Cat Club Trip to China

Cat Club Trip to China

A Story by NoArrangedMarriage

Everybody has to find some missing rubies in China!


The Cats-&-Cars Race

 “Persia, Paw, Prem, Puffy and Prissy! Quickly, quickly, we need your help! In China, a jewel is stolen! Can you find it?” It was a phone call, asking for help.

“A jewel? Stolen? Sounds like a mission for the Cat Club!” said Persia. “Um, hey, Paw, you ready?”

“Sure,” said Paw sadly.

“Hey, be super-excited!” said Persia. “We’re going to China! We haven’t had a Cat Club mission in a while, and out of all places the mission can take us…China! Amazing China! Aren’t you happy? Aren’t you excited? Why the long face?”

“Well,” said Paw, “I was planning on going to this Cats-&-Cars Race tomorrow. But if we go to China, there won’t be enough time!”

“Sorry, Paw,” said Persia. “But this is more important than your contest! Okay, what’s this race?”

“Well,” said Paw, “here. Jessica gave me this. Can you read it for me? I really think it’s cool!”

“Well,” Persia said, “I can.”


Get a small pretend-car. Only a cat and his or her car. Winner gets a trip to CHINA!

“Well, we’re getting the prize early,” said Persia. “Without Cats-&-Cars Race! I think you should be happy. For me, for the Cat Club. This means so much to me, okay? Be happy for me!”

Paw shrugged. “You know, I was hoping to skip the trip. Just have a little victory party with Jessica.”

“Well, Paw,” said Persia. “We’re going to China. We’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow.”

“That’s quick!” said Paw, sighing. “Can’t we go to the race instead?”

“That competition can wait,” said Persia. “We’ve got to go to China.”

















A Bunch of Jewels

When they were in China, they looked around.

“Anything?” asked Persia.

“Hey look!” said Prem, pointing to a ruby. “A ruby! The lost jewel! Hey, we just got here and already we’ve found it! Quickest mission ever!”

“Look! There’s another!” said Paw.

“And another,” said Persia.

Priss and Puffy were staying in the hotel.

“Three rubies?” asked Persia. “But the phone call said just one! Only one of these rubies are real. The others are fakes by the thieves!”

Prem nodded.

“Right, Paw?” asked Persia. She was trying to make Paw feel like a part of the mission, to make up for him missing the race.

“You’re really trying to make him feel good and forget about the race!” said Prem. “How friendly!”

Paw didn’t reply. He was still mad about missing the race.

“Hey!” said Persia. “I have an idea! We’ll pretending we’re the Cat Club Band! But we’ll be really looking for the thief! Why, yes, we’ll be the ‘Cat Club Band’! But we’ll truly be the Cat Club.”

“We’ll work on a song!” said Prem. “How about ‘We Are the Cat Club Band’?”

Paw didn’t say a word.

“I thought you’d really like this idea, Paw,” said Persia. “But I guess you’re not as thrilled as I’d thought. You’re not really happy, are you? Sorry about the race. They’ll be others. And we’ll watch a video of the race, and I’ll read the advertisement of the race ten times. Will that make you feel better? Even if you’re not really there, you can still dream.”

Paw nodded. “Yes, Persia! And I can’t wait to pretend to be the ‘Cat Club Band’ today! Let’s sing and sing and sing.”

“We are the Cat Club Band!

Together we are friends!

We like to make some noise!

We have grace and poise!” the five members of the Cat Club sang.

“We are the Cat Club Band!

Together we are friends!

We’ll reach the sky!

We’re always a team

We’re good and never mean!

We are the Cat Club Band!

Together we are friends!

We have our pixie dust!

We fight the Bad Cats, too!

We are the Cat Club Band!”

The crowd cheered. “May I have your autograph?” asked somebody in Chinese.

“Sure,” said Persia. “I’d love to.” She said it in Chinese.


She winced. Too much English! They might grow angry, knowing that she was a Native American cat with a club called Cat Club looking for a jewel and a thief, which was true. Everybody would grow tense. The thief would know what they were up to and would act tense.

“Sorry. I used bad calligraphy,” she lied. “I don’t know well.”

“TALKING CATS!” the man cried. “A talking cat is a talking future, calling for me!”

“Want a hamburger?” offered Persia.

“Ham-burg-er?” asked the man.

“Sorrygottofly!” said Persia quickly. She had white fur, blue eyes, and pink wings (only when she transformed. When she didn’t transform, no pink wings), and they were stylish! She quickly flew away.

“A calling future!” shouted the man. “I am lucky.”

“Lucky as the lucky pepper in the play?” asked Paw.

The Cat Club had a play about Pretty Bonita and Jose and a lucky pepper. A Spanish accent rushed into their thoughts whenever they thought about the story. Oh, the magic! Spanish accents thought in their heads.

