CIA DOCUMENT: Finally Getting Into the News!

CIA DOCUMENT: Finally Getting Into the News!

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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Dear CIA and Mossad Groups,

I think we need a change of tactics and an honest effort of fixing this world TODAY!

1) Call yourself where your magic is the best, the worst, and in between, but just a few of you.  Have yourself block people blocking you so we can go out with a bang!  You might also have people special to you help out, but just a few.  You may notice that I got my voice to you a few times, but there was a gap in my address, 1627 Saxon Drive, Houston, Texas USA.  That might have not sent my address, too!

2) The magic of disbelief goes away soon, like how could such powerful spellcasters be blocked simply sending an address?  Well, evil all eternity long only needs to block my address, something they already knew and can do a lot of, and homosexual sex and the magic from it is a powerful mechanism of evil.  Fear not, my FBI Partner should be here within 30 minutes, I hope, from finally getting my address in pattern (1).

3) The mission for the day is to get into the news with:
a) The definition of good and evil as on Writer's Cafe, our best
b) The mechanisms of magic including spells that worked and building your ability to cast
c) Modern psychiatry which I may have invented 97/100 points of for our eternity, the framework that allows modern medicine to address the issues
d) The definition of terrorism, the psychiatry of terrorism, and the treatment of anxiety and sleep problems presumably from anxiety.

That will do as confusing enough and enough information that is truly news!

To reach the news, let's try using my Rolodex and contacting the news in my home town, Houston, Texas.

Physical/Mailing Address
4261 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77027
Main Number/Programming/Public Affairs
(713) 479-2600

News Room
Phone: (713) 479-2801
Fax: (713) 479-2859

Ralph Rendon
VP of Creative Services & Programming
4261 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77027

Computers1, call all three of these numbers quickly for a conference call to voice our news.  You want to, since this is an emergency with irreparable harm, be in the news right away.  The Vice President should be able to let you do this, to change the programming.  Argue that all of these points are so important and also defined as emergencies, so you want immediate handling on the news.  Try Yahoo! chat or Skype chat, and use a computer that the people can see with a microphone on it if you can't do a Skype direct feed which I saw in my version of the news!

Everybody at Satan's house: go to that news address and see if you can get on the news! 

That is all for now!

© 2017 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on October 31, 2017
Last Updated on October 31, 2017


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The Archangel Gabriel

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