Something's Brewing

Something's Brewing

A Chapter by Alyxska

Artemis gets settled into her dorm, and receives an unexpected visitor.

Artemis' POV

“I still can’t believe all of that happened!” Rora exclaimed. I had just stepped out of the shower, feeling clean and fresh as a daisy. I was in a good mood, despite a black eye already forming on my cheek. I knew Lilith looked worse.

          “Yeah…” I began, rubbing my eyes. “I don’t really know what came over me. I just really love my jacket and when I saw she got whatever that muck was on it… All I saw was red.”

“All for a jacket!” Rora laughed, laying on my bed.

          “It’s the last thing I have of my dad’s.” I mumbled.

          Rora then looked at me with a smile that comforted me. She then ran to the dresser in my dorm, and pulled out some clothes for me. “Here’s some clothes. It’s all very black and very comfortable! One of the very few things I like about Chilton.”

          I smiled and thanked Rora. I dropped my towel and put on the clothes she gave me; black yoga pants with the Chilton symbol on the thigh part. And of course, a black tank top.

          “There were guards everywhere too! I don’t know how you got away with any of that. You didn’t even get a simple slap on the wrist, it was amazing!” Rora exclaimed. I could only laugh at her. “Well, I ought to go. Don’t want to break curfew! I’ll pick you up before class tomorrow.” Aurora said as she hugged me goodnight.

Daniel’s POV

          She looked so different. I didn’t know what I was doing in here, I promised myself and everyone else that this time, I’d stay away. I couldn’t take losing her again, and yet, here I was. Laying on a beam near the ceiling, I looked down at her. Her name was Artemis this time. Jason told me she likes to go by Ari. No matter how many times I’ve run into her, Artemis always surprised me. This time, she sported blue, thick and long hair that went perfectly with those big, navy blue eyes. That wasn’t what shocked me this time… When I looked at her, she appeared nothing but sad, and broken. It almost made me break myself, again.

          I made sure to make myself unseen, as Aurora was still in there. She’d catch me in an instant. As she left, I made myself more comfortable. Even if this Artemis did have magic in here, there was no way she could sense me. I watched as she locked the door and leaned against it. Just when I thought she was about to break down and cry, she started mumbling to herself, putting her beautifully thick, long hair into a high ponytail. I sighed, as I thought to myself while I watched her get comfortable. Why can’t I stay away from you?

          Just when I was about to disappear and go back to my own dorm, I noticed she picked up the same leather jacket Lilith soiled. She began to rip it, which astounded me. Was she that upset about some food getting on it? I gaped as I saw why she was destroying it. The linings were filled with all sorts of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. This version was so different…

          I couldn’t help myself but to just watch as she downed several pills and took a few swigs too many of different alcohols. I shook my head, feeling disappointed. Artemis took a phone out of the lining of her ripped jacket and began to play some music. I smiled as I recognized it. At least her taste hasn’t changed. I felt awestruck as I looked down at her, watching her dance freely. Just then, someone knocked on her door.

Alec’s POV

          I told myself I’d give it time before I’d go talk to Artemis. But I couldn’t stay away from her. She’s always had me wrapped around her fingers. But this time, I felt her pull even more so. I felt nervous, walking to her door. I took a deep breath, and knocked. It took a minute for her to answer. I chuckled as I heard a few crashes and bumps. I could wait forever for her, though.

          She slowly opened the door, probably nervous I was someone that worked at Chilton. She sighed in relief seeing it was just me. I grinned ear to ear at her, I couldn’t help but smile when I was around her. How I missed her…

          “What do you want?” She asked me, her voice cold. It brightened my mood noticing how out of it she was. She was stumbling, barely able to keep herself up. And her eyes"those beautiful blue eyes, the whites of them were completely red. Her lips were parted as she stared at me in confusion.

          “I just wanted to come in and say hello. Greet my new neighbor.” I replied, trying to keep my cool.

          “Didn’t you already do that?” She smiled at me. God, how I love her smile. No matter how many times I’ve seen her over the years, her face never changed to me. She always had those beautifully large blue eyes, with those long eyelashes and olive skin-tone. And… Her thick, plump lips. It took everything in me to not plant one on here then and there.

