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Waya jolted awake. Jake isn’t in the room any more. He remembered Jake asking him to play, but he hadn’t been able to pull himself out of sleep enough to oblige. He looks at his watch. It’s only three in the afternoon. He’s only been asleep for two hours at the most. He groggily gets to his feet and smacks Sebastian’s leg which is dangling off the side of the bed. It isn’t a proper bed. It’s a desk with blankets on top of it. Sebastian slept on top while Jake, being so small, slept underneath. Waya slept on the floor with nothing but his jacket and a pillow. It wasn’t the most comfortable of arrangements, but the blankets had been first come first serve and there weren’t any left to spare. Sebastian jumps and falls off the desk complaining about being rudely woke up. He gets to his feet angrily staring Waya down. “Jake’s missing.” Waya calmly says and Sebastian instantly relaxes. “Then we should go find him.” He states.

The two men leave in search of Jake. Waya goes left, and Sebastian goes right. The meet at the stairs leading to the second floor. “Nobody’s seen him.” Sebastian worriedly glances around wondering if Jake is hiding somewhere. “Nobody’s seen him this way either, we still have two floors to check, so don’t start panicking yet. He can’t exactly go outside.”

Rocco and Opal are stomping down the stairs now. “What’s the matter with you two?” Opal questions, noticing their agitated stances. “Yeah, did something happen?” General Ulrich rounds the corner, the twins follow. Waya explains. “No, Jake just left the room. He’s not on this floor, we were about to check the next one. You guys could help if you want.” The four men and Opal nod. “Sure beats sitting around.” Rocco mumbles. The seven of them climb the stairs. “We’ll go this way,” Waya gestures to himself, Sebastian, and General Ulrich then points to the left. “And you guys can…” Jake’s screams pierce the air, cutting him off mid-sentence and freezing all of them in place. All at once they take off in the direction of Jake’s voice. They run like they’re in a race, trying to shove each other out of the way to save Jake from whatever horrible thing could be happening to him. The balcony door grows in front of them cracked open and pouring in sunlight. Waya starts to imagine horrible images. Jake falling from the balcony. Pests suddenly learning how to climb and attacking Jake. But he shakes the thoughts from his head.

He’s the first one through the balcony door, the others slamming into him nearly throwing them all off. Jake is at the other end of the balcony screaming and trying to climb the ledge. The group runs for him wondering what could possibly be wrong. Waya reaches him and drops down to his knees beside him. “Jake! Calm down. What’s wrong?” Jake is still trying to climb the ledge and screaming incoherently. The only word he can understand is ‘Pip.’ Jake is hysterical. He’s started to hyperventilate. Waya picks him up and Jake clings to him burying his face in Waya’s shoulder. He continues to sob. “Jake, I need you to calm down so you can tell me what’s wrong.” Jake rubs at his eyes and tries to calm down. “Pip.. f-f-fell do-o-own!” He explains through his tears.

Waya’s head snaps up to the group standing concerned above him. They all grow pale and run to the side looking down. Waya stands and looks down with them. If Pip fell from the ledge, you couldn’t tell. There are too many Pests to even see her body. Waya can feel the tears threatening his eyes like they did earlier. But like earlier, he holds them back. If Jake ever need a time for him to be strong, now was the time he would need him the most. The group of seven and Jake quietly walk back into the building. They go to their rooms without even looking at each other. Waya places Jake silently on his bed under the desk. Jake has stopped crying now, but he doesn’t look okay. He curls up on the floor and promptly falls asleep.

© 2016 MightyMouse

Author's Note

Please feel free to cry now... But seriously need some feedback on these last few chapters. They feel like they could be better. I'm not sure though. Anything you think needs work???

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A Chapter by MightyMouse