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Sebastian is sitting in the passenger seat of the RV. He didn’t sleep last night. He watched the sun rise, then tried to wake Jake again and feed him. He talked to Jake all day yesterday and today, but he isn’t making any progress, so he sat down and watched out the windows for Pip. He has very little hope of her coming home before Jake dies. Sebastian digs through the glove box and retrieves a pen and pad of paper. He stares at it late into the evening contemplating what to do with it. The sun is beginning to set, and he angrily throws the pen and paper. He wants to write a note to Pip. If Jake dies, he has no intention of staying and waiting for her so she can let him know how disappointed in her failure she is.

Sebastian hobbles around the RV and gets out another can of soup for Jake. He takes it over to the bed and sits down beside him. Sebastian notices that the bed is wet and warm, and his anxiety is briefly replaced with annoyance.  He puts the can of soup on the floor and takes the blanket off of Jake. The smell of human waste hits him like a freight train and he steps back gaging. He had forgotten that Jake still needs to use the bathroom even though he’s in a coma. As he cleans Jake he does his best not to throw up. Sebastian hadn’t ever liked this process of child care, and he is completely grossed out. But he gets through it.

He takes the sheets and blanket to the door and drops them outside so he can clean them when the sun comes back up. He remakes the bed with fresh sheets and blankets, feeds Jake, redresses him, and lays him back down for the night. He sits down at the opposite end of the bed and rubs his eyes as he watches out the window. He still has the remainder of Jake’s soup in his hand and he considers eating it, but the thought of food makes him feel nauseous. He hasn’t actually eaten since two days before. The night Pip had announced she was leaving to find Jake’s brother. It felt like a million years ago. His agitation makes the day move by so slowly. He could only watch the sun move across the sky helplessly wishing for Pip to come save Jake.

Movement outside the RV catches his attention. The sun has set completely now, and without the aide of his glasses, he can barely make it out. He’s not even sure he saw something move. Sebastian squints his eyes and scans the area in front of the RV. The door of the fence around the RV is opened and swaying in the breeze. Sebastian relaxes a little. “It’s alright, Jake. I think Pip might have just not shut it all the way. That doesn’t seem like her though. So maybe the door just needs reinforcing. I’ll go shut it.” Sebastian tells Jakes even though he’s unconscious and can’t actually hear him.

Sebastian sets the can of soup down on the ledge next to the door and limps outside to the gate wishing badly that he had crutches to support his sprained ankle. The boot Pip had made didn’t keep all of the pressure from it.

His imagination starts playing with him making his heart speed up with each second he’s outside. The gate door squeaks as it sways and Sebastian shuts it quickly. It slams and the latch clicks shut. Sebastian tugs on it to make sure it’s secure, and it doesn’t budge. He frowns at it, apprehension causing his heart to speed even faster. It didn’t feel like Pip would have left without closing the gate all the way. She was always careful about everything. He turns around and hurries back to the RV, afraid to stay out any longer. That’s when he sees a girl climbing the steps. He freezes. He can only see her from behind. She has long black hair almost to her ankles, and she’s wearing a white nightgown with small pink flowers on it and no shoes. Sebastian starts running as well as he can towards the RV. The girl is a Pest. He can only tell because of the shaky way she climbs the stairs. His ankle protests against his half jog half skip towards the RV, but he ignores it. Jake’s inside there.

He launches himself up the steps stopping just inside. The girl has a can of unopened soup in her hands. She has it raised over her head and is about to smash it into Jake. Sebastian doesn’t waste any time grabbing her and throwing her towards the door. She screams when she hits the wall and flings herself back at him instantly. Sebastian braces himself for her attack. She jumps on him knocking him on his back and hits him in the head with her can. His vision is assaulted with flashes of color from the blow, but he manages to grab her arm before she can hit him again. She keeps screaming and tries to bite his hand, but he rolls onto his side and slams her head into the counter. He rolls away from her and tries to stand back up. But his head is spinning, so he falls back down in a sitting position against the bed with his eyes closed. The girl gets back to her feet and starts screaming again. She raises her can and goes after Jake again. Sebastian throws himself between them. The girl hits him with the can again and again, but he wraps his arms around her waist and forces her away from Jake. He can feel himself about to pass out from all the blows to his head, and he struggles to stay conscious. All he has to do is get her out of the door and close it. She’ll eventually run off.

Sebastian has her at the steps of the RV, but she’s still fighting. He’s forced partially backwards knocking Jake’s unconsumed portion of soup onto the bed. “I just changed those blankets!” He grunts angrily forcing her backwards. He slips and they both tumble down the stairs. He lands on the ground and she lands on top of him. Her knees are on his chest pushing all of the air from his lungs and grinding his already broken ribs together. A bright light suddenly spreads around him and he wonders if it’s from the pain. When he is finally able to suck in a breath of air he screams and the girl hits him in the nose with her can. His sight is momentarily blackened, and then refocuses on the Pest and her raised can. He flinches, expecting it to come crashing down on his face again, but suddenly she’s gone. Sebastian breaths heavily on the ground and squeezes his eyes shut until the pain subsides enough for him to think straight. He sits up and looks around. A man has the girl held back by her arms and she’s screaming wildly. He wrestles out a knife and plunges it into her skull. Her body goes limp and he lays her gently on the ground. He looks up and they make eye contact.

Sebastian recognizes him. Waya. Jake’s older brother. He is instantly relieved. Not just because the man saved his life, but also because that meant Pip was home already and she would know what to do about Jake. Waya walks over to him and helps him to his feet. “Thanks for saving my life. It’s hard to fight Pests with broken bones.”

“I’m sure it is. You must be Sebastian. I think Pip was trying to tell me about you on the way here, but she wasn’t making a lot of sense.” Pip walks up to them then. Sebastian is stunned by her appearance. “Jeez, you look like you’ve been thrown out of an airplane without a parachute. What happened?” Pip smiles drowsily at him. “Later, where’s Jake? Is he asleep?” Sebastian is suddenly afraid to tell her. He stares a moment as he musters up the courage to tell her he isn’t sure he’s going to make it.

“He won’t wake up. He hasn’t woke up since you left.” He finally says, his voice barely audible. Pip frowns and wanders into the RV to see Jake. Waya follows, then Sebastian, and an older gentleman he hadn’t noticed before. Sebastian vaguely wonders who he might be, though he’s more worried about Waya and Pip when they see Jake.

© 2016 MightyMouse

Author's Note

Alright, couldn't help it. Here's the next chapter (the same night). But seriously, how is it???

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A Chapter by MightyMouse