably just the wind.

I mean, what else could it have been?


© 2017 Eowyn Doyle

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