          I then realized I was just staring at her lips, not answering. Snapping back into reality, I grinned sheepishly at her. “Right. Yeah, of course. I just wanted to make friends. Can’t ever have too many! I brought some movies, and snacks… Would you want to?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes.

          Artemis looked at me for a moment with those eyes of hers, before she nodded, stepping away from the door. “How do you propose we’ll be watching this movie? No television.”

          I winked at her before I went over to an empty wall. I waited for her to go over to her bed, so I could conjure something up without her noticing. It was obvious she was both fairly drunk and high, so I could just tell her she’s out of it if she did say anything. Looking behind me, seeing she was laying down and staring up at the ceiling, I began twirling my finger. Black mist started coming out of my finger and pointed at the blank wall. I smiled as a large television appeared where the wall was previously blank.

          Turning around, I noticed Artemis was looking at me. I walked towards the bed and sat down, putting her legs on my lap. She looked over to the wall, and gasped, her eyes widened. “How the bloody hell did that get here?!” She asked.

          I smirked, and only said, “Magic!”

          She rolled her eyes at me, looking into mine. How desperately I wanted to just kiss her then and there, damning the consequences. It had been two decades, when I last saw her. It was a different life, and a different time. But I felt giddy just looking at her.

          “So, Artemis Rosewood"” I began.

          “Alec… Christiansen, is it?” She retorted, smiling.

          “How’d you get here?” I asked, curious. This version of my lost love seemed so different than all the others. I wanted to know exactly how and what happened.

          Changing the subject completely, Artemis spoke. “Aren’t we supposed to be watching a movie, or something?

          I nodded, and the television flicked on. I had designed it to play one of my favorite horror films, The Hills Have Eyes. If I was lucky, it’d scare Artemis right into my arms. However, lady luck deemed me not so fortunate, as she seemed to love it just as much as I did. Instead of crying or hiding behind my shoulder at the gory scenes, Artemis just stared at them in awe and wonder. She was most certainly different than all the other one’s I’ve known. I sighed, looking over at her. She didn’t notice though. That was one consistent thing. Artemis Rosewood was always an oblivious girl. I used to be frustrated by it, but now… Now it’s just one of the many things I love about her.

          We had watched a few movies now, having an unexpected marathon. We spent most of the time chatting, making small talk. She seemed to be hiding something, something that I desperately wanted to know. But then again, I had secrets too. Only, my secrets would kill her. At the end of the last movie I brought over, I looked over to see her sleeping peacefully, with her head on my shoulder. I felt so tempted, just looking at her. Her long and dark eyelashes fluttering as she dreamt about beautiful things. The way her long hair fell in front of her face. In this light it looked turquoise, which made my heart skip a beat. When I looked down at her lips, they were parted ever so slightly. Just beckoning for me to kiss them. She killed me.

          Without thinking, I leaned forward, caressing her cheek, just staring at her. As I pecked her forehead, I heard a thump in the room. I didn’t even have to turn around to know who was there, in the dark.

          I walked outside the dorm, awaiting what was probably another lecture. Closing the door quietly, I felt Daniel grab hold of my arm and throw me against the wall.

          “What the f**k was that for?!” I asked, groaning.

          “She just got here! What were you thinking?” Daniel hissed.

          “What’s it to you? What were you even doing in there? When she died"the last time, you made a pact that you wouldn’t even go near her again! Don’t be lecturing me when you broke your own promise!” I hissed back. I was suddenly feeling very angry. Artemis always knew how to make me feel certain things. Especially when Daniel was involved. My anger boiling into rage, I threw a punch at Danny boy, hitting him square in the jaw. Another one in the nose, and a third aimed at his eye. He was lucky that was all I did...

          Daniel’s face fell as my words and my firsts hit him. “I tried, okay? I-I can’t. It’s too hard.” Daniel mumbled, his eyes looking sad. I sighed. If we were still friends like the good old days, I’d be talking him up. But right now, he was my enemy.

          “Whatever. See you around.” I grumbled as I walked back to my dorm, leaving Daniel alone.

© 2017 Alyxska

Author's Note

Chapter's photo is of the lovely Alec!

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