MEDICINE TODAY: Vaccines and Health Care

MEDICINE TODAY: Vaccines and Health Care

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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I take "vaccine" to mean a dose of living or dead virus or bacteria that leads the body's immune system to develop an immunity to that disease.

I take a disease to be a medical problem from bacteria or viruses.  While I believe that Alzheimer's is a disease, I suggest that Parkinson's is the brain tissue getting old.

A medicine is a chemical or chemical combination made to address a disease or other undesired medical condition such as pain or tight muscles!

The world cancer risk from wireless networks, cell phones, television and radio wave, and microwaves is abysmal!  Don't most people die from cancer (including the sun) or old age?  Who knows with so few tests of bodies and so primitive of medicine, but I suspect so!

By the time you get a cancer test positive, the cancer risk is probably too high for effective treatment, making Vitamin B-17 a vital commodity in the fight against cancer as in The Seeds of Greatness by me here on Writer's Cafe.

I trace the vaccine back to Polio in the 1950's when people learned they could kill of (most!) of the Polio and fought the iron lungs and crutches from Polio to a standstill.  

I suggest that vaccines from live viruses and bacteria still have too much living disease in them even if they say they are dead to be of medical use; the level of contamination by real pathogens is too high!  If you put a vaccine (part or all of the virus or bacteria) into the microwave for 2.5 minutes, it should be very dead and pretty safe!  Then, you need to wonder about the radiation contamination and cancer risk!

What do  they do to kill (most) of the pathogens for vaccines?

Despite the risk, the best technology on Earth for vaccines is likely the microwave for no less than 2.5 minutes!  Very dead at least, I guess!

I note that even The Bubonic Plague/Black Death is still alive in Madagascar, but rarely seen elsewhere in the world.  What does this say about our airplanes and other mechanisms of human movement and disease?  

I suggest that if we are in luck, most of the disease vaccines are probably mail ordered and truly dead!  That is an act of mercy by magic to save this world from the abuses of modern medicine.  What can you say about shipping partly living viruses and bacteria through the mail other than that this is abnormally risky and in effect a form of biological warfare against Earth!

Let's hope those spells came true and that real dead material is available in the past!

Medicine was too fast, too undereducated, too unwise, and too unsound!


I guess the following nutrient solutions would be a good test as to whether your vaccines are dead, whether they will grow to toxic levels in:

1) Brown Rice and Vermiculite like mushrooms,
2) Alger,
3) Sugar Water, and
4) Plant food like Miracle Grow for vegetative growth

© 2017 The Archangel Gabriel

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