Well!” said Prem. “We did well! Hooray for us!”

“Yes,” said Persia. “Hey, so many rubies. I’m getting sick, aren’t I? I’m seeing things!”

“Nope, you’re completely healthy,” said Prem. “I see many rubies, too.”

“Who knows what they are?” asked Paw.

Puffy and Priss said, “Enough autographs. The band needs help with something very important.”

“But another concert tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning!” said Persia in very perfect Chinese. “Bye, fan-club!”

The next day, while they were gathering all the rubies, they looked everywhere. It was 7:30 according to Prem’s Chinese watch!

“Only half an hour of freedom before our concert,” said Prem. “Okay? We’ve got to hurry! Paw, what are you looking at?”

“Signs!” said Paw happily. “What do they say, Persia?”

“They say �" ‘Cat Club Band Fan-Club.’ I was just being-” before anybody could speak, everyone put down their Fan-club signs and yelled.


“The rubies!”


“Native Americans,” snapped Persia. “We’re Native Americans. Not the regular Americans. We’re the real thing! And we’re not really spies, we’re just a club looking for stolen items. No way are we evil!”

“We shouldn’t have trusted this American thief-spy-band!” yelled a voice. The elderly gentleman that asked for Persia’s autograph!

“Don’t you trust me like you did before?” asked Persia. “I’m a speaking cat, you know. Remember? I’m a speaking cat. And a speaking cat means a speaking future calling for you. Don’t you remember? Don’t you believe in me? If you stand up for us, your future will be as a hero! If you stand up for us �" these speaking cats may be your speaking future.”

“Okay,” said the fan. “They are not thieves! Yet we need proof to convince all of you.”






The Proof Song

“What’s your proof?!” yelled the others.

“Well…” Persia said. Time was ticking. 7:59…8:00!

“Sorry, time for the song. Its 8:00!” said Persia. “We’re waking up super-early, Cat Club. But we promised them an 8:00 concert, so that’s what we’re giving them!”

“We aren’t thieves!” sang Persia.

“We aren’t spies.

We’re just a band who happened to stumble over some rubies!

Don’t be scared

Don’t be angry!

Don’t be, ‘the Native American cats are bad and evil spies.’

We’re just a good team! Good and never mean!

We’re just a good team!”

The rest of the family/Cat Club/band sang what Persia just sang. Sadly, the fans weren’t touched by the kind song.

“We’re innocent!

Cute and cool!

Nobody can say, ‘we broke the rules!’

We’re just good and innocent.

What did we ever do to you that deserves you’re meanness?

We’ll give the rubies back to the owner

We didn’t mean to be mean to you at all!”

“Well,” said Persia, “the fans aren’t cheering.”

“Cheer!” ordered Priss.

“Cheer!” offered Prem.

“Cheer?” said Paw hopefully. He had gotten over the Cats-&-Cars Race.

“Why don’t you just cheer?” asked Puffy. “You’re still mad? Sorry! But isn’t this proof?”

“Nope,” said a used-to-be-fan. “It is just a song singing. Not actual proof we can see to show you’re innocent.”

“This is musical proof!” snapped Priss.

Suddenly, a masked person took the rubies.

“STOP!” said Persia. Is saving the day �" proof? “PERSIA TRANSFORM!” She sprouted pink wings and flew off to chase the man. She landed from her flight right in front of him! “VINE TANGLE!”

He was tangled up.

“How dare you?” said Puffy. “The Chinese have a right to �" kick you to hot, hot, burning Mars!”

“We’re sorry, Cat Club,” said the fans in unison. “Who is this true thief?”

“The thief is…” Persia uncovered him. “Esmeralda!”

“And us, too,” said Grousey, Stinkers, Ohio, and Bandit. “With Esmeralda!”

“Thieves!” yelled Persia.

The Chinese angrily took them away.

“We’ll be good forever,” promised Ohio.

“We’re sorry!” Bandit said.

“We didn’t mean harm!” said Stinkers.

“But what we did was right,” said Grousey.

“Then we’ll let you free,” said the people. “If you promise to always be good forever.”

“Yes,” said Grousey. “We promise.”

“Super-double-promise,” said Bandit.

“We’ll be friendly,” said Ohio.

“And cool and nice,” said Esmeralda. “Like the Cat Club!”

“Oh, we’re sorry, Cat Club!” said the people in unison.

“It is okay,” said Persia.

Later, everybody went to a Chinese restaurant. They saw beautiful fish in a tank. They saw grand decorations. The first four people in line �" Prem, Paw, Persia, and Puffy �" got fruits and pretzels. They bought enough for Priss, too!

Then they went home to America.

“Well…” said Priss. “What a fun day!” But they were all so sleepy!

© 2015 NoArrangedMarriage